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  1. In the far cold depths of space, or well not that far depending on which planet you're looking at it from, there was a moon that held two beings known only as The Mooninites. They were strange pixelated like beings who went by the names of Ignignokt and Err. They often carried deadly intentions for the Earth as we're about to see now as they contact a human by the name of Carl Brutananadilewski. Let's watch and see how this proceeds.

    "It's not often that I contact Earthlings. But when I do, I make sure it's idiots like you." The more subdued and relaxed voice of Ignignokt spat at Carl, as Err quickly chimed in. "Yeah, too stupid for us!"

    "Yeah, uh uh. Listen, how long are you two jackasses gonna keep this up? I got some football backlogged on my DVR and you're kinda holding me up here."

    "Oh? Did you hear that, Err? I think the monkey spoke. Do you want a banana?" "Oook ook, hahahaha!"

    "Oh yeah, real funny. You know you better stay away from my goddamn planet. I'm changing my friggin number. This is the sixtieth time you assmunches have called me!"

    "That's cute. He thinks he can change his number. When will the Earthlings learn they can't escape from the Mooninites, Err?" "Never! Too damn stupid!" "Exactly."

    "Well,you think you're so clever huh? Well take this and shove it up your ass!" Carl snapped before he hung up the phone and the image faded off Ignignokt and Err's screen.

    "Oh, so he thinks he can hang up on us, does he? We'll have to fix that won't we, Err?" "Damn straight!"Ignignokt nodded once they were both agreed upon and the two made their way over to the living room era of their ship and it didn't take long before the two of them had rolled up some blunts and were busy toking their pixelated hearts out.




    "See that TV?"


    "Press the power button. It's a timeline disruptor. It should teach that human a lesson by plucking him and another randomly chosen entity from another universe and putting them into a third universe."

    "Shit, is that random too?"

    "Of course it is. It's delightfully dickish that way. Now, press it."

    "Shiiiit, that sounds awesome!" Err said before he bounded over and pressing the button, the TV flashed a multitude of colors before return to it's normal black screen. Making his way back over to the couch, Err grabbed his joint and looked at Ignignokt. "You think this is gonna come back and bite us in the ass?"

    "Hahahahah, even as blazed as I am, the idea that Earthlings could get back at us is laughable at best."

    As his concerns were alleviated by Ignignokt's assurances, the two Mooninites continued to smoke their pot, unaware of just what they had done with their timeline disruptor.

    Sunagakure:Village Hidden in the Sand.

    "Gaara, you just best watch your mouth! I'm your older brother so what I say goes-" Whatever scolding Kankuro may have had for his younger brother would have to wait as sand lashed out at him and smacked him across the room and into the wall with a resounding thud. As the oldest sibling, Temari watched on in terror, the youngest son of the Fourth Kazekage approached Kankuro.

    "We may be blood related but that is all. If you ever put your hands on me again, I will kill you." Gaara said and from the look in his eyes, both Kankuro and Temari knew it wasn't a joke or even a threat. Gaara meant every word of it down to the last syllable. What had started out as a simple disagreement over Gaara refusing to heed the orders that his older siblings made out to him had turned out to be yet another episode of trying not to push Gaara too far.

    "N-No problem, Gaara! I won't touch you ever again. I swear it. S-Sorry."

    Acknowledging Kankuro's apology with only the briefest of glances, Gaara made his way out of the room slamming the door behind him.

    "His outbursts aren't becoming less frequent. If anything they're becoming more so. We can't keep going on like this. We're walking on eggshells every second we're around him." Temari muttered as she helped Kankuro to his feet. "I know, I know. But what the hell are we supposed to do, Temari? He's got it inside of him. The second we push him too far, we're gone. The best we can do is try not to annoy him too much before the final details for the plan are laid out."

    He snarked as he wiped off any sand that might have still been on his person. It wasn't nice saying it out loud that you were terrified of your younger brother but with Shukaku being locked away in Gaara and just the rough past he had in general, it didn't add up to a very stable mentality. "Let's just worry about surviving that long, Kankuro."

    Unaware of the talk his siblings were having about him, Gaara had made his way to the roof of the building that he and his siblings called home. Glancing down at the bustling streets below, his eyes narrowed. "It's been far too long since I've felt alive. Since I've killed." When these chuunin exams rolled around, that'd all change. No matter who got in his way, be it his siblings, or enemy genin. He'd kill anyone who stood in his path. But the sand ninja wouldn't get too much time to reflect on it as his vision was suddenly replaced with distorted imagery similar to what had appeared on Err and Ignignokt's TV/timeline disruptor.


    "GAAAAAAAH! WHAT'S HAPPENING!? MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!!!" He screamed which caught the attention of Kankuro and Temari. Was the beast inside him acting up again? Did they have to warn their sensei? Exchanging brief glances between the two of them, they raced to the roof. If they had gone and got their sensei, it might have given the beast too much time to influence Gaara even further than it already has. Kicking down the door that lead to the roof, both Sand Siblings quickly rushed in.

    "Gaara!" But much to their surprise and growing fear, Gaara was gone. "This isn't good. Not at all. If he's out there alone with it in control, who knows what it'll do. We have to go warn sensei!" Temari exclaimed. Where had Gaara gone off too?

    *insert blake's response here as I'mma let you get a chance to crank out your own reply once you get the chance.*

    As both faunus and sand ninja were plucked from their respective universes, they'd both wake up in different sections of a third universe that had been randomly chosen out of a infinite amount of choices. Blake might have felt more comfortable with who she had ended up with as she awoke and found herself in what appeared to be an average looking kitchen area. The only difference was that there were little kitten like creatures all pressed up in Blake's grill.

