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  1. Okay, so what i have is,

    A group of five try to travel to a planet known as the black stone in order to try to stop a devastating plague known as 'Ender.' It's known to bypass all biological traits and perform a transformation, turning its host into a thing known only as Enders. The transformation can take up to 3 days, depending on the host. Once the transformation is done the Enders will begin to spared the plague by bite. With either pale white skin, or pure black skin, the enders hold only little to no reasonableness of their former selves.

    I also have 3 species so far, with two home planets of theirs. Ill give one for now and if anyone would like ill update with the other two. I would also love ideas for this, any and all please.

    Undecim- A Species that is known for their oddly shaped ears and high sense of sight. Native of their home planet Eveless, the Undecim is the youngest of the Glaxays life. With a planet bursting with nature the undecim do little to no damage to their planet, living off the animals, and the plants it grows. The undecim live with in the large forests that cover most of their worlds land, living in the massive tress, forming city's bigger then any of earths.
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  2. Sounds intriguing!

    1) I don't know if it's just me, but the image isn't showing up.

    2) What would be the focus of this rp? Survival from zombie-like creatures? (through fighting or running?) Space travel? The bonds between our characters as we strive to get the cure?
  3. What i would like to be the focus is survival (both fighting and running)l with the finding of the cure. There will also be space traveler, i plan on visiting 5 planets in this RP. Also, the bounds formed through out the roleplay would be cool to see.
  4. I wanna be in this :D sounds like a lot of fun and possibly visiting 5 planets means possible long term RP.
  5. I given this more thought then most of my other RPs. I want help from everyone who wants to join though, so is there any ideas or questions you would like to ask/say?
  6. Well I was wondering about the Enders since they come in two different colors. Wouldn't they be different from each other in some way? Like if the black Enders only attack at night since they blend in better, or the white Enders are faster and more agile. Something like that.
  7. I like the idea for the white enders, but i think the white ones could also be more intelligence then the black ones? while the black ones are stronger and only hunt at night?
  8. yea I like that Idea :)
    And since there are three species do some of them have a grudge against the other?
  9. Well i would like for their to be five species, do you have any idea for one? i can also tell you about the other two if you like.
  10. I'd like to hear about the other races! Also, how exactly are the Undecim's ears shaped? Do they vary even amongst their own species?
  11. Pointed like elf ears, but some do vary in size, but all are pointed. Okay here are the other two species!

    Neline- A evolved animal race of the planet Elicken(EL-IC-Ken), only 3 species evolved, gaining human characteristics and intelligence while all other animal life grew more aggressive. Fox's, snakes, and tighers gained this while all other life grew to kill them. There city's lie with in large walls, while their technology is far more advance then most of the galaxy.

    Clomel(CLO-MEL) A race that contains every species in the galaxy, once "converted" the species begins to wear metal suits that cover them from head to toe, then they slowly leave their planet. Where they go is unknown. How they become converted is also unknown. (A hint for their planet is, It's not a real planet, The planet was made by the first of the clomel.)
  12. So far really liking the other species
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  13. I like them too, but if the Clomel are covered from head to toe in metal suits, wouldn't they be immune to the Ender? (Since the plague is spread through bite?) Or do the Ender have massive fangs and/or claws?
  14. Good question! It's going to be reveled in the story, if the role play gets as far as i hope, everyone will find out why they wear the metal suits. No the enders teeth are just sharp, like knifes. However, the white ones would try to get trough the suit before biting. There will also be more details about how and what the plague is in the rp (:

    Thank you! (: Do you have any ideas? i do need another Species.
  15. I have two ideas....mind you, they may not be good, but here they are. (feel free to reject/edit/etc.)


    When Undecim reach the midway point of their lives, they may turn into Eldecim. This occurs when Undecim devote their entire beings to nature, and hence they are rewarded with powers over an element, commonly the one that most closely represents themselves. The process is slow, but the Eldecim will begin to change, becoming more and more like the element they control. When the metamorphosis is complete, the Eldecim's body will dissipate, and the Eldecim will become one with Eveless.

    *I would say making a rule that whoever is this race must still have most of his/her body still intact so the Ender are still a threat to him/her.

    Example of either a wind or water Eldecim:
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    While on some planets it was the fauna that evolved, on (planet name), it was the plant-life. The Florenie consist mostly of evolved flowers, shrubs, and mushrooms. These creatures still retained their photosynthesis abilities, and so there was no lack of food. The Florenie have thrived because of this, and through studying their world, have been able to produce bio-technology using the animals, insects, and unevolved plants that inhabit their planet.

    *I was thinking the Florenie's appearances varied the most. Some look very human-like while others seem more...primitive?

    Example of more human-like Florenie:
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    Example of more primitive Florenie:
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  16. The 1st one doesn't sound so bad but i think they should gain, and become one with the element they devoted them self to, i also think i'll make it limited to a minor control of an element unless a good reason is given for their element control, also i think some could have both a 'mortal' form and a 'spirit' version of them self's. For explicable, if a Eldecim worshiped a fire god, after so many years his body would begin to change, some could gain flames, while others gained red hair and eyes, then some, a rare some, gain fire with in their blood, causing a red glow to come from their veins, the change is different upon the person, but always physical and resembles the element. Now, only ones who have COMPLETE control over a element can have a spirit from. To go on with the explicable let's say the Eldecim gained his spirit form, in order for him to change he would need his element around, in massive size. So like a HUGE fire. Once that was started, he could change, turning into a SOILED man with fire on his head, red tainted skin and black eyes, but control over any and all fire in the area, mind though, ANY water could kill him.

    i love the 2nd Species! No changes to be made (:
  17. I do think though, that the eldcim should be few in number.
  18. I was thinking pretty much the same thing you were for the Eldecim, but I wanted you to decide for yourself on their powers/appearance/numbers/etc.

    I couldn't think up a name for the Florenie planet, so you can pick a name if you'd like. (or I can keep thinking on it)

    What do you think Lucifers Sairen?
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  19. Natlist(Na-li-st)? also, any more ideas before I make the sgin up thread?
  20. The name sounds good to me! Go for it.

    As for final comments, did you and/or Lucifers have an idea of what race you guys want to be? I love variety in rps and want to try to have one of each species. About the only race I wouldn't feel really confident playing would be the Clomel.
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