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    Welcome to Gabrielle Academy! We are a very prestigious school that's known for having the best and smartest students each with their own talents! Only the best are invited to this school, we don't put up with misbehaving and that includes anything that will ruin the image of this school. Have fun!

    Rules of the school:

    ~No bullying/fighting
    ~No drinking/smoking
    ~Females and Males are not allowed to date!
    ~No selling items on campus
    ~You must be back in the dorm by 10:00PM- the dorms will be checked at around 10:300PM
    ~No back talking to teachers
    ~Be respectful
    ~Wear your uniform!
    ~Keep your grades up!
    ~You are allowed to wear regular clothes after school hours
    ~If invited to a formal party, you MUST attend

    Those in the RP:
    @The Red Tazelwurm


    Clover stood in the yard of the school while she painted the picture of a Sparrow, her long hair was in a ponytail while she concentrated hard on the canvas in front of her. Clo couldn't help but grimace when wiped her cheek with the back of her hand, the feeling of something cold on her face was left and she knew it was red pain. Great.
    "Ms. Anett, do you plan on spending you Sunday just painting?" She almost jumped at the sound of her math teacher behind her, she didn't want to deal with any adults at the moment.
    "It helps bring me into my own little fantasy world... I think I heard someone say that the Principle was looking for you," Clo lied with smile on her face, inside she wanted to scream for the teacher to go jump off a cliff or something but that wasn't going to be a smart idea so she kept her mouth shut. Clover needed this school because this school had a lot more things to teach then other regular schools, it would look good on her record.
    "Alright but remember not to go to sleep to late, classes start tomorrow," With that the teacher left and Clover couldn't help but smirk. She was going to leave her dorm after the dorm manager finishes checking on everyone, there was a party tonight and like always Clover is determined to get there.
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  2. "Mr. Gatton, do you plan on sleeping against this tree all day?"

    Axel was trying to catch some sleep before classes began tomorrow, enjoying as much nap time against the lonely tree as he could since the amount of times he could nap would be cut in half. Unfortunately, the principal approached him and shook him out of his near sleep. If only the old fart had come a few minutes later, Axel would have been deep in slumber by then. Instead, he forced his eyes open to look up at the silhouette of the principal, blocking the sun from view.

    "Yes I do sir.." Axel couldn't help himself from yawning, and as expected, the principal tried to force back the contagious yawn from watching the crimson haired boy.

    Couldn't this guy just leave? He was interrupting nap time.

    "Shouldn't you be doing something a little more productive like studying rather than just sleeping? Sleeping is for the evening."

    "With all do respect sir...," He released another yawn,"...We both know I don't need to study. Worry about others, yeah?"

    The principal glared at the student he was looking down upon,"Your superb IQ is the only thing keeping you at this school. Don't push your luck around here or that IQ won't matter anymore."

    "Yes sir." Axel mentally rolled his eyes, willing to call the principal's bluff. He wasn't exactly fond of authority figures since they always interrupted his nap time. Plus, they never taught him anything he didn't already know or couldn't figure out. Everything they tried to teach could be worked out by himself, but sitting through their lectures made him one step closer to getting out. Such a prestigious school would look good on his resume' after all.

    Once the principal was gone Axel sighed, closing his eyes again. Not to nap, but just to relax and rest. Maybe his teachers would let him slack off a little in class tomorrow. Nah, they'd probably call him out and ask him a question they were teaching to the class in hopes he'd get it wrong and embarrass himself. The crimson haired teen smiled and snickered, that'd be a riot.
  3. Aragorn looked around the gym before sitting cross-legged in his gym clothes before closing his eyes and meditation, after a few minutes of peace and quiet he heaved himself up and turned toward one of the training dummies into the middle of the gym. He slowed his breathing while he went into his stance then instantly lunged, delivering a blow on its chest with the back of his hand before throwing his weight into his left leg then spun, landing a kick on the right side of the dummy's head sending it sliding back a bit. After half an hour of endless training with his fists and his bamboo sword, Aragorn was soaked with sweat and his breaths had gotten slow and irregular, he grabbed his towel then headed into the men's locker room to wash himself off. After his shower he changed into his school's uniform then left the gym, he instantly stuffed his hands into his pockets, changed his happy expression to a glare, then began walking. When he passed a group of girl he heard a few girls giggle and one blush, he snorted then walked into the science wing of the school and right into the biology room; there he saw a young man in his early twenties petting a rather large Bearded Dragon.