    "Is she alive?" "Is she human?" "She looks like a Kaka with the ears but how come she's dressed like that? I don't know!" The creatures all came up with their own suggestions but before Blake could voice her own 2cents, the sound of a door opening could have been heard and a much taller version of these cat creatures strolled in, holding what appeared to be a bowl of milk. Upon seeing this new entity, the smaller creatures quickly began jumping around in joy. "Tao's back! Tao's back!"

    "Mrrow! I sure am! Enough milk for one, two, three, four and me!" The one known as Tao stated adamantly as she set the bowl of milk down on a table. But before she could dig in, one one of the smaller creatures tugged at her hoodie. "What about our new friend, Tao? Doesn't she get some milk?" "Oh! Tao didn't see you there, mreow! Pleasure to meet you!"


    As for where Gaara ended up, well pray for the poor soul who had the misfortune of stumbling across him. Rubbing his eyes, Gaara found himself on what appeared to be the roof of a building. But it wasn't like any building Gaara had ever seen before. In fact this didn't seem like Sungakure at all! Had he been kidnapped? Were the ones who had taken him here responsible for those headache inducing sights he had seen before blacking out? Before he could hypothesize any further, he was greeted by a rather obnoxious welcome.

    "AH! I'm glad to see you are awake! It was not easy carrying you with that heavy gourd strapped to your back, young one! But have no fear! You are safe as long as you stand in the presence of the hero of Ikaruga, the protector of justice, BANG SHISHIGAMI!" Gaara wasn't too impressed to say the least and let out a menacing growl. "Where am I?!" Sand began to seep out of the gourd and snaked it's way towards Bang.

    "That's an excellent question my friend! Why I was scouting the city and found your prone form unconscious in the middle of a dirty alleyway. It'd be a great grievance against my spotless record if I were to leave you there unattended to! So here you stand now beside me!" Bang was so busy explaining that he hadn't noticed the sand looming over him.


    "So that's what's within your gourd. Fascinating. How is it that you make the sand move like that?" Bang asked, genuinely unaware of the threat to his life that Gaara was posing. Wanting answers and wanting them now, the sand swung downwards to try and grab Bang. But the ninja was too quick and instead only got one of his legs grabbed as Gaara held him upside down.

    "Tell me where I am or you'll die. Simple as that."

    Frantically waving his hands to show he meant no harm to Gaara, Bang quickly decided that giving this strange sand-manipulating boy the answers he sought was a much better alternative than dying.

    "My boy, you are in the territory of the Novus Orbis Librarium or the NOL! Otherwise known as a tyrannic ruling system that I wager my life in fighting every day!"

    What? The NOL? What was this fool talking about? That didn't sound like any village Gaara had ever heard of. All this thinking wasn't doing wonders for him however and smashing Bang down against the floor, the sand receded away and back into Gaara's gourd as he turned to walk off. "I'll find out more on my own."

    This 'Hero of Justice' aggravated Gaara and would have only impeded his progress in finding answers in this damn place. Which was why of course that Bang after sitting up from being smacked down watched as Gaara made his way off. Wary of angering the boy further with that sand of his, Bang decided that he'd keep a watchful eye over him from the rooftops and the shadows! No one, not even one as apparently misguided as this boy would fall to any harm while under the ever vigilant watch of BANG SHISHIGAMI!

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  2. Blake Belladonna was many things. faunus, activist, ninja, huntress, and friend to her teammates. There wasn’t a better huntress in the school when it came to catching foes grimm or otherwise unawares, and when she wanted to be, she was one of the most attentive and intelligent students in her classes. But even her patience had its limits, and there was one subject she just could not seem to grasp. History fascinated her. Grimm Studies were necessary, if the lectures long winded. Combat Practicals fed her adrenaline and kept her skills sharp and lethal.

    But dust theory…

    Maybe it was just the teacher. She was even more long winded than Port but with none of the enthusiasm. Or maybe it was the fact that Blake’s only use of the substance was as ammo or tied in with her semblance, and not for the magic people like Weiss used. Or maybe it just wasn’t a good subject for her. Whatever the reason, it was just that one class that she could not keep her head up in. And the one class she couldn’t compete with Weiss in grades-wise.

    Surprisingly, Weiss took far more umbrage with that than Blake herself did, and had just dragged her out of their dorm after classes today to the library, muttering something along the lines of ‘not letting you ruin our average along with the dorks’ or something to that effect. It was tutoring time. And honestly, it was almost adorable to see the normally prim and calm heiress so… animated about a subject. And Blake tried, she really, really tried to focus.

    But freaking dust theory man

    She couldn’t help it. Her eyes were slowly glazing over the page as she tried to keep up with the seemingly mindless numbers and theories Weiss was throwing at her until it was all just one big mush in her brain. Who cared if green and blue dust had to be refined at different temperatures? What possible effect on her life was it going to have that purple dust crystals formed in stalagmites while red dust formed in star shapes? It was over. She was done, as her eyes slooooowly started to close…

    Ex-cuse me Belladonna!? Are you actually about to fall asleep in the middle of my tutoring?

    They snapped right back open as Blake shot up in her chair. “No ma’am.”

    Weiss faltered out of her narrowed eyes of suspicion at that. “...Did… did you just call me ma’am?

    Blake stared for a moment as her brain caught up with her mouth, and she slowly licked her lips as she weighed the options for her response before she shrugged.


