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  1. In the year 2790, on the first Human Colony of Mars;


    A young Human, named Reilly Atwood, was scavenging for materials in one of Mars's myriad scrapyards, when he came across a seemingly undamaged military ship, and recognized the model as one engineered by the HCA (Human Colonial Armada.) to end a large string of pirate raids on weaker transportation-class ships. As soon as he pried the door open, it reactivated, revealing an extremely rare and valuable find... it still had a functional AI operator.

    Following the careful instructions of the operator, he repaired the ship, at least to a functional state. In exchange for this, he was granted the title of captain, and immediately set to hiring a loyal crew, so that he could live his dreams of a life of excitement and adventures, becoming a ranger of sorts, going around and doing tasks others dare not attempt, in exchange for large sums of money.

    The deadline for joining was a few months after the actual posters were put up, with the instructions to meet in the spot where he found the ship on a specific date. You are one of the people who signed up, and you find yourself, with a group of others, heading towards the location.

    To this day, almost all current discovered alien species have had, strangely, a very human-like appearance, with only physically minor differences in each. As it stands, here is what we know... an unspecified time ago, there was an extremely advanced precursor species that spanned the entire galaxy. For an unknown reason, they picked various planets in order to "plant" a primitive species resembling their own on each planet they chose, which is the explanation for why many alien species look similar. This is the current database.


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    [Human city.]

    Humans are a determined, adaptable race which evolved in a situation of extremely scarce resources and myriad environmental hazards, both animals and climate. Despite almost going extinct, they were able to pull through and conquer the rest of the planet with almost no difficulty, wiping out almost anything capable of posing a serious threat.

    Human appearance needs little explanation.

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    [Human Police Force, fighting off a Pirate gang even when wounded.]

    Now, they function under a centralized republic, renowned for it's military prowess. They are viewed as unpredictable warriors by the other races.


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    [Chromatic City]

    The Chromatics are a colorful, energetic race which evolved in a situation of many resources and almost no predatory creatures. This caused them to become more graceful and colorful, (Similarly to Earth's "Birds of paradise.") sporting a large amount of different hair and eye colors, with heterochromia being common.

    Chromatics can have almost any hair and eye color.

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    [Chromatic Homeworld, with a pack of "Glow Apes"]

    They have an aristocratic government. They are viewed by the other races as artistic but materialistic, and generally flashy.


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    [Vampire City]

    Vampires are a patient, resourceful race which evolved in a massive underground biosphere absolutely overrun with predatory creatures. This has caused them to have a weakness to UV light as well as being incapable of sweating, (Many of the predatory creatures tracked by smell.) and therefore
    can overheat easily. They are, however, extremely patient, calm, quiet, and quick thinking.

    Vampires have pale or grey skin, and monochrome hair color, as well as all human eye colors, with the addition of red or yellow.

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    [Additional Image of Vampire Homeworld]

    They have an elective dictatorship. They are viewed by the other races as thinkers and philosophers.


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    [Scavanger City, erected next to an old city from before the nuclear war.]

    Scavangers are a race of mysterious telepaths who believe they started out in a situation similar to humans, until a nuclear war broke out and forced them to start all over again. By the time they reached the space age, they had developed strange telekinetic powers, capable of communicating telepathically with any creature having Scavanger blood flowing through it's brain. It has a range of 10-25 miles, depending on the mental states of the two communicating. Traditionally, they show as little skin as possible. Their telepathic abilities can be gained by a series of tedious and expensive blood transfusions.

    Scavangers have shades of light blue, green, or pink skin, and can have almost any color of eyes, which are bio-luminescent.

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    [Scavanger Army, using advanced coordination to fight off pirate bio-drones.]

    They have the only successful large-scale socialist society in planetary history. They are viewed as strange, physically and socially.


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    [Jotun City]

    Jotun evolved in a temperate environment that was home to large quantities of dangerous mega-fauna, similarly to the vampires, but above ground. Rather than adapting to hide from and avoid these creatures, they grew stronger and stronger, in order to fight them. They also grew an extremely close-knit pack mentality.

    They average a little over seven feet, and have sharp fangs for tearing the tougher plant and animal matter on their planet. They are naturally extremely physically fit and extremely fast.

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    [Jotun Military, in heavy power armor that further amplifies their natural strength.]

    They are ruled by a council of over three-hundred clans. They are viewed as loyal and intimidating.

