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  1. Stretching her body up towards the sky, Levy looked out the window of her apartment smiling tiredly at the sunrise she saw. Swinging her legs over the side of her bed she tiredly made her way off the bed and began to make her way into the town, tying her orange bandana around her bluenette hair as she did so. I wonder what I shall do today~? Hmmm.... Tilting her head to the side curiously and slowly making her way over to the guild she chuckled at the sight of Natsu and Grey fighting.

    Those two never stop do they~? Look up at Lu Chan she smiled softly and the girls hugged and said good morning with one another.
    Turning her gaze up to the pink haired male who made his way over Levy smiled at Lucy's grinning expression.
    "Yeah I am ready~ Bye Levy~ Natsu and I are going to go and finish this new job we got~"

    "Of course~ You two go on ahead~"
    Smiling as the pair made their way out of the guild she giggled as Happy flew after them shouting about being always left behind or something like that. Looking to the job boards she spotted Gajeel a faint blush appeared on her cheeks as she made her way over to him slowly. I wonder what it would be like going on a job with him..... Staring up at him now that she was standing beside him she gave a quick grin.
    "Morning Gajeel~"

  2. The metal dragon slayer nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of Levy's voice beside him. He had been way to concentrated on the jobs to listen to his surroundings. Turning his head with his long black hair following he looks at the small petite bluenette girl beside him. She was most certainly pretty but he was always too nervous to say anything.

    "Hey pipsqueak..." he says softly his gaze returning to the board, "You looking for a job as well?"
  3. Turnign her gaze to the board Levy rocked from her heels to her toes her hands placed behind her and she tilted her head as she rocked back and forth.
    "Hmmm...... Maybe...... What about you Gajeel? Are you looking for a job~?"
    Looking over at him for a quick glance she took in the details of his handsome face before turning back to the board to look at the different jobs that were in front of her.
  4. He lets out an exasperated sigh clearly disturbed by the fact that none of the jobs sounded like a challenge or like any fun. Reaching up and scratching his head he nods.
    "Yeah i am looking for one but none of sound like any fun..."
    Grumbling about this for a few moments he looks the jobs over once again.
    "Maybe I will wait till we get some new jobs..."
  5. Noticing a rather strangely written job, Levy picked it off the board and took at her reading glasses quickly reading it and tilting her head to the side.
    "What about this one Gajeel~? I want to come as well with you if you go on this~"
    Looking up at him expectantly she handed the request upwards so that he could easily take hold of it.
  6. He turns his head to look at her before gently taking the job request from her and reading it over his eyes skimming down the paper.
    "Hmm... A dangerous job t retrieve a certain cursed object and return it to where it belongs? What kind of vague request is this?"
    Sighing somewhat dejectedly he looks at it one more time before saying.
    "Alright then fine... It's the only job that sounds even remotely interesting... Come on pipsqueak let's go get this job done."

    (I saw your blog post and I don't know if you wanna keep this one going. If not just let me know I can understand.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.