    *Awkward staring intensified.*

    Weiss broke off first with a frustated grunt as she rubbed at her eyes. “Ok. We clearly need a break. Get your gear, we'll do some more dust practicals with your semblance to at least give you something to visualize.” She said as she pushed herself up and out of her chair.

    ...Ok then. You do know I already know how to do that right?” Blake asked with a mild blink.

    Yes, but this time we’re doing it for homework. I’ll expect you to take notes and refer to what we’ve talked about here, assuming you remember any of it” The heiress muttered flatly as she turned on her heel to stalk for the gym.

    You make it sound so fun” Blake deadpanned. She sighed and quietly slipped out of her own chair to follow, and a few minutes later both had finished in the locker room and were walking onto the arena floor in the gym before Blake frowned and turned to leave. “err. One sec.

    Weiss glanced over with an arched eyebrow that was far too loaded with the obvious question for her to need to say it out loud.

    Blake just shrugged. “Sometimes even ninjas need to go

    The heiress rolled her eyes. “ugh. Fine, but please make it snappy, we don’t have all day!” she snapped.

    “I’m sure Zwei would be devastated if you missed six o’clock playtime” Blake snarked with a smirk over her shoulder. The heiress just stared dully at her in response as she left, and Blake couldn’t help but roll her eyes as she rounded the corner back to the locker rooms.

    Weiss sighed and leaned against the wall dividing the bleachers from the arena floor, one foot planted against the wall itself as her fingers drummed along her arms while she waited.

    Five minutes after Blake left she frowned and checked her scroll.

    Ten minutes after Blake left she scowled and pushed off it to stalk over to the locker rooms herself. “For god’s sake Blake are you alright or just slow?!

    Ten minutes and thirty seconds after Blake left she realized Blake wasn’t in the bathroom at all.

    ....Well if you didn’t want to spend time with me you could of just said so, in all of my-” A severely irritated and moderately self conscious heiress stalked out of the gym after that, completely unaware that she wasn’t going to find the faunus no matter where she looked.


    Her head hurt. She hadn’t even made it to the bathroom, just collapsed in a heap outside the door as the surprised and painful sensation overwhelmed her with a quiet whimper of shock…


    When she awoke, it was with a groan that never made it out of her throat, her ears and other senses slightly aware that wherever she was, there was movement around her. She slowly cracked one eye open, some remnant pain still skittering across her thoughts as she saw...


    Little faunus kids in ridiculous matching outfits and incredibly shadowy faces?

    ...what the f**k?

    She slowly sat up when she felt relatively assured that she wasn't in danger of being immediately murdered, but was far quicker to bounce right to her feet when the new voice and obviously much older faunus bounced in. Sure, she looked even more ridiculous and, um, apparently talked in the third person, but still.

    When she announced that her purpose was to demonstrate her ability to count and to drink milk though, Blake just sorta frowned and lost her combative stance, and after a few awkward seconds slowly raised a hand.


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  3. Taokaka tilted her head in curiosity at Blake's meek reaction. As did the other four Kakas! Setting the bowl of milk down onto the table, the one apparently known as Tao motioned for the other four fun-sized kakas to dig in. Now having her full attention on Blake, Tao interpreted her holding up her hand as sort of signal to wave and she did so gleefully. "Hi to you too, Bow Lady! I'm Tao of the Kaka Clan! What brings you here?"

    "She just appeared out of nowhere, Tao!"

    "Yeah, just like..Like.."

    "Poof!" One of the younger Kakas put simply as she held her hands apart from eachother. "Poof." The four said in unison as Tao nodded sagely.

    "Tao is familiar with people poofing! Scruffy Man does it a lot! Do you know Scruffy Man, Bow Lady?"

    As Tao began her innocent questioning of Blake, Gaara wasn't exactly winning hearts and minds as he searched for answers. Walking through the streets with looks like his earned him frightened looks and people making sure to steer clear of the eyebrowless boy who seemed like he meant business. All the while Bang continued to trail him from the roofs above. Watching as Gaara continued unimpeded, Bang stroked his chin and thought to himself.

    "If this stranger will not heed my words, perhaps I can lead him to one who can!" Bang then slammed his fist into the palm of his hand and holding his right hand out infront of him in a rather flamboyant fashion, he bellowed to the heavens above.

    "STRANGER! YOU SEEK ANSWERS! I KNOW OF ONE WHO HAS SEARCHED THESE PARTS FAR LONGER THAN I! I SHALL TAKE YOU TO THEM AT ONCE IF YOU WILL ALLOW ME!" But as Bang finished his dramatic prose, Gaara had ignored it and simply continued on his way. "Perhaps a more direct approach is what this one needs.." Bang mused as he leaped from the rooftop and landed directly in Gaara's path. "Halt Stranger! I understand your hesitance in trusting someone in a foreign land but I know someone who can help you!"


    Bang flashed Gaara a winning smile as if that'd seal the deal.

    "Don't waste any more of my time blabbering then. Lead me to them."

    "Heh. It would be my honor as a hero of justice! FOLLOW ME, STRANGER!"

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  4. "The... what clan?" Blake asked with a hesitant frown as she lowered her hand, still confused all to hell as to what was going on here.

    "Are we on Menagerie?" She knew the homeland had some more rural areas, maybe she'd... been dragged to a cult or... something.​
  5. [​IMG]

    "The Kaka Clan, silly Bow-Lady!" Tao said as she stared at Blake like she had spontaneously grown a third head.

    The other Kakas soon joined into the weird look at the mention of Menagerie.

    "Menager-what? Never heard of it! But if you just poofed here, maybe Scruffy Man can help you, Bow Lady!"

