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    Welcome to Gabrielle Academy! We are a very prestigious school that's known for having the best and smartest students each with their own talents! Only the best are invited to this school, we don't put up with misbehaving and that includes anything that will ruin the image of this school. Have fun!

    We are proud to welcome you to Gabrielle Academy but we would like it if you would please fill out this form to confirm your identity.
    Age: [15-17]

    Talent: [Make sure its something no one else has]
    Is this your face?: [appearance, anime only]
    Background: [You can keep it blank if you want, just add a little something]

    Thank you!


    Rules of the school:

    ~No bullying/fighting
    ~No drinking/smoking
    ~Females and Males are not allowed to date!
    ~No selling items on campus
    ~You must be back in the dorm by 10:00PM- the dorms will be checked at around 10:300PM
    ~No back talking to teachers
    ~Be respectful
    ~Wear your uniform!
    ~Keep your grades up!
    ~You are allowed to wear regular clothes after school hours
    ~If invited to a formal party, you MUST attend

    Rules of RP:

    ~Regular rules (includes no godmodding etc.)
    ~No arguing with other rpers or you will be kicked out
    ~Do/Say anything that upsets me and you will no longer be involved in this rp\
    ~Keep the female/male ratio equal!
    ~If you make more then one character, keep track of them
    ~Stay in character; the sign up sheet is also used as an OOC

  2. Name: Clover Anett
    Age: 16
    Talent: Piano & Art (Sculpting, Painting, Drawing etc.)
    Family: Jared Anett (mother died of cancer 1 year ago)
    Relationship/Crush: Single/None at the moment
    Is this your face?: [appearance, anime only]
    Personality: She isn't very serious about her work but she doesn't like to do a half & half job on things which is why she usually doesn't get anything below an A-; this gives her the advantage of being able to out and party whenever she wants without having to worry. She usually does her studying right after school before she gets ready to sneak off campus to go to a party. Clover knows ALL the places on campus that she can use to get out off campus. Clover has her lazy side to her as well as her 'go to hell' attitude but she never shows it in front of the teachers; whenever she is out of site from them she is lets her uncaring and sarcastic nature out. She isn't an enemy you want to deal with so its better to have her as a friend.
    Background: Clover was always a troublemaker and because she knew how to play things off and lie, it was hard to catch her as the actual culprit. She never got along with her father unless the two of them were in a room painting together but even then they don't normally talk. Clo gets her artistic skills from her father while her mother taught her how to play the piano since she was 3 years old. When Clover was 15 years old her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Clover fell into depression since she always looked up to her mom. A few months passed and 1 month after Clover's birthday, her mom passed away and Clover became distant with everyone she knew. She dislikes talking about her mom so she pretends like her mom is still alive, its rare for her to actually tell anyone the truth.
  3. I hope it's okay to post a female character...I know we want to keep the ratio equal. But I figure more people will join before we begin anyway? Let me know if it's a problem. c:

    Name: Tori Piper
    Age: 17
    Talent: Memorization (Photographic Memory), Gaming/Computers
    Family: Mother&Father, older brother Kurt, younger brother Elliot
    Relationship/Crush: Single for the moment
    Is this your face?:
    Personality: Tori never got along well with people, at least not face-to-face. At the tender age of nine, she got into the world of MMORPGs, which introduced her to the idea of having a seperate personality online, which she does. In person, she can seem standoffish and awkward. She has trouble thinking of things to say, and will often take extra time to consider before actually speaking. Over the internet, however, she's the complete opposite. Funny, quick, and charismatic, she has many friends and considers this the 'real Tori.'
    Background: After she began online gaming, Tori became increasingly interested in the programming side of them. How were things calculated? How could she make the most out of every stat point in every game she played? This, along with the increasingly ridiculous amount of hours she sunk into it, resulted in Tori becoming extremely good at gaming of all kinds, as well as with computers in general. She has two siblings, an older brother and a younger brother, and both of them are far more charasmatic in person than she is. They and her parents became more of the 'family unit,' while Tori spent her time growing up in seclusion...just as she wanted. Even so, her older brother often worries about her, and the two have a deceivingly good relationship.
  4. ACCEPTED:) its alright to be a female but if the female population gets out of control and the male population is only like 2 then that would be a problem xD
  5. Yay! C: Hehe, that makes perfect sense. xD I'm really looking forward to this! I hope more people join soon. c:
  6. If youre still doing this I can post a male character :3
  7. Yea I'm still doing it:), join right up x]
  8. Name: Axel Len Gatton

