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Ga'Hoolian Decree:: A Legend Of The Guardians RPG

Looking for a top-notch, original, and active role-play placed in the Guardian of Ga'Hoole universe?
Well then, you don't have to look any further. ;]

The Ga'Hoolian Decree is simply all that you are looking for.
We have an engaging and unique plot that is sure to simply grab and hold your attention!
Also, coupled with our friendly staff, this site is just one of its own kind.
We're a relatively new site so we're always looking for new faces and we accept role-player's of all skill levels.
So seriously, just click the link and check it out. It seriously can't hurt, can it?


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Our Plot


Each of the three kingdoms have risen to power again though not all by equal right or unquestionable means. The calm that has passed over the South, worth every ounce of bloodshed and the countless deformities of the body and soul, was short lived... An old enemy has grasped a ripe opportunity within their talons that could sow fear and obedience into the Pure Ones and Ga'Hoole alike. Spun from rumor and scary day stories is said opportunity... Shrieks.

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Look Forward To::

• Friendly and Caring Staff •
• Use Our "Easy to Complete" Form To Create Your Character •
• Unique Plots •
• Determined Staff on Keeping the Site Active & Alive •
• Positions Open •
• Follow Through Epic Adventures •
• Choose to Either Pledge Your Loyalties to Guardians Of Ga'Hoole, The Pure Ones, St. Aggies Owls, or Crazed Shrieks •

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