    With the Dynamic Duo, Bang was still leading through Gaara through the city to Bang's apparent source.

    "You're wasting my patience, fool. Where is this source of yours?" The sand ninja growled and Bang turned and quickly waved a hand to try and calm Gaara down. "We will be there within a moment's notice, Stranger! You have the word of Bang Shishigami!" Before Gaara could respond, a thud could have been heard and Gaara slowly turned his head towards the entity that had bumped into him.

    "Master Shishigami! I found you-eeep!"

    "I don't like the way you're staring at me. It makes me want to kill you..."


    "Master Bang! Help!"

    "Carl! Alright that's gone on long enough, Stranger! I was going to assist you but if you threaten the lives of my students than you've incurred my wrath! THE WRATH OF BANG SHISHIGAMI!"

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  6. Oh. Apparently they didn't teach Geography in the Kaka clan .-.

    "...Sure. Why not." she finally said with a small shrug, surreptitiously checking that she was still armed as she motioned for Taokaka to lead on. She had a pretty good feeling that if she wanted to figure out where the hell she was and what was going on she wasn't going to learn it with these... fine people.
  7. "Mreow! That's the spirit, Bow-Lady! C'mon!" Tao said as she quickly skipped out the door and motioned for Blake to follow. Once Blake did so, Tao lead her out into an alleyway where the sounds of things being smashed began to sound out through the area and children's screams were heard.

    "Ooh! Sounds like Scruffy Man got himself in a fight again! Let's go see, Bow Lady!" :3 Tao exclaimed as she continued in the direction of the noise with quite a bit of pep in her step.

    At the scene Carl had been running as far as he possibly could as Gaara's sand lashed out at him. The sand smashed into whatever buildings were unfortunate enough to be in the way. This child had looked at him the wrong way and for that he was going to die.

    Bang didn't want harm to come to either of these two due to his 'good guy' nature, and rushing forward he tried to tackle Gaara from behind.

    "Stop this! No good will come out of this violence! Colleagues should not combat eachother!"

    Not even bothering to look over his shoulder as Bang made his mood, more sand poured out of the gourd and lashing upwards gripped Bang's feet. Yanking the ninja off his feet, Gaara sought to fling him into a wall before turning his attention back to Carl.

    "Your voice had already grown irksome. But if you continue to meddle in me dealing with this child, then you'll just have to die too."

    Peeking from around a nearby corner, Tao's eyes narrowed and she hissed. "Oooh! Sand Guy is beating up Scruffy Guy! Someone ought to teach him a lesson, Bow Lady!"

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  8. Well. At least one of them was having fun.

    She sighed and followed after, and her yes squinted slightly as they readjusted to the light outside.


    Kagatsuchi was a huge city to say the least. Even from here, Blake could see the towers of the N.O.L. headquarters poking from the center of the metropolis, and it was obvious it dwarfed even Beacon in size.

    Seriously. Where the hell was she?

    All those thoughts came to a stop when some little girl's screams cracked through the sky nearby, and when Taokaka turned to talk, the faunus ninja was already gone, a quick leap to the side followed by semblance dashes between the walls of the buildings, a quick chain of black and purple blurs that ended with a roll atop the roof before she sprinted off in the direction of the violence.

    She crouched down and peered over the side of the nearest roof when she arrived, eyes narrowed at the scene below, quick eyes calm and analytical as she took stock of what was going on. One guy in a ridiculous ninja costume pulling himself out of the rubble of a wall. One guy who's semblance seemed to be controlling sand. A little girl-


    little boy who seemed to be the second guys target.

    Her eyes were slightly less calm now.

    She wasn't sure who was who in this situation, but she knew a scared kid when she saw one. She couldn't just sit here and watch while this guy terrified and potentially hurt the poor little guy, and so she took a deep breath, stood up, and stepped off the side of the building.

    Gambol shroud was in her hand before she was anywhere near the ground, and it was with silent grace she landed behind the sand ninja and positioned her sword just behind him before she finally made a sound, her voice laced with quiet threat

    "Why don't you calm down a bit."
  9. Carl stayed put right where he was even as Blake jumped down behind Gaara. He had no idea who this guy controlling the sand was and with that look in his eyes, he really didn't want to. Brushing himself clear of any debris that may have landed on him as a result of being hurled through a building, Bang watched in surprise at Blake's sudden appearance. Another new challenger to add to the melting pot which was at the moment very much overflowing with tension.

    Gaara wasn't the least bit intimidated by the faunus ninja's abrupt arrival. But at the request for him to calm down, he clutched at his head as he stumbled forward a bit. Memories came flooding back such as his uncle, Yashimaru often begging him to be kinder to the other children even as they called him a freak and prodded him.

    "Gaara, please control yourself."

    "Gaara, please calm yourself."

    "Gaara, please stop."

    "UGH!" Gaara's eyes closed for a brief moment as he winced in pain at the painful memories. But catching himself he'd pull the sand back from Carl and silently returned it back to his gourd.

    Watching as the situation was finally defused Bang warily made his way towards those gathered. "The hero of justice and protector of Ikaruga thanks you for your assistance, one who wears a bow. I am-"

    "SCRUFFY MAN!" :D Tao quickly rushed towards Bang and leaped onto the ninja's shoulders causing him to nearly topple over before he straightened himself. "Tao! My most successful pupil and partner in delivering justice wherever it is necessary! Also, the same source I've wanted to seek out!" Bang exclaimed before gesturing to Blake and then to Gaara who still kept his distance from the group and a hand held to his head. "Forgive me saying this but both of you seem rather...Well, I can't exactly put my finger on the word I'm looking for." The ninja stroked his chin as he tried to think of the words.