    Age: 16

    Talent: Super intelligent, has an IQ of 190

    Specializes in: Nap time

    Family: Just his mother, brother ran away and has no idea where father is

    Relationship/Crush: None at the moment, finds girls a disturbance to his "Axel time" but may make an exception

    Is this your face?:

    Axel is surprisingly kind, warm hearted, and very sarcastic. He is one of the biggest slackers in school. He is often seen sleeping in class or in the weirdest places to not get caught. He is usually seen to have his headphones on, music calms his nerves and drowns out the teachers' stupid lectures. Even though he rarely pays attention in class, he always receives an 'A+' in every subject. He has been accused of cheating multiple times, but passing a ridiculously difficult exam in an empty room, with the vulture of a teacher watching his every move proved differently. One might call him a genius, but he likes to see himself as "just another guy". He will help you study or tutor you in subjects you are not understanding, but if you want 100% cooperation from him, a little bit of money will have to be paid. You are interrupting his nap time, after all. His biggest pet peeve is being disturbed from his nap and will leave him a cranky sour puss. Once again, you are interrupting nap time.

    Background: Axel was born to his mother Flora and father Len. When he was five months old his father left his mother. He has no idea where he could be. One could guess his father already had another family with some woman he only found sexually appealing. The crimson haired boy couldn't care less about the old fart. He, his mother, and his brother were happier without him. His mother worked two jobs to support her lovely young boys. It took up her time for being a mother, but the two boys never complained.
    By the time Axel began kindergarten his brother was in second grade. However, the signs of a prodigy began to blossom within Axel. He was reading far more superb for his age, and excelling even the third graders. He was asked if he wished to be a fifth grader, but he politely declined the offer. He wanted to be a kid and be with his friends, not with the big kids and rushing passed his life. He was given an IQ exam at the age of 4, and had scored 110. He was seen as a prodigy of the school, with his brother being casted within Axel's shadows. No one knew his brother as Ezra, they knew him by "The prodigy's brother" or "that genius kid's big brother". Jealousy flamed in his brother's eyes, which led to constant arguments and bickering when the two were not in school.
    Years went by, little Axel being 7 years old and his brother 9, the young boy was introduced to music and other slacker devices by his brother. Ezra hoped Axel would take this on and start becoming too lazy to do his homework or school work and what not. And it worked, but not the way he was hoping. Instead of ditching, his little brother adopted a new "dance walk" and would use that to walk to class. Instead of failure, Axel became better than ever. This was the final straw for Ezra, he packed his belongings and left a devastated mother and upset brother. Just like his father.
    Several years after the abandonment of his brother, Axel strives in academics. He does not study as hard as he used to, because he no longer needs to. He is seen as one of the smartest students, just like back then. His dance walk is only done when there is no one present, he wouldn't want that in the yearbook or on the internet. Now, his only goal is to finish school.
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  9. You are ACCEPTED as soon as you finish your background x]
  10. I've been looking for a realistic high school, I'll be posting a CS for a smart/intimidating mysterious guy.
    Name: Aragorn Wolf
    Age: 17
    Talent: Master of Martial arts,Kendo and excellent with animals.
    Family: Mother and Father
    Relationship/Crush: Single/Not interested in love
    Is this your face?: [appearance, anime only]
    Aragorn is a major slacker even though he ranked in the top 5 grade wise(3rd), he's very antisocial so he's glaring most of the time to keep others away. He only looks as if he's enjoying himself when he's training himself or reading a good book. He doesn't trust others but if somehow you get him to warm up to you he may start to open up to you and expose his soft side. (More to come in the rp)
    Background: Aragorn's cause of distrust to others is deeply rooted in his childhood, and his dislike of his family will be later shown when and if he finds someone he can open up to. Not to mention a few other secrets about his dark/tragic past.
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  11. Would you guys like to start or would you rather wait for more people?
  12. Im cool with starting now :3 maybe accepting more as time progresses?
  13. Same here, its okay with me.
  14. Alrighty, I'll get the rp up now and post the link. Want me to tag you in it?
  15. Mhm c:
  16. Sure. I'll be on and off youtube to check here, so if I don't reply for a bit its because I'm engrossed in a video.
  17. Not a problem, I do the same
  18. Yea, I'm on a bunch of stuff right now x]
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