    "Oh, Mr. Aragorn. Are you here to help me again with the animals?" the man, obviously the biology teacher asked.

    "Yes, Mr. James. I though you could use the help plus it gives me some beforehand experience for when I become a veterinarian," Aragorn replied while he dropped the glare and went to a neutral expression.

    Mr. James smiled then placed the Bearded Dragon back in its terrarium then threw Aragorn a pair of gloves, "I appreciate the help and I know the animals love being around you. You do that side and I'll do this side," he said then put on his own pair of gloves. Aragorn simply nodded after he had put on his gloves then relocated a veiled chameleon to a box while he began to clean its enclosure.
  4. Aimee was a spy. Well at least she was a spy at the moment. She had seen her brother talking to some lame girl the other day, so she had decided to trail him to make sure the girl wasn't planning on preying on her darling brother. But so far, her brother had just chatted with some teachers about boring things, and given one of his friends advice on something.

    Aimee, tore off her 'spy' cowl, and stomped away, abandoning her mission. I have better things to do than stalk my brother all day! I'm totally behind on a project! Besides, nothing to crazy should happen, if I take my eyes off of him for a second! She thought before heading to the library to finish her project.

    - -

    Amour was well aware of his sister stalking him. He didn't know why. But he figured he'd just mess with her by doing run of the mill, unexciting things. Finally after about ten minutes, he saw his sister storming off in the direction of the library.
    Amour grinned, and sat down on one of the benches in the courtyard. He took out his sketchbook, and tried to think of a new dress design. He wanted to do something that had to do with a season. Not winter...Or summer...Spring sounded nice though. He soon went to work, sketching and re sketching various ideas for a spring dress line.
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  5. People. People everywhere.

    That was Tori's impression of the academy she attended, whether during the week or on the weekend. Not much changed for her based on the day; in fact, the only difference was how much time she was able to devote to the glowing screen that was currently in front of her. Her fingers clacked across the keys of her laptop, as she was currently carrying on seven separate conversations. If only in-person conversations were this easy (or pleasant), she might actually attempt to engage in one some time.

    She was currently under a tree that stood along the back of the academy's gate, where she was reasonably sure that no one would bother her. Not to mention, the reception from this particular spot was better than most other places on campus. She had had plenty of experience with the school's internet connection during the time she'd spent here so far and, despite all the prestigious classes she was enrolled in, the discovery of the ideal place to use her computer stood out as her crowning achievement thus far.

    "So, are you planning to go out and do anything fun this weekend? It's almost over!"

    Tori paused in her typing, scowling at the screen. 'Go out' and do something fun? What on earth would she 'go out' and do that was more enjoyable than sitting here on her laptop? She dodged the question with the innate charisma she only possessed over the internet and pushed the matter from her mind.