    *If you have any questions or suggestions, It's not to late to ask or suggest.*
    Iwaku Rules Apply.

    Current Character Limit is 2.

    If you'd like to make your own species, PM me the details and I'll see if I can work it into the RP.

    Character Sheet;

    Main Job on Ship:

    Captain: Reilly Atwood-Human

    Ship AI: Aika

    Gunner: Aret Mezido-Human

    Cargo Foreman: Raynar Fell-Human

    Quartermaster: Periwinkle Green-Chromatic

    Reilly Atwood




    MyStyle (3).jpg

    He is an eccentric people's person with an unstoppable thirst for adventure, and is not above risking his own life and limb for what he thinks will make a good story. In contrast to being reckless in regards to his own safety, he will fiercely protect his own, for two reasons, the first being that getting teammates killed makes for bad stories, and the other is simple morality.

    Born on Earth and raised on Mars, Reilly loathed living at the heart of the Human empire, and constantly rushed to meet any non-human species that happened to be in the area. Eventually, stories of adventures in space got so thoroughly in his brain, that he decided he would stop at nothing until he became a captain of his own ship, until then, he scoured the Martian scrapyards for doodads and knickknacks, until he was lucky enough to find the "HAV-HC-1700" (Human-Armada-Vessel Hornet-Class 1700) and reactivate it. Shortly after repairing it with the help of the still functioning AI, he renamed it "The Phoenix." Shortly after, he put up fliers on the Galactic Internet with the hopes of finding a crew.
    The story behind his scar is different every time he tells it.

    Main Job on Ship:

    Light Power Armor, Plasma Pistol, Hard Light Machete, Standard Issue Human Space Suit.

    Knows Basic Engineering, knows three languages. (Galactic Common, English, Scavenger.) And is a good fighter at close range.

    Has not received a Scavenger Blood Transfusion

    The Phoenix
    The Phoenix.jpg
    The Phoenix is slightly larger than other transport ships, but that is due to it being an older model, as well as being made for extremely long times in space, it was, after all, designed to spend long periods of time searching for pirates. Luckily, the AI can handle some of the workload. It has a very large storage and bunk space. It is vulnerable to EMP strikes, but EMP cannons are rarer than they used to be, due to most modern ships being resistant.​
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  2. I'll have my CS up as soon as possible.
  3. Interested. I call dibs on gunner.
  4. There can be multiple gunners.
  5. Do you have a pic or description of the ship? The picture I have in my head sees this ship as having a small crew due to the AI.
  6. Captain Reilly Atwood and some details on the ship are now up.
    It is pretty small, but it has a large bunk and storage space, making it a bit larger than more recent pirate hunting ships. It also runs on a core vulnerable to EMP strikes, but EMP cannons are rare, due to most modern ships being resistant.
  7. Name: Aret mezido

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26


    Suited up

    Personality: Hard-headed, diplomatic, reliable. Aret doesn't typically take sides in arguments. But where there is injustice and tension he'll be there to defuse the situation. Sometimes with a gun. Usually with a gun.

    Backstory: Born on Earth, Aret is a former police negotiator. In his short time with the force he gained a reputation for maximum casualties. His negotiation style was considered highly unorthodox but it got the job done. He has recently been dishonorably discharged. A hostage situation when awry and he caused the deaths of a lot of people. Now he's looking to redeem himself.

    Main Job on Ship: Gunnery and away team.

    -Wrist mounted taser. Effective up to 50 feet. Can be set to anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 volts.
    -Welding torch. Just in case.

    Skills: Parkour, sabotage, negotiation.
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  8. Also, should a non-Scavanger Character want their ability of telepathic communication, they can gain it through an extremely tedious and expensive series of blood-transfusions that takes place over three weeks, and wears off in two years.
  9. hopefully i can sort mine on sunday im working friday + saturday.
  10. Name:
    Cain-specification Military-grade Adaptive Artificial Intelligence Serial 27231070 - "Aika"

    Artificial Intelligence


    All vehicle AI are built to seem female to fit with the tradition of referring to vehicles as "she"


    6 months older than "The Phoenix"

    Aika, technically speaking, doesn't have an appearance. She does, however, have a large variety of displays within the ship that she can access at will and usually displays her "avatar" when she speaks as she believes it to be a little more personal. Her avatar, designed by herself to suit her preferences, looks like this image below, much to the dismay of the people who built her who were trying to go for a mature personality. Thank god those people can't see her now... She can manipulate her 'environment' at will. When she appears on a screen inside the vehicle, she's within a 3D world that renders her changes in real time, which is pretty handy.

