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  1. Yes, with all the other RP plots popping up, I figured I see if anyone would like to play.

    September 25, 2010 ...

    My uncle met her when he was only five years old, when he wandered out of his kitchen and through his back yard. He says he talked to her and she talked back to him. And at first he didn't think anything was wrong or different about her, other than the fact she dressed differently and she looked different. He thought she was an Indian or something. Oh, crap, I better do that over ... Um, Native American.

    So, anyways, my uncle's parents found him, brought him back, and denied seeing the young woman who had been standing next to him when they appeared. My uncle was smart, though, and he kept quiet about it as the years went by. He visited the old cemetery on the edge of town, always talked to the young woman who never aged. He was always curious about her but whenever he asked about where she came from, she'll just say, "I wanted to get away. And here I am."

    But recently, recently, my uncle's gotten real sick and he says he saw something at the cemetery he shouldn't have. Something he wasn't supposed to see. He wanted to tell me but then he had a stroke and now he's in a coma.

    So this is why I've come to the small town of Cheshire, right smack in the middle of Arkansas to investigate. I've called in a few friends but I think we might be too late.

    ... Because people have begun to see things, and things have just gotten weirder ...

    So this is a supernatural, modern RP, set in a small town. Players get to play as a human, or one of a vast number of classical demons that have begun to crop up and make their presence known, or even a ghost. Because Cheshire is a very special place and a very special place, is always just the beginning ...
  2. Almost a lovecraftian feel to it... I'll be interested.
  3. Interested here...for sure
  4. Sakamoto
    (Yeah for us it's been like a couple month already lol XD while for them it has only been 2 weeks)
    I am glad that I was able to make her laugh as she got up. I wait and watched as she chose a movie and put it in. She comes back and rests her head on me. I smiled as I hold her close to me. What I read still dances in my head but I shake it off. I looked at her as she smiled at me and I smiled back.
    "So what movie did you pick?" I asked tilting my head.

    I laughed at the reaction as she said she had her eyes on me.
    "What..I am Innocent haven't done anything...yet." I say with a smirk trying to sound innocent.
    "Oh I see that's nice. Now I can see why they let him keep it. Make sense." I then say with a shrug.
    "What you would join me at my imaginary place at the lake? Sure don't see why not." I say with another shrug. She then mentioned how she thought that she would be a dog lady.
    "Eh that's not to bad of a life." I then say.

    He gasped seeming surprised as I moved his arm..I let his arm go not wanting to make hi m feel uncomfortable. he then says how I deserve all the sweetness in the world and I backed up surprised my face turned bright red...was he just teasing me?
    " one else has. Thank you thought....s-stop teasing me thought." I then say to him although I then noticed his face was also red like mine was. I was surprised the sincerity of his words.

    He tilted my head back up and gives me a soft kiss back. he then admits how he was enjoying the affection and face still red. I moved closer to him.
    "Really?" I say, looking at him" I am glad. I really like your hugs as well..."
  5. Sounds fun! >D
  6. Jofie | Outside of Bartering Hall | Late Afternoon

    Interactions: Samael @Tealous

    Jofie continued stewing in his spots, scenarios upon scenarios of Pyphreos's death rolling through his head. He would personally see to it that the Priest's final moments would be as painful and slow as possible. Usually, Jofie didn't care for watching others suffer; he just ended a life to benefit his standing. His sadistic streak had tampered off a bit over the years, though the occasional animal-torture nagged at him at post-midnight hours, denying him a full night's rest.

    He was jostled out of his thoughts when another Arbomite brushed shoulders with him. At first, Jofie was prepared to scoff and put the moment behind him. However...

    Then he realized how much lighter his robes felt.

    He had only stolen two fruits from Cora, so losing one equated to cutting the weight within his clothes in half.

    Jofie closed his eyes, "Fucking," before exploding into a yell, "Son of a bitch!"

    He wheeled around and start pacing after the fucker who had the balls to pick-pocket him. Whoever this Arbomite was, he chose the wrong mother fucker to steal from today. Jofie's patience ran out ages ago. He grabbed hold of Samael by his shoulder and turned him around.

    "Hey!" he barked loudly, drawing the attention of surrounding civilians. He held out his hands, expression dark and steely. "Hand my shit over. Now."

  7. Hehe...well*blinks innocently* I'll try to be a little bit better...
  8. Hmm....

    As it stands though. I guess we continue the current...mmm...4 rps? I think, and once we end them. We can start our two projects. That a least give us more time to think about what rp we want to try and make a long one. I figure we need to make one of those large intro posts that builds up the world around them. Although we did have some simple rps that lasted a long time before.
  9. ok ^^ enjoy your nap