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THe world has been poisoned. corrupted and desolated at its very core. the earthmotehr herself, Giaia has sent out a virus to destroy the earth. but being a malevolent being full of love. not even her disdain for what mankind has doen to itself has made her able to kill. instead, Gaia's virus, simply called THE VIRUS nowadays, has made the lives of men and women very uncomfortable. the birth rate has decreased dangerously, and every organism outside the barriers of magic created around the cities has been infected and perverted into something else. it is dangerous to travel.. but neccesary.

An adventure Roleplay with a mature twist, Gaia Tainted revolves around the problem every person has individually in a world were the very life force of regular life is transformed into something vile.

THE VIRUS- people tainted with a virus lose their ability to produce life energy. but by meeting certain criteria, they will not die... however the cost inrterferes with daily life.... and happiness sometimes.

Strain 1-goddess-Female only strain. life energy pools slowly into the womb and mammaries, causing a 'goddess' appearance. the only way to regain life force is through gluttony (Mass consumption of food) or sexual release ( Sex)

Strain-2-Domina-This strain puts a toll on the brain of the infected. causing a spike in aggressive behavior, the infected only gains back life energy from stealing the last breathe of a living being. (MURDER... )

Strain-3-Succubus/incubus- this strain causes a lose of control over the hormones and pheremones of the human body, producing massive quantaties of natural chemicals that lure the opposite sex. however, gaining back life energy from this strain requires absorbing the energy put off by the release of sexual tension of a partner ( I.E. an orgasm)

strain-4-Viper-This strain causes the infected to develope the digestive system of a Snake, and lose the ability to taste anything but the flavor of food still having life energy ( I.E. a still living uninfected animal or person.)

Strain-5-malcovian-this strain makes the ifected dependant on anguish of others, absorbiing their pain. simple, but what must one do to cause pain enought o survive?...

MUTATION- Nightmare- the infected becomes a visage of their own nightmares, abel to summon with expendeture of life force, nightmares into reality. only the fear of others feeds their life force.

Strain-6-were-beast-this strain causes an near instant mutation of the body, causing one mammalian trait of another species to form. physical and mental activity starts to be over-ridden by instinct. the only way to regain life energy is to let loose (I.E. go animal for a few hours every few days)

Strain-7-Midas reversal- This strain works on the mental attachment to material wealth. with a touch of the hand, one drains their own life essence into another object, turning it to precious metals and gems. it cannot be a living thing. regaining lost life energy requires the infected to crush a precious object. most midas infected are penniless and poor becuase of this.



Yoru characters are 'normal' people in the world, trying to get by. after a cataclysmic destruction of two of the five remaining cities, you must climb from the ashes and avoid and/or destroy infected beasts and people to escape to the strangely more safe area of the wilderness.

Find Gaia's cradle, and convince the goddess to cure this poison. thats the main goal, along the way you will be inevitably infected, no two people are allowed the same strain until all the strains are taken once. And tested both physically, and mentally. degenerating into madness together.
bonds will be formed, lives will be shattered. can you save gaia before you are consumed by your own lust for living?



I'm interested.

I'm kinda sad though. I have a lot of RPs right now, and two more on the way, but I really wanna get in on this one.
How's this?

-NAME- Helix Rice
-AGE- 20
-VIRUS- Incubus Strain
Helix struggled to obtain what education he could as the earth degenerated. He knew that he was not a man of action, rather one of words, and was always afraid to be pushed into the real world where he would be forced to act in an instant instead of thinking deeply first. Helix was a loner and not close to anyone, plus his lack of much social grace has left him in a rather hopeless state of affairs. He wants the world to revert back to the way it was before because the vision he sees of the world now is unfit to start a family in and he's always deeply wished for a child of his own and a loving spouse.

-NAME- Psylocke Woodgate (Her parents were artists, give her a break)
-AGE- 22
-GENDER- Female
-VIRUS- Viper Strain
-BACKGROUND- Psylocke was a girl protected in the shielding and sheltered arms of her parents as the world deteriorated. She was not blind to the world around her but at the same time, she was unprepared when both of her parents quickly passed on after she grew to the tender age of twenty. She has since then learned to figure out some ways to help herself in this world she is now fully exposed to, but she's starting to get the hang of it, if only a little bit.
Very good. Good to see the interest rising. We won't start for a little bit though. It is a simple enough start-up however.

-AGE- 25
-VIRUS- DOMINA- Peace though order, safety by segregation. The infected had to be kept out of the safe areas and that meant the healthy had to keep them out. Not all of it was peacful not all of it was bloodless. Kill zones and no mans lands sprang up the infected had to be kept back at all costs. Thats were Drake came in. The barricades were manned by a mixture of military forces and volunteers, he fell into the latter, and weekly testing made sure he remained pure. Until he came up positive. He was given a three hour head start into no mans land.
well, senor Vay, you and all the others are approved. good ideas all around, everyone. thansk again for the interest.
I want this RP to start 0.0
-Name- Andre Pietro
-VIRUS- Malcovian-nightmare mutation
-BACKGROUND- A victim of amnesia, Andre has been wanderign around back-alleys ever since the collapse of His town eight years ago, He came here and holed up in night-clubs and other such dives were his appearance does not bother the locals, he has been abel to hide his malcovian virus... for now.
-NAME- Julius Foster
-AGE- 23
-VIRUS- Were-Beast, he has the Scent glads of a skunk embedded in his skin.
-BACKGROUND- Julius Foster was exposed at a young age and has been existing on the fringes of society for most of his life. He spent more time in the forests near protected areas than in the areas themselves, his scent glands offering him an easy way to avoid some of the less dangerous monsters in those parts.
TC! Looks to be likely out just had a run in before mine got infected if Julius got too close to the safe zone.
Alright. looks as though we have enough players to start soon. how about.. monday the 27th?? i think thats good enough. mayhaps we should have two threads for this one.. eventually. one in the city, one out of it for continuities sake. well, regardless, good to see the interest grow, see you all monday!
Can I join? I wont be available to RP till next week though.
Celsius, your welcoem to join in, I'm not expecting any activity till the new year anyways ^^ we must enjoy the holidays, no?
-NAME- Celcius
-AGE- 17
-VIRUS- Amore Muerte: In a select few people, the virus switched back and forth almost daily between three of the strains, the Midas Reversal, Malcovian, and Succubus, that it evolved to become a single strain. In this hybrid strain, one has to develop an emotional connection with people and then crush the said connection. The destruction of such a connection causes pain in both people and the stronger the connection, the stronger the rebounding pain, and the stronger the pain, the more life force that the infected gain.
-BACKGROUND- will complete

Twisted virus, isn't it?
Approved because of the awesome virus-bending that has occured.
-NAME- Gifford
-AGE- 27
-VIRUS- Malcovian strain
-BACKGROUND- Pending sry thinking on what it should be but how is it so far
I'll have a post up Monday or Tuesday.