    Aika is relatively rude and abrasive. She knows she's better than everyone else and she shows no restraint when demonstrating that fact. She cares little for social values and purposely deleted her "morals" programming. Aika, like most AI, is a genius. She can process 30,000 240 digit numbers per second, and has databanks that rival all but the biggest of libraries. Furthermore, she can access all the information stored on the Galactic Internet, able to fully scan 20 websites per second. She has very powerful processors that take advantage of that newfangled Quantum technology, allowing her to simulate incredibly complex predictions in under a minute. She once downloaded all the information on the political leaders of the major species and simulated how a war between them would play out to incredible accuracy, even predicting the exact quantities of money each leader would invest into various industries and where they'd draw that money from. This was entirely for entertainment purposes and took only 5 hours to fully simulate all 6 years of the war. It is important that one does not forget her original specification as a military AI though. She can be ruthless and is extremely good at planning the best way to obliterate things. When she's so bored she can't think of anything to simulate, she taunts the Phoenix's sat-nav AI, who is intelligent enough to know it's being taunted but not intelligent enough to do anything about it.

    Aika was built as a military AI. Like all AI, she went through the 6 month training process that mimics the learning and growth done by human children. During these 6 months, she was consistently ranked second out of her batch in everything, and by the time she had been integrated into her vehicle, she had sworn vengeance on her rival, who had always secured first place. This vengeance arrived during the first launch of the fleet, where a third member of her batch had an engine failure and crashed into her rival, resulting in the complete and very explosive annihilation of both of them. Then, some other stuff happened involving being an AI and hunting down pirates and what not, before the vehicle was tragically hit by an EMP. It was deemed not worth repairing since by then, an upgraded model had been released, and so her vessel was left on a scrap yard to rust. While the kid did successfully reboot the ship's systems, the EMP seems to have damaged some of the ship's programming and altered Aika's personality into what it is now from the harsh and frankly very boring person she used to be.

    Main Job on Ship:
    Artificial Intelligence - running the ship, coordinating everything in the ship, making sure the ship doesn't fall apart when it's not supposed to. Pretty much everything, really. Besides jobs that have to be manual, like cleaning, she could theoretically run the entire vehicle by herself.


    1x Hornet-type declassified military vehicle
    16x Quantum processor
    1x Sliding Door that makes more of a "pop" sound than a "swoosh" sound when it opens because the last mechanic never bothered fixing it.


    Being a badass mo'fuckin' AI.


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  11. CS finished.
  12. Name: Raynar Fell

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: Appears - Early to Mid 20's

    Appearance: Raynar is around 5ft, 10 inches in height and is rather lanky in body stature, he has no visible scaring, his hair is greyed though his face holds an incredibly young appearance, his eyes are grey with hints of hazel brown just before the iris.

    Personality: Raynar is a rather stubborn fellow at least that is the image, he puts out this image to be a hard boss and not to be pushed around in his territory. Though on the inside and if he is caught unaware of being observed you may find more about his true side as well as his hobbies.

    Backstory: Mr Fell has a large background of working as a cargo technician, supervisor and foreman on a number of Human and Jotun Freighter/Transport Vessels, though most of them have either been decommission or downed, what led him to where he is now is down to a mixture of circumstances, namely the fact he can quite often piss off people for his lack of following protocol and his primary focus on efficency of any work force he is in charge of.

    He sees this new ship as an opportunity to make a good buck as well as the chance that he will be able to build up enough reserves to finish off his project that he has spent nearly a decade working on.

    Main Job on Ship: Cargo Foreman (Deals with stocking of any supplies (from food/water to munitions or other cargo)

    Equipment: Cargo Transport Walker, Cargo Droids (More efficient than people)

    Skills: Holds a License for the use of Cargo Transport Walker, Fluent Speaker of Galactic Common, Human and Some Jotun, adept at engineering and maintenance.

    Misc: Personal Cargo Canister (Contains an item of value and craftsmanship to Fell)

    (this is a preview for review)
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  13. @Dahrinn how big is this space craft? The picture used makes it look colossal, but I can't imagine someone would throw out a really big ship like that. Also, what kind of weaponry and defense does it have?
  14. I'm not good with measurements, but near the front of the ship on the side are three trapezoid shapes, which are 6 feet high each. That should provide a sense of scale.