    "Weird looking?"

    "Odd?" Carl added as he side-stepped Gaara and made his way behind Bang.

    "Those are all far too rude and too direct! But I suppose they're still fitting all the same. Do you two hail from the same land?"

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  10. That day Blake had no idea how brazenly she'd flirted with death

    The faunus gave a slow, somber nod as Gaara seemed to calm down somewhat after his admittedly bizarro reaction to her threat. She slid Gambol back into its sheathe, though kept her hand on the hilt for now as she took stock of the situation again.

    Large city she didn't recognize. Four people who dressed like only other hunters usually ever would, because that sure as hell wasn't military gear. One of which had already demonstrated a semblance in the sand ability, though apparently he wasn't local either.

    At the questions, she really couldn't do much other than stare blankly at all three of them. Seriously, the shirtless ninja, neko pajamas moron, and tiny magician cosplayer thought she looked weird?"

    "I'm from Vale most recently. I'm finding it seriously hard to believe that you don't know how I ended up in your kitchen though" she finally replied with a mildly suspicious glare at Taokaka. "But where is here? Is this Atlas?" It didn't look anything like how she'd heard it described to be honest, but it seemed to be too... big for Mistral, and it wasn't hot enough for them to be in Vacuo, so...

    "And I have no idea who this guy is. I tend not to make a habit of holding swords to my friends' backs" She added off hand with shrug and a glance in the other newcomer's direction, not exactly forgetting in the spam of ten seconds that the psychopath had just been attacking this random kid
  11. Tao huffed and gave a rather petulant shake of her head at the accusation lobbied at her. "Tao wouldn't lie! You just poofed in! Just like the Sand Man did! Or so Tao thinks anyway. But Tao's usually right!" She said before blowing a raspberry Blake's way.

    "Now, now there is no need for that, Tao! Blowing raspberries is never the proper course of action that a student of Bang Shishigami should take! But I do believe my student may be onto something. The one with the gourd upon his back 'poofed' as it were into a random alleyway when I came across him in my patrolling. As for where you are? This is Kagatsuchi. I'm afraid I've not heard of this Vale you speak of. Tao, Carl?"

    "Noooope! Even if I did, Bow Lady was being pretty mean to Tao, mreow!" 3:<

    "Sorry miss, I've not heard of it either. I really wish I could do more to help considering you might have saved my life." Carl said as he dragged the tip of his shoe along the ground.

    "Unfortunate indeed. But do not fret, one who hails from Vale! We will find the answers you seek! I stake it on my honor as hero of justice!" Bang exclaimed triumphantly. Even if he didn't really have a clue of where to go. But honor and all that would see him and his comrades prevail! Now, who did Bang know that could possibly have an idea to explain two people that obviously didn't look like they belonged just randomly poofing into different parts of the city?

    "Kokonoe!" The three exclaimed in unison. "I believe if anyone will have the answers she will. She's quite intelligent. Even if she hides it behind a thick wall of attitude. I'm sure once she hears your plight, you'll be on your way back to Vale in no time!" Carl was more than pleased to have a chance to repay Blake for saving him from Gaara. They just had to find Kokonoe and everything would be alright. But then that meant the mean looking sand-man would have to tag along as well.

    But much to Carl's relief and Bang's surprise, Gaara had other plans. Overcoming the headache Blake had given him as a result of stirring up memories that didn't do wonders for the sand ninja's already fragile mental stability, he started off on his own.

    "Stranger, hold! Do you not wish to find the answers you seek and return home?!" Bang called after him to which Gaara stopped in his tracks but slowly turned to give a rather chilling death glare at those assembled.

    "I'll find answers on my own as I had desired to do from the start. You're free to do whatever you wish, I don't care. Just know that if you interfere with me again as the one with the bow did?"


    "I'll kill every last one of you."

    He'd growl as a chill wind fittingly followed suit with Gaara's threat as he continued on his way and eventually disappeared around a corner.

    "Hmph! Sand Man thinks he's all scary for a little kid! But what's really scary is that he doesn't have any eyebrows! Nyeh!" She'd say not at all bothered by Gaara's threat. She had been threatened before and it wasn't going to get her from some twelve year old with sand. Carl on the other hand was absolutely terrified of Gaara's threat. "I-It's that look in his eyes that scares me.."

    Bang nodded understandingly, admittedly a bit chilled by Gaara's casual threat to all of their lives. "For one as young as he appears to be having eyes like those is terribly disconcerting. I do not know what that boy may have gone through but it clearly effected him quite heavily. Carl? Tao? Do not leave our group. If you were to run into that boy by yourself, I fear what could happen." Bang would have extended that warning to Blake but even without knowing her for too long, he just knew she could hold her own. "But we've let him delay us for long enough, let's continue on to find Kokonoe." Bang then raced off assuming the others would soon follow suit.

    "Tao doesn't know what Scruffy Man is so worried about! Sand Man doesn't seem so tough! Tao knows her way around some sand!" She giggled before following after her scruffy sensei leaving Carl alone with Blake. "Um, Miss? I-I know it's probably a lot to ask and I don't want to seem like a burden or anything. But do you think you'd be able to stop that boy with the sand if he tries attacking us again?"

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  12. Blake's brow furrowed in befuddlement as the others talked. "You... don't know where Vale is? and I've never heard of Kagatsuchi."

    So, she was in a massive city where so far none of the denizens had been aware of any of the five kingdoms, that she couldn't remember ever seeing on a map of Remnant.