    As far as the rest of this weekend went, her only plan was to sit here, undisturbed, and have as small an amount of human contact as was possible.
  6. Lotti had sat up in a tree that she previously climbed into, watching all of the people she called 'classmates' stroll by doing their own thing. She softly hummed one of her favorite songs as she laid back against the trunk of the tree. Eventually she would have to come down and go to her dorm or classes but it was best to savor the moment of peace. It's not every day that she can have a calm day in the hustle of life. Lotti noticed the shuffling of teachers looking around for slacking children. Luckily she was deep enough in the tree to become unnoticeable at first glance.
  7. Blythe Lamien:

    Blythe sat on the floor in front of the school building kicking a soccer ball around, she was a bit hot from moving around so much but she didn't mind. Her short brown hair moved around with her movements.
    "Miss. Lamien please don't break any windows!" She heard the Principle shout and a grin spread across as she began to balance the soccer ball on her knee before popping it up in the air.
    "Sure," Blythe replied as the soccer ball almost hit the floor if she hadn't kicked it back up, her guitar lay just a few feet away from her and she made sure to keep a careful eye out for it just in case someone got to close to it. When she Principle left her alone she let the soccer fall to the floor as she placed her hands on her hips. Leaning forward she couldn't help but breath hard seeing as how she'd been running around with the soccer ball for about an hour or two. Luckily it was Sunday and Blythe knew for sure that her friend Clover would come over and invite a few students to a party she wanted to go to tonight.
  8. It was another beautiful day in Gabrielle Academy. The weather was perfect on this Sunday afternoon, and many students took advantage of it to lounge outside and take a break from their academics.

    Eric Price hated Sundays.

    Or as close to "hate" as his diluted emotions could get, which was probably closer to a mild distaste.

    School policy infringements were always at a record high on weekends. By Monday, there would always be students who showed up to class drunk from the parties of the previous night (
    RULE 12: SUBSTANCE USE IS PROHIBITED ON SCHOOL GROUNDS | RULE 24: STUDENT CURFEW IS 10PM - ALL STUDENTS MUST BE IN THEIR DORMS BY THIS TIME), class assignments would be incomplete (RULE 5: STUDENTS MUST MAINTAIN THEIR GRADES IN ORDER TO SECURE THEIR POSITION WITHIN THE ACADEMY), and the campus would be trashed (RULE 35: NO LITTERING ON SCHOOL PROPERTY). If he cared to look out the window, he would probably see at least two kids slacking from school work or violating some other rule.

    But Price was off-duty. He took weekends off and couldn't care less about what kids decided to do (or not do) on these days.

    The boy sat at his desk in the Student Disciplinary Committee meeting room. Not that there was any real significance of having such a room, considering there were no other members to meet with. A sign hung from the door that read "RECRUITING ADDITIONAL DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE MEMBERS" It had been up there for some time now. Not a single student had signed up. Price had been fighting the student council for years now to start a recruitment campaign. Or send funds - the Committee's current budget was non-existent. There was constant war between the Student Council and the Disciplinary Committee; it was a long-held tradition from even before he had arrived as the two groups fought for control within the school. And now the Committee was losing. Miserably.

    He looked down at the pile of papers on his desk - various complaints from students, most of them appeals for detentions, others requesting that a rule be changed ("the no-swearing rule is a violation of my right to freedom of speech"). All of them were to be addressed, a summary report written, and his findings presented to the Student Council by Monday.

    Price hated Sundays.
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  9. @Kanon
    When she finished with her project (well not really finished more like gave up) she decided to head inside and wander around for a bit. She would have gone back to following her brother around, but couldn't find him.
    After walking for a bit she found herself in front of a door that had a sign on it reading "RECRUITING ADDITIONAL DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE MEMBERS" on it.
    "Huh," Aimee murmured under her breath, tapping her finger against her chin contemplatively. Suddenly, she looked up, a gleam in her eye as her somewhat easy 'posture' became ram rod straight and she widened her stance, placing her hands on her hips. She flung open the door, striding inside and coming to stand in front of the rooms only inhabitant. "I want to join!" She announced, her face splitting into a grin.
    She had never really thought about joining a club. She hadn't even expressed interest in joining the theater club. Mainly because she liked acting on her own time and not on a set schedule.
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  10. Price was in the middle of writing a response to a complaint -

    ("To whom it may concern; The teacher who assigned you a week's detention is a professional member of the Gabrielle Academy teaching staff and the the Disciplinary Council respects her decision. In addition, you have been reported for inappropriate address of a staff member (as quoted, "that f*ing b*ch"), and will serve the penalty of an additional week's deten-")

    - when the door burst open and a student marched in, causing his pen to slip and leave a scribble on the page.