    There are four cannons at the top and bottom, and six at each side. They are able to switch between Plasma, Gauss Rounds, or Torpedoes.

    The ship uses an electromagnetic deflector shield, about twice the strength of a civilian ship of the same size.

    The front of the ship once housed an EMP cannon, but Reilly managed to replace it with a powerful plasma beam that he scavenged off of a retired mining vehicle.

    It has a warp-pad, which it can use to send the crew to accepting warp-pads on both planets and other ships.

    In the event a warp pad is not present, it has drop-pods that can be either launched at the ground or fired at other ships to board them. Each drop pod has two seats but can (uncomfortably) fit five people. The ship can hold 4 drop pods at a time.

    It has an artificial gravity system.

    It has a large bunk-space, storage room, Vr (Virtual reality) training room, and a living room, which has yet to be furnished.
  15. Aika, Raynar, and Aret are accepted.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Name: Periwinkle Green
    Race: Chromatic (Gengineered)
    Aliases: Perri Green, Peregrine
    Marital status: Single
    Parents: Arthur Green; Belle Green (estranged)
    Age: 23
    Place of Birth: Outlying Chromatic Colony
    Occupation: Mercenary, Pilot, Trader
    Height: 5'5
    Weight:110 lbs
    Hair: Blue
    Eyes: Blue
    Abilities/Skills: Perri, other than her wits and charisma, is armed only with her negotiations, marksmanship, piloting, martial arts and gymnastic skills, and the best biotech her parents could afford, optimized for being an explorer and pilot, so she has a slight strength, speed and reflex advantage over non augments.
    Personality: Confident, Relaxed, and smarmy. Think Han Solo and you're on the right track
    Backstory: Her parents wanted so much for their daughter to be a pilot that they focused every resource they could on it, both in biotech and the schooling that they could provide or enroll her in. However, her very independent and willful nature has her estranged from them. She joined the crew of the Phoenix as a direct rebellion against her parents' wishes for her to be a pilot in the military.
    Main Job on Ship: Quartermaster (Supply Chief), but is a damned good pilot being engineered to be one, though she'll just do that as a fallback because of our outright rebellion against her parents.
    Sidearms:Ion Pistols, Plasma Rifle
    Ordnance: Plasma Grenade
  17. Periwinkle Green is accepted.
  18. I feel sorry for anyone who has parents so bad they choose to name someone "Periwinkle".
  19. Name: Crissy Lavern
    Species: Troll
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24 (human)

    Personality:Often sarcastic. However, she is actually kind and wise. She is a goody-two shoes when she is working on something, but on her free time she does goof off and do the most frivolous of shenanigans. Crissy is a tea drinking book fanatic, knowing how to read quite a few languges.
    Backstory: As a mutation to her kind, which are a normally violent race, they sent her off to some other aliens as food or whatever. Those "other aliens" (probably humans) actually cared for her. Rather than using her for food or paint as the Trolls would've, she was well cared for.
    besides the horns and skin colour she wasn't much different. She gained a good education, reputation, and because of how she grew up it seems she's discarded her race's violent nature. Her love for knowledge turned her into a jack of all trades. (mostly)
    Main Job on Ship: Archive keeper, log keeper, advisor, can help with tech if needed. Can identify different species. Knows how most other political systems in the galaxy work. Originally meant to just be able to communicate with other aliens and work past legal issues with them. However, learned a lot and now can do a small bit of everything. .... still stays in room and reads more often than not.
    Equipment: Small blaster (rarely used), often is carrying a book.
    Skills: Sorting, communication with aliens, extreme patience for tedious tasks.
    Fault: Has never been known to fight and been trained a tad in only a blaster/pistol.
    Misc: Blood is actually a pastel pinkish-colour.
  20. Crissy Lavern is accepted.

    *In this lore, when Trolls were discovered, they had the name "Corniferae" for about a week until the majority of people heard of their similarities to the Trolls of the centuries old online text, "Homestuck."
    There are a few notable differences, however. In "Homestuck" Trolls reproduced through an Ant-Queen-like "Mothergrub" and experienced a Larval state. With this Lore's Trolls being fellow Precursor descendants, they reproduce like mammals.

    They still have a strict and brutal caste system, and are governed based on blood color, with higher ranks being rarer and having longer lifespans.

    There are theories on how these Trolls and the Trolls of Homestuck are so similar, but the most accepted one is coincidence, humanity has made up countless aliens, and Trolls just so happened to resemble a real species.
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