    What the hell.

    She listened in surprisingly meek silence as the others tried to figure out what to do, at this point completely lost as to what was going on. When they had their epiphany, she just shrugged and offered a weak smile as she finally started to let go of Gambol's hilt. "Well... lead on then. Not as if I have any other idea what to do."

    Of course her hand immediately flew to it again as Gaara addressed them, and she watched with a silent, calm glare until the sand ninja had fully walked out of sight, before she growled slightly and slowly let go of her weapon and quietly muttered her response.

    "I'd like to see you try."

    She finally turned back to the others, though her ears strained to make sure they didn't miss any strange sounds from the direction the sand ninja had left, and she just nodded quietly before they started on their way. As Carl spoke, she cracked her first smile since arriving, a soft and amused look as she shrugged and started off to follow the (other) cat and the (other) ninja. "Don't worry about it. I'm a huntress, its our job to protect people. My team leader would kill me if I didn't protect people like you. She might even ban me from dessert if she was really mad." She added with a wry grin at herself...


    Jesus. Wherever she was, she knew it wasn't anywhere near the others. How were they taking her absence? Did they have any better idea what happened than she did? Were they worried? ...had they even noticed



    If nothing else Weiss was impressed at how loud two sisters in unison could be @_@, and it was doing nothing to help her own miserable mood.


    She sighed morosely, slowly rising mood immediately shot, but her resolve to at least figure out where the hell she was had doubled. If she couldn't do it with pure geography, maybe it was time to finally put some of Port's lessons to use. certain grimm were only indigenous to certain areas, so...

    "So, what kind of Grimm do you guys have to deal with around here?"
  13. As the psychotic sand ninja and faunus huntress went their separate ways with their own problems, in a realm situated in between time and space, another entity was having his own fair share of problems.


    Heavy distortion and blurring was what the overseer of the timestreams garnered from the universes that Blake and Gaara had come from respectively. "This is not natural. Not at all. Most timelines usually have some sort of logic or reason behind whatever distortions they may be suffering from. But distortions as blurry as these are far too rare for there not to be another power at work. Two entities that are central to the natural progression of their respective universes have been removed and placed in a universe that is not their own. If this is not cleared up in a timely manner, important events that revolve around these two beings will not come to fruition and splinter timelines will began to pop up as a result. Then more and more would arise and my workload would increase by around fifty percent or so as these splinter universes could end up reaching unfortunate conclusions which I would have to go out of my way to mend. That is not satisfactory in the least. I have to correct this as soon as possible. If the situation is not as dire as I believe, I should simply be able to find the foreign universe these two have ended up in, remove them, and place them back in their home universe." The overseer mused as he reached forward to do just that only for an invisible barrier to erect and block his claw from getting any closer to the timestream.


    "Distortion Barrier. Typical side-effect of ripples or changes in a universe's timelines. Come up to prevent the distortion from being mended and the universes set to the way they were. With enough experience they're easily shattered. Thankfully, I just so happen to have a sufficient amount to open it. But unfortunately, I've not received permission from my superiors to interfere myself. The situation apparently hasn't been considered dire enough. What they fail to see is that if this is not dealt with before it gets too late, the distortion barriers will multiply and even I will have a hard time breaking through. But as with everything, one can always find a loophole." Glancing to another universe, the overseer dug his claw into that particular section of the timestream and after some quick browsing pulled his claw back out. Suddenly there would be six other figures in the room with the Overseer. Not wanting to waste any more time, the Overseer turned towards them and began to speak.

    "Believe me when I say I firmly understand if you have some confusion on why and how you've been placed here. I imagine you'd also like to put a name to the entity that has brought all six of you here. There isn't much room in the time-table for idle conversation but for identification purposes, you may refer to me as Frank. I've chosen you out of an entire universe's amount of warriors because after a brief analysis, I believe you're up to the task I've laid out for you. Which is a search and retrieval. Behind me is something known simply as the Timestream. It's made up of every universe that's ever existed at some point in time. My job is to keep balance within the various universes and this includes yours. A very key figure has been removed from your universe through means that I've yet to deduce. This has created a heavy distortion in the timestream and if not dealt with soon, splinter timelines of what could have been and what will be will fraction off from the main universe and things will become unbalanced and my job is made that much harder as a result. So, I bring you an offer. Accomplish the task I ask of you and I'll do a little bending of the rules and keep open a splinter timeline where you six succeed in your goals. Your ideal world as it were but without all the fuss of having to go out of your way to achieve it. I know with a mentality such as yours being that you believe yourself to be God, I doubt you'll see much use in my offer at first. But think of it in the manner of another very well accepted religious figure. You appear in this timeline and all of your subjects's prayers are answered. To them it will be undeniable proof that there truly is a god and you'll be worshiped even more than you are in the main universe. So with that knowledge under your belt, do you accept?"

    "If we are to be lead that all of what you said is true then you'll give us a world where our achievements have come to fruition? Where in the eyes of the common man, woman, and child, God has pulled through and kept to his word? It's an interesting enough offer and worth investigating. But allow me to just make one thing very clear, Frank. Do not presume to hand out orders at your whim. I am God, not an overzealous errand boy. As long as that is made clear, I have no objections to the task you've asked of me."

    While one obviously couldn't tell due to the mask that Frank wore, he did seem rather pleased that his deal had been accepted. Extending a claw out as if to suggest a handshake, he'd immediately lower it upon noticing the looks that gesture had earned him.