    His eye twitched.
    His thoughts screamed BLOODY MURDER.

    Without looking up from his paper, he replied in a flat, monotonous voice. "You have reached the Disciplinary Committee Head Office. If you have any complaints, please leave a message in the box outside of the meeting room -"

    Price froze. He slowly raised his head to look at the girl that stood grinning in front of him. Didshejustsaynoitcan'tbeimpossibleDONTSOUNDDESPERATEprobablyjustgotlostlookingforthewashroomstayprofessionalDONTSOUNDDESPERATE

    "Did you just say... that you wanted to join the Disciplinary Committee?"
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  11. If Aimee could have grinned any wider, her face would have literally split in two. "Yes!" She responded, and then began looking around. "So where are the applications? Do I need to ask my parents--No scratch that where are the other members?" She paused then, when it occurred to her that the guy was really the only other person in the room. And now that she thought about it, she didn't even know there was a Disciplinary Committee at the school!
    Wow, that's actually pretty sad. It must get really lonely in here...She thought, but didn't change her mind about joining. Plus having an authoritative role would really help her out when it came to acting! And she would get to dress up all 'straight laced' everyday! And she could lay down the law!
    Aimee briefly imagined herself as a sheriff strolling through the old west, and every one bowing their heads in submission. She was going to be a kick ass Disciplinary Officer!
  12. Clover had finally finished her painting and brought it back to the dorm room she shared with a couple of other girls, she looked in the mirror with a frown at herself. She had paint splattered across a few spots so the moment she seen them she jumped into the shower and began to scrub herself with her strawberry scented body wash. When she was out she changed into a pair of dark skinny jeans and a grey crop top that showed the belly ring she always hid from the teachers, grabbing a jacket she pulled it on and zipped it up seeing as how she didn't want to get scolded by the teachers on her outfit. Leaving her hair down she left her dorm and went in search of the normal people she usually invited to the parties with her.
    It didn't take her long to find her classmate Axel leaning against a tree with his eyes closed so she walked over to him and bent down a bit with a small tilt of her head.
    "Axel, wanna go to a party tonight? Classes tomorrow don't start until around 9:30AM," Clover asked him, she would need to go look for the others to ask them as well.

  13. "Axel, wanna go to a party tonight? Classes tomorrow don't start until around 9:30AM."

    At this point, the crimson haired teen had removed his glasses so the sun wouldn't burn his eyes. He was drifting back to the land of slumber he was so familiar with until the familiar voice of one of his classmates rung. His lower eyelid stuck to the upper as he he forced his right eye open, his golden eye gazing up at the Coral pink haired girl. He removed one side of his headphones, his gaze never breaking hers. Judging by how she was hiding her wardrobe, she was about to go to a party (more or less do something stupid there) and had asked whether or not he wanted to go. He recollected his thoughts as his brain drifted back to consciousness. He opened his other eye so his undivided attention was placed on that one girl before giving his answer.


    With that, he turned over to his side and closed his eyes again, trying to get some well deserved rest. Parties were nothing but trouble anyway.
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  14. Thirty terrariums and a few grouchy lizards later, Aragorn finally had his side of the biology room cleaned Mr. James looked up then nodded to show Aragorn he could leave. Aragorn nodded his head before leaving the classroom then heading back to his dorm, after a few minutes of walking he arrived then entered the room and sat in one of the chairs while he scanned through the bookshelf beside him. After skimming through a few titles he found one he was reading the day before then leisurely opened then book, placed the bookmark on his lap then resumed from where he stopped the previous day. About fifty pages in he placed the bookmark back in and returned the book back to its spot; he let out a low yawn then got up and left the dorm room, and headed toward the school yard. When he arrived, he grabbed one of the soccer balls from the nearby bin and started to practice before running down the field and kicking the ball right into the net, he quickly retrieved the ball, oblivious to the girl that was several feet away.
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  15. "Alright then, see you in class tomorrow," Clover waved bye even though she knew he didn't see it, there was no way she was going to take offense to that since she knew that was how he was but that didn't stop her from asking if he wanted to go to a party. Turning around she hummed as she walked away and looked around the school until she seen Amour drawing something in his sketchbook so with a shrug of her shoulders she walked over to him.
    "There's a party tonight if you wanna go, school starts at 9:30AM tomorrow," Clover spoke out loud with a smile on her face.

