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Bust Sketch - $5

Bust Coloured - $10

Half body Sketch - $8

Half body Coloured - $15

Full body Sketch - $10

Full body Coloured - $20

Additional features/effects - $2 - $10 depends on complexity

Additional character + 1/2 the price

I accept Paypal only unless otherwise agreed

If I am designing the character it might cost more unless you have good references
Features - this is in terms of difficulty of design, a character with horns, intricate details, tattoos etc will take longer to draw and colour. - example: Charlie there, on the left took much longer even in B&W because of all the detailed tattoos.

Effects - this is for any special effects you want on the image or textures that will take more time and effort to achieve.
- example: Below, blue background head shot with clouds instead of hair.​

Can do ->

- Humans

- Better at females

- Nude

- Fetish

- Character design

- Humanoid characters


- Specific interactions

- Specific expressions

- Character sheets

Won't do ->

- Furries

- Mecha

(Simply because I can't draw that kinda stuff)

Please note - Any explicit drawings will be done for Red Star members only!

Examples of my art below:

And also here on Instagram

Note - all characters and their designs above belong to me and are not for use by anyone else