    "My apologies for the abrupt gesture. Of course one such as I am not worthy enough to shake the hands of God himself. Though I must admit that if we're both being serious with each other, one could consider my superiors to be Gods as well. So while you may be the almighty being in your own universe, in the grand scheme of things there is an appropriate saying to describe one such as you. I believe it goes along the lines of a small fish in a big ocean and I suggest you keep that in mind. But now that we're both agreed, I'll explain the task. I'm going to send you to the universe that the two beings I mentioned earlier have been dropped into. I want you to find them and I'll be watching your progress from here. Upon your arrival, I'll mentally upload the images of the beings you're supposed to look out for and once you've obtained them I'll open up a portal to allow you to bring them back here to me. Do you have any questions before you depart?"

    "For your sake I'll ignore that passive aggressive threat you slipped into your words. I suggest you work on your subtlety while you wait for me to accomplish my task. As for my questions I have but two. The first one being if you care about collateral damage in my search to obtain these two entities."

    "I'd prefer you'd keep the damage to a minimal but with your abilities, I suppose I'll be fine with whatever you can manage. What was the second one?"

    "What sort of power do you posses that allows you to stand so brazenly before a god in such a ridiculous bunny suit?"

    This question actually seemed to catch Frank's attention and with a small tilt of his head to the side, a small chuckle could have been heard coming from him as he responded.

    "I suppose I could respond to that with a query of my own. Why does one who proclaims to be God wear the suit of a man?"

    As silence began to fill Frank's domain, he chuckled once more as his left eye began to glow and a portal slowly began to open.

    "Heh, heh. I had a feeling that would be the question that stumped you. If you do think of an answer I'd prefer you share it when you accomplish your task. I'll think of one myself in between taking your advice and working on my subtlety. Be off, then."


    Receiving the glares he assumed correctly that he'd get, Frank watched quietly as the one who labeled himself so boldly as God stepped through the portal. Upon it's closure, Frank's eye ceased it's glowing and he'd turn his attention back to the Timestream. Hopefully his gambit paid off or else things could get very unfortunate for all involved.

    "Idiot!" Baki roared as he gripped Kankuro by the collar and pulled the puppeteer ninja off his feet. "Do you have any idea what yours and your sister's shortsightedness has done to our plan? Without Gaara, our secret weapon has been lost! The power that Gaara wields within him is immense and in conjunction with the Sound Village, it would absolutely devastate our enemies in the Leaf. But you somehow managed to lose sight of your brother!" The jounin assigned to watch over the Sand Siblings also played a big part in the secret Sound-Sand village alliance against the Leaf. He was supposed to keep Gaara in check until the invasion began and then Shukaku would be released and crush the Leaf like the Nine Tailed Fox had so many years ago.

    "I didn't lose him! Neither did Temari! Now let go! You're hurting me!" Kankuro whined as Baki's aggravation only grew as a result. "I had believed that keeping Gaara with his two siblings would be a sufficent way of keeping him in check until the proper time rolled around but I should have known better than to believe in you, Kankuro. It's an issue that your father noticed as well. You accept responsibility but you fail to give it the proper respect that it deserves!"


    As Temari called out both Kankuro and Baki turned their eyes towards her. " Apologies for speaking out of turn Baki-Sensi, but Kankuro's telling the truth and I can vouch for him! The last time we saw Gaara, we had a disagreement and he stormed off after threatening to kill us. Do you still blame Kankuro?"

    Looking back and forth between Temari and Kankuro, Baki grunted and released Kankuro after a moment's hesitation. "Your father or our allies in the Sound cannot find out about Gaara's disappearance. We'll have to search for him ourselves. If word of this got out, it could endanger our plans and our alliance." Kankuro and Temari both nodded and Baki raced outside with the Sand Siblings following closely behind.

    "Damn it Gaara! You reckless little fool. Of all the times you had to cause a problem, it had to be now."


    "Such a catchy little tune and it just so happens that I eye-spy some pretty strange newcomers." There was no mistaking that slimeball snake voice that could most likely wilt any flowers that happened to be in the general vicinity if just due to the general malicious that the owner of the voice tried to hide. Peeking his head out of the shadows once both groups had gone their separate ways, Hazama finally decided to make himself known. He was generally pretty good at not being noticed and ooh boy the hate that kid with the gourd-shaped sandbox he lugged around on his box was absolutely out of this world! Also judging by how he reacted after little miss bowtie told him to take it down a notch, it seemed he was a few cards short of a full deck.

    "Hehehehehe, I think it's time 'ol Uncle Hazama introduced himself to one of this fine city's newest guests!" He snickered before making his way after Gaara while still making sure that the sand ninja didn't have a clue he was being tailed in the first place. He'd pay Bowtie a visit soon enough that was for sure!~

    As Gaara continued to walk the constant looks directed his way and as people moved to avoid him, he grew tired of it. But while he most certainly would have enjoyed finally getting a chance to spill some blood, fate had other designs for him as he continued on into an area that felt more 'homely' to him but was known as Area 28 to everybody else. It was also less well known for being the place where the entity known as Arakune liked to make his home. There were indeed less chatty people walking along the streets to annoy him here. But as Gaara walked, he could swear there was a distinct gurgling noise coming from a fair distance behind him. Giving a brief look over his shoulder, Gaara could still feel that there was an unwanted prescence here but he just couldn't put his finger on it.

    "If you wish to fight me than quit with the cowardly act and show yourself. I've no time for cowards who hide among the shadows instead of facing their enemies head on."

    The entity that had been trailing Gaara would indeed show itself. But whereas Gaara expected his opponent to be human what he got was something he couldn't even begin to describe.

