Galatica: Reclemation

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  1. Drake Vale was in his patch-work shuttle flying to the derelect station. The place looked ready to break apart at any moment. But regardless it was holding and he had droids in his cargohold that can do a decent repair job. might get some upgraded ones later. he got into the space doc well enough without damaging anything. He gets out and activates the 3D holo map. The place has 3 levels, not counting the Starship port. They were the industrial distict, urban district and finally nature district at the very top. He takes the elevator up with some blueprints and crated droids to the industrial. The place is for the most part was a wreck but there was some salvageable stuff and intact building/rooms. he set the droids to work on making room and salvage and explored the station he now owned. He won it mostly fair and square in a card game and of course cheated when he spotted the other player doing the same thing.
  2. Rivrin glanced around, she had never stolen onto such a ruined ship, and she lashed her tail as she looked through a few rooms, all empty and in pretty bad shape, moving out into the hall she glided down it using her hover gear and stopped as she spotted several droids at work, she tilted her head curiously and moved into an elevator to avoid being seen, she pressed the second button feeling the elevator bounce and rise upwards awkwardly and at an alarming speed, as it shuddered to a stop and the doors ground their way open Rivrin darted out into a roll and looked back at the elevator in a crouch, the thing needed fixing that was for sure. Standing up she looked down the lone corridor and glided down it, as she made her way to the end a droid back into her out of a room, with a squeakn of surprise she bounced of the wall with a flip and landed behind the droid as it turned she leaped into the air grabbing the vent duct and pulled herself silently in and looked down at the confused droid, she shook her head and turned and made her way through the ventilation shaft.
  3. As usual the droids were making such a racket carrying supply crates back and forth today, that Natalya had to stop her search looking for any medical equipment and supplies she could get her hands on. She wanted to put a restraining bolt on all of them and use them for targeting practice, but what good would it do if the main repair droids were dysfunctional to finish their main goal to repair the station. She sighed in defeat, and rubbed her temples with her slender fingers and walked out of the small-like room empty handed.

    Once the metal door slid shut behind her, she decided to walk back up to the main level to see what else she could find.
  4. Vovk had followed Drake up to the industrial sector, occasionally checking his sleeve for his concealed stungun, and otherwise checking a datapad for information. "This place is worse than I thought... What's the priority? I'd suggest sending the drones to double-check the ventilation - the top level won't do any good if the station stops breathing... Though I can understand if you give the order to start rebuilding from scratch. Hell - if you give me an hour, I could probably pull some strings to get a reprocessor here, to rejuvenate the frame." He looked ahead to the drones. "Speaking of which - did you check the top level? I got they have a lot of plants, but knowing exactly what we have and what we need to get would be pretty important."
  5. Drake shrugged "For now i figure get the basic infrastructure up and running first. get parts so we can get the stuff up and running. while it would be tempting to blast the place and start from scratch We could lose valuable stuff. Though the vents and reprocessors are a good idea. As for supplies i'll take a look myself." he says as a bot brought over an alien and apparent stowaway. "well what do we have here?" he asks looking over the new member as the medic came by.
  6. A small ship shaped like an arrowhead floated towards the space station. It spun in a clockwise circle. Inside, the pilot was unconscious, kept alive by cryogenics. The ship glided into the side of the station. A nasty scratch mark was left, but no more damage was done other than that.
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  7. Rivrin squirmed in the droids arms as he brought her up to the main level, she bared her small unintimidating fangs and twisted every way she could to escape the strong robotic grip, her tail lashed furiously as she bit at the droids armor trying to get him to drop her. She'd never been caught before and it was so unexpected she could feel the anger and embarrassment flood through her body, she strained to reach her sword but the droids large arms wrapped awkwardly in her way.
    The droid brought her to the captian or the owner and she hissed and bared her small canines and curled her legs against the droid and shoved trying to free herself. Her glowing red eyes looked toward the man who addressed her "I-I don't know what to say" she let her eyes drop in embarrassment
  8. Natalya reached the main level area when she noticed Drake, Vovk, and a couple of droids surrounding a small humanoid girl with a tail. Curious, she walked up to the small group with a amused smirk, "What's this, Drake?" She crossed her arms looking down at the newcomer. The girl seemed quite embarrassed about something. Natalya could tell just by reading her facial expression and her posture. She took a step closer to the girl, "So, I'm curious... how did you get past the security droids? And how did you even find this place?" Natalya said in a quiet, but firm-like motherly tone.
  9. Rivrin's eyes darted between the peoole standing infront of her, focusing on the girl she shivered and looked for a way to explain how she came to be on this trash heap "I ah, came abored at the planet Valhalla. . . It's a docking and refueling station for crafts like these"
    Rivrin felt better talking about home but she still felt the embarrassment coursing through her at getting caught, especially by bothersome droids. She relaxed her small frame and looked at the lady like a child with her hand caught in a cookie jar "and I ah-ah climbed through the ventilation shafts to avoid beinf seen" she dropped her eyes to the floor and drooped the in droids arms.
  10. Vovk looked on at the small creature, grinning - but also holding his hand over his sleeve. "Ha, see? Ventilation checking is always a good idea." He looked at his datapad again. "Though it looks like she's not the only visitor - the sensors report another ship having contacted the station with minor damage. Want me to go check it out?"
  11. "Yeah. and okay you got one on me. I'll get the droids to do some vent checks." he says and looks to the doctor "So find any medical supplies? got some emergency stuff on my ship." he says to her then turning over to the visitor "Well...not much here at the moment but welcome aboard." he says friendly enough and starts checking other essential stuff on industrial before working his way up.
  12. The droid released Rivrin, she wasn't very tall, like all her people she was around four and a half feet tall and weighed nothing at all, she cast a look of hate at the droids and leaped to stand by Natalya's side, she stood close to the other female and looked up at her before looking around the rest of the room, her glowing eyes missing nothing as she looked all around. Her small eyes drawn to Vovk and she tilted her head curiously at him.
  13. She nodded her head in gratitude towards Drake, "Thanks." She started to head towards the elevator when she thought of something. Natalya turned back to Rivrin, "What to help me get the supplies?" She gave the girl a warm smile. "It's fine if you don't want to, it's actually a relief to have another female on board." She turned her head to Vovk, "Let me know when that ship comes in. I want to do a scan on our new arrival to make sure he or she is okay." She walked to the elevator waiting on Rivrin's response.
  14. Rivrin cast her eyes between Natalya and Vovk, if she went with Vovk she could possibly get off this ship and start over, leaving the whole 'getting caught' behind her, but with a skip, a back flip followed by a cartwheel she stood beside Natalya frowning at the elevator "These aren't very safe on this space craft" she flattened her ears and whipped her tail remembering how the one she got in almost killed her.
  15. Vovk grinned. "Yeah - with an impact like that, the bozo's either hurt or asleep. I'll keep you paged... And as far as you go-" He looked to Rivrin. "Since the cap'n says you're good to go, you're free to tag along - I could most likely use someone with that size and agility. I'll be going through the maintenance pathways."

