Galactic Wars

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J. C. Quiinn

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My brother wanted me to post this so....

The year is 1424, Post Fall of the Shattered. After three bloody years of conflict, the likes of which has never been seen before, the Galaxy settles into a cold war. As the Order of Thoth races to arm it's numberless armies, hunting down heretics and demon-worshipers, the Alsatian Empire moves to expand it's influence of Regents and puppet governors.

But, out of this darkness emerges a new power, one who will forever shape the history of this Galaxy. You. Lead a massive army, negotiate trade agreements, conduct diplomacy, and explore the stars. The Galaxy is yours for the taking, if you can survive.

In war, Innocense is the first casualty. In this place of death and betrayal, only the most cunning, most powerful, and most progressive will persurvere. Your people call for a leader. Will you answer?

Galaxy at War is a nation builder RP based on one simple philosophy. Can we make something new? With so many ROle-Play sites dedicated to current and established story-lines, Galaxy at War strives to create it's own, unique, setting. Because of this, we are very leiniant with what is or is not acceptable, however Plagerizm is a capital offense and is not accepted in any way. So please, come join us and make your own, unique group where you have the final say.