    "What are you?" Ironic that the boy who had been treated as an outcast and a monster even by his own father was now asking something else what it was. Though one couldn't exactly blame Gaara in this case.

    "Hungry..sOOOO hungry. Nourish!!! FEED!!" Was what Gaara assumed the creature was saying but truthfully it came out far too distorted for the sand ninja to honestly understand what it was saying. But as sand seeped out of the gourd and Gaara prepared for battle, Hazama whistled as he watched.

    "Here I am about to get a first hand view of what my little unstable friend can do and without popcorn! Such are the miseries of life I suppose! But let's see if you're really worth my time!" He said while that same shit-eating smirk stayed plastered upon his face.

    "Grimm? I'm afraid that this is yet another foreign word to I. Though you have my respect for being a huntress! You do certainly radiate an air of mystery which I'm sure is to lure your enemies into a false sense of security so you can defeat them easier!" Bang complimented as the four-man, child, two cat girls group continued to make their way toward Kokonoe's laboratory.

    "I'd believe that. If the Sand Man picked a fight with you he wouldn't know what hit him!" Carl exclaimed with a blush at Blake's reassurances that she'd protect him and that he shouldn't worry.

    "AHA! Here we are! Kokonoe's Lab and still in one piece!" Bang noted proudly as he looked over Carl and Blake who looked none the worse for wear. But then he noted Tao who had collapsed to the ground. "Tao!" Quickly rushing over to her side, he cradled the Kaka in his arms as she felt limp. "Tao! Speak to me! It's your master, Bang Shishigami!"

    "Scruffy Man..? I-Is that you?"

    "Yes Tao! It is I! What is wrong? Were you injured and were just so dedicated to aiding this huntress in getting home that you put it aside?"

    "Scruffy Man..*cough*..Lean in closer."

    "Whatever it is Tao I'll listen! Please do not give up the good fight yet!" Bang pleaded as he leaned in.

    "Need...Fish...Really big one. Staaaaarving. ;~;"

    Before anyone had a chance to react to Tao's ridiculous fish-wanting, a rather annoyed voice could have been heard coming from behind the heavy steel door of the laboratory. As if on a loudspeaker.

    "Oh joy! It's the Kaka Clan member, the idiot, and the brat. Oh and some newcomer I don't know but I'm sure is part of a much bigger mess that I'm gonna have to clean up. Welcome! Just great.."

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  14. "...."

    Grimm? They didn't know what grimm were?!

    "...Am I even alive or is this some bizarre afterlife?" She muttered quietly, her whole worldview starting to go on tilt at how... not Remnant everything was around here. What the hell was going on?

    Before she could ponder that any farther though, she blinked once as they ended up at the... really shitty looking building. "Either this is was an entirely different lab from what I thought you meant, or I'm guessing your friend doesn't have friends in high places." She commented off hand. Her eyes skittered about, and after a few moments she felt more sure. It looked like a dump, but she'd managed to pick out at least one camera, and there were probably plenty more hiding around, and this entrance looked like a nasty spot for an ambush if you got stuck here-


    she hesitantly raised a hand in concern when Taokaka collapsed and


    Jeez. Was she ever that bad? disregarding that one time with the super-tuna that didn't count

    All of a sudden the voice came through, and while she didn't jump, her eyesbrows did shoot up for a moment at the suddenness and, well, rudeness of the voice on the other end. "...Hi. And hopefully, sorry about that."
  15. The Six Paths of Pain stepped through the portal Frank had crafted for them earning them awed looks from any civilians who happened to be nearby. Just as Frank had promised upon arrival, images of Blake and Gaara were uploaded into their minds. While the Paths had no idea who the hell Blake was, they recognized Gaara. But he was far younger than the Gaara they knew and killed. They wouldn't have minded doing the same to him here but if the entity in the rabbit costume kept to his word, the Paths would be taken to a world where all the beasts had been collected and divided up between the villages to act as deterrents for war. Once they had destroyed each other no one would want to ever experience war anymore.

    The Six Paths of Pain (open)

    "Spread out. The quicker we find the younger incarnation of the Kazekage and this other entity who adorns herself with a bow-tie, the quicker we'll be able to reach our ideal world." The Deva Path issued to the other paths who nodded and quickly raced off. The Deva Path turned towards the citizens and rolling up his sleeves, he spread his feet apart.

    All of the Paths had different abilities. The Animal Path was rather self-explanatory as it only dealt with summons, the Human Path could read minds and remove the souls of whoever were unfortunate enough to get grabbed. The Deva Path was probably the most unique in that it could manipulate gravity and repel/attract. This was how he managed to devastate the whole of the Leaf Village with just one attack. He intended to do the same here with Kagustuchi. Floating up into the air, he glanced down at all the citizens who were understandably concerned about what the hell this guy in a cloak was doing floating up in the air.

    It was sudden and not many people got a chance to escape as the attack pretty much slaughtered anyone caught in the general vicinity. Debris was sent flying high into the atmosphere and people were disintegrated on the spot. At Kokonoe's lab, cracks could have been seen spreading along the ground and a massive shockwave nearly caused the heroes to topple over. Tao quickly forgot about her fish-induced hunger and leaped into Bang's arms scooby-doo style and yelped in fear.


    With Blake's enhanced faunus hearing, she could have heard sirens and alarms going off like it was the 4th of July inside the laboratory. A large portion of the city had just vanished and she was pretty damn sure she was a genius because she put two and two together and assumed that loud shockwave she had just heard might have had something to do with it.

    "Oh for crying out loud-JUST C'MON!" Kokonoe yelled as