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    One of the things I hear praised the most about Batman vs. Superman (even from people who disliked it) is Gal Gadot's portrayal as Wonder Woman and she'll even have her own film coming next year.

    Since I'm a huge Fast and Furious fan and really like Gal Gadot, I'm looking forward to seeing her bring my favorite superheroine to life!

    What are your guys' thoughts on this upcoming film and do you think Gal Gadot was a good choice for Wonder Woman?

  2. I love her. Just from her roles in Fast and Furious, I think she'd make a great Wonder Woman. I haven't seen Batman vs Superman yet, but my brother in law said that she stole the whole movie.
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  3. You're a Fasthead too? :D
  4. Only by proxy. My husband is, so I'm kind of forced to be. Considering I start crying at the end of Fast 7 every time I see it though, I think he's going to watch the rest of them without me. lol
  5. I think everyone cried at the end of Fast 7 XD You're not alone on that LOL!
  6. I still cry, like every time I see it. That is why people can't take me to movies. If there's even one sad part, I'm bawling like a baby. My hubby has a whole list of movies he shuts off around me because I start tearing up. He made the mistake of watching John Wick without warning me that the dog gets killed.....needless to say he spent the next half hour going "Stop crying, the dog didn't really die!"
  7. Someone is very emotional XD Just imagining that makes me laugh XD It takes a LOT for me to tear up when I'm watching something
  8. Yeah, I'm a huge sap. My husband's nickname for me is the Walking Bleeding Heart. =/

    But, I'm definitely going to go see Wonder Woman, I may even break my 'No theaters unless it's Dark Tower' stance for it. Unless they play it at the drive in.

    I remember watching the reruns when I was younger. My best friend and I used to try to use our jump ropes as lassos because of her. I lost count of how many times we accidentally hit her brother in the eye with them. lol
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  9. Gal Gadot is perhaps the single most sensible casting choice DC has ever made concerning its characters and the JL live action film-verse. The only hope one can have now is that she's handed a script that doesn't make her sound like a growling whiny mewling invalid. So basically, don't allow Gal Gadot to fall into the hands of Snyder.

    Directed by Patty Jenkins, creator of Monster, which was a crime drama that bagged 17 awards.

    Yeah alright. This might actually work. Optimism is nice for a change.
  10. Yeah, DC has failed with its casting multiple times. I will admit Christian Bale played a decent Batman though.
  11. I did this in elementary school all the time on the playground XD It was so hilarious!
  12. Heath Ledger as the Joker? D:
  13. The Black Knight Trilogy isn't part of the JL live action film-verse. :ferret:
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  14. [​IMG]

    My bad :P God that was stupid!
  15. From what I've heard, they'll be portraying Wonder Woman as a legit Amazon warrior and not a damzel in distress with romance issues over the head.



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  16. Jason Momoa can make Aquaman badass! C'mon! although he would have been perfect as Lobo like @Darog keeps preaching.

    As for Gal Gadot, I haven't seen her acting to make any assessment of her skills. She does look nice in that outfit though, so I can only hope that she killed it. I'm not interested enough in Batman or Superman to go see the movie, but I'll watch some Wonder Woman clips since she's the only character in the movie I haven't seen on the big screen yet.
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  17. I have no idea what that means. >_> They're all the same to me. They have Batman. :P
  18. Fictional terms for multiple canons. (Timelines, basically.) The JL-verse timeline is the justice league universe timeline for DC. The Black Knight was its own self-contained story and universe. Comics are especially terrible known for their multiple timeline shenanigans. DC is probably the worst for them.

    tl;dr: Everything Man of Steel onwards is the JL timeline. Anything prior to that DC-related is not.
  19. Ah, so kind of like the whole X-Men thing. Got it.
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