    @The Red Tazelwurm
  16. Price did not reply to her chatter, his blank face giving the impression that he wasn't listening to her. No need to advertise our lack of members. Instead, he put the fountain pen he had been writing with down, his earlier rage about the ruined letter forgotten. Clasping his hands in under his chin, he slowly scrutinized her from head to toe, dissecting every inch of her.

    • Female. Around 15 years of age. Cannot have been attending the school for very long. Implicated inexperience. Probably unfamiliar with the intricate social dynamics within the school. Definitely has not ever read (and memorized) a copy of the Gabrielle Academy School Policy & Code of Conduct. Unacceptable. But we're desperate.
    • Neither tall nor visibly muscular. No former weapons training. Will have to teach her from scratch. Won't be much use in a fight. Never seen her before. Not in any position of social power and influence in the school. Can't be used as a tool to boost the Committee's reputation. Unacceptable. But we're desperate.
    • Loud, talkative, confident. Will be difficult to manipulate or control. Completely immune to and oblivious of the intimidating atmosphere. Have no idea how to manipulate or control. Unacceptable. But I'm desperate.
    His eyes softened and for the first time showed a hint of humanity as he said something odd to her. Something he had been told when he was first inaugurated into the Committee years ago. "This job isn't for people who want a badge and a gun."

    He didn't wait for a response and his expression quickly returned to his usual mask of apathy. "Application accepted. You are now an officer of the Student Disciplinary Committee. Report back here at oh seven hundred hours tomorrow. Dismissed." With just that, Price waved her off and returned to his paperwork as though nothing had happened, completely ignoring her.

  17. @LonaLove20 (Blythe)

    During the hustle and bustle of the weekend, very few people had noticed the black limo that had pulled up and parked in front of the school gate. It's no surprise, though. Sunday was the last day before school was back in session, and everyone was rushing to complete their lists of things to do, and people to see.

    Everyone, except for the teenage occupant of the limo.

    "I appreciate you chauffeuring me here yourself, father. But do I really need these guards?" Satoshi groaned. This was his first time interacting with the outside world, and having two hulking suits next to him seemed to overall detract from the experience.

    "You're about to enter a dangerous, brutal world, my son. I would be a horrible father if I were to thrust you out there with no protection. Now have fun. I'll see you once the holidays begin."

    "Yes sir." Satoshi knew that there was no point in arguing. His father was a master businessman, a title that he garnered from his excellent debating skills.

    However, the moment that Satoshi exited the limo, he completely forgot how upset he was. The scenery was beautiful, and he had never seen so many strangers before! The young heir was nearly overwhelmed by the new sights and sounds, but that didn't stop him. This was his first day. He had to make a positive impression as quickly as possible. Soon enough, he started the long walk to the front doors, scanning the courtyard as he did so.

    "Who should I approach first? Should I befriend a male first, or a female?" Satoshi thought as the strutted along with his posse.

    After observing the majority of the student body, and calculating his chances of success, Satoshi finally settled his eyes on a young brown haired girl. She seemed exhausted, probably because she had been kicking a soccer ball against the wall for quite a while.

    "Her. Definitely her. This is how romance novels start, right? The handsome, tidy male approaches the strong, yet affectionate female. Soon enough, they both fall in love. I can hardly wait."