    And with that, he turned away, heading for the aforementioned maintenance shaft leading out - his hands hanging free at his side and away from his sleeve.
  16. After warning Natalya of the dangers of the elevators that were seemingly so little recognized she raced after Vovk giving Natalya a departing wave, Rivrin no longer felt like fleeing the ship, she was more interested in exploring it as she followed after the alien man giving the captain and the droids a last glance, looking up at Vovk she had to practically jog to keep up "You said he crashed into the ship? What if he is dead? Can we loot him and take his craft?" Rivrin always wanted a small speedy space ship of her own, though she didn't know how to fly one to save her life.
  17. The ship bounced along the outer hull of the station until becoming wedged in some framework. The pilot is unconscious, and wounded.
  18. "That's the plan - though you'll need to ask Drake if you can keep the ship." He pushed a button on his collar, causing some sort of bubble to form around his head and climbing up a ladder to the craft. They had lost gravity about halfway through, but it didn't seem to phase Vovk. "Though I'm sure if you want a shuttle we can get you one eventually. Station defense is always useful... though I feel you're probably going to be more of the entertainment kind." He started examining the ship all around, trying to find a way inside or to open it up in any fashion. "See any way inside?" He looked at Rivrin for a sec, chuckling. "Sec, I got something for you." He took a small device from a fold of his suit and chucked it softly at her - a radio voice modulator, to talk in a vacuum.
  19. Rivrin caught the device and looked at it curiously before floating out and around the new space craft, her hover gear was controlled by the blue energy in her veins known as Valon which was used to fuel most of the ships. She inspected the new craft before climbing on top of it, and smiling in toothy satisfaction as she found the entrance port. The vacuum of space didn't bother her as her planet held no real gravity, her kind lived in the pressure of space and it never bothered her. Though if she lost her hover gear she'd float away with no way to return.
  20. The ship was an light attack fighter. It was an arrowhead shape with four fins protruding from the back top and bottom of the ship. Two large auto cannons hung beneath the hull. The front was crumpled and burnt. It was roughly the size of a limousine, and painted black with grey stripes.
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