    Satoshi turned to his two bodyguards, who had followed him step by step for the past minute.

    "Excuse me gentlemen, I'll return momentarily. I am going to converse with that specific female specimen over there." The men nodded in agreement, and waited while the young man made his way to the girl.

    "Hello maddam," He said in as sophisticated a voice as he could muster, "I hate to bother your exercise, but I merely wish to initiate a dialogue with you. Are you free to do so?"
  18. For a moment Blythe was extremely surprised at the sound of a new voice seeing as how she pretty spoke to most of the students on campus, turning around to see a guy with black hair but what caught her attention was the way he spoke.
    "Wow, I don't know anyone who speaks like that... sure, I have plenty of time to talk to you. I haven't seen you around before, are you new?" Blythe asked with a smile on her face as she kicked her soccer ball up and caught it, placing it on her hip she put held it there with her arm before looking at him completely.
    "Oh, I'm Blythe but most people call me Bly," She introduced herself as she held her hand out for him to shake it, if he's a new student then Bly wouldn't mind showing him around or helping him out. Pushing a piece of her hair behind her ear she wiped her forehead, not caring that she was a bit dirty since she had been running around with the soccer ball for a while.

  19. @Kanon AND @LonaLove20

    Amour looked up from the sketch of the second dress design. He was imagining purple lace, and maybe a bow. "A party? Cool, I'll totally come." He responded, grinning. He then went back to his sketch, before looking up suddenly. He hadn't noticed it before. The body shape, the height, the hair! She was perfect model material! He jumped up then, setting his sketch book on the bench behind him. "Be my model Clover!" He exclaimed.

    - -

    Aimee blinked, slowly. Accepted? Just like that? And what was that about only wanting a badge and a gun? She was totally in it to lay down the law! And the badge...She didn't know about the gun though. She didn't even know a gun would be a part of the deal!
    "Wait...Oh seven hundred hours what does that mean?" She inquired. She only knew how to tell the time the regular way, like the 'o'clock' way, not military style. She snickered inwardly, the dude was like her nanny when she said 'quarter to nine'! Speaking of the dude--
    "What's your name anyway? I'm Aimee. With an I. And two Es. A-I-M-E-E" She clarified, spelling it out just in case he was confused. Although it didn't really seem like he cared much, as he had basically just brushed her off right after accepting her.
    Maybe he was a lone wolf or something? Or just anti social...
  20. Still scribbling furiously with his pen (he was starting the letter again from scratch), Price reflexively replied to the girl's question. "Military time. Seven a.m., and not a second over." This line was delivered mechanically, as though he had patiently repeated it countless times to students before her. To him, military was standard time, and he didn't understand why the western world bothered with such a convoluted system of keeping time. There were twenty four hours in a day, not twelve, so why would they - he stopped writing when he realized that something was off. Right. The girl. Why was she still here? Didn't he dismiss her already? Did she not understand the command either?

    "What's your name anyway?"

    His name? What would she have to gain by acquiring something as useless as a name? She could have just asked any other student for it - it probably would have been easier than trying to pry it out of him. What were her motives anyway? Was she a spy from the Student Council? That was fairly plausible. But they already won, what more could they want?
    In the end, he decided that there was little chance of being compromised from offering this bit of information.

    After a short pause, he replied curtly. "Price."

    "I'm Aimee. With an I. And two Es. A-I-M-E-E."

    He stared blankly up at the girl as she lectured him on the mechanics of her name. It had never occurred to him to ask for a name. He probably should have - he would need it to start a file for her training, as well as do some background checks for any criminal history.
    "I'll take that into consideration." He said dryly. This time, instead of returning to his writing, he waited, watching her expectantly. Was there anything else she wanted? Maybe now she would reveal why she insisted on trying to converse with him.

    @The Red Tazelwurm : Neither - just completely lacking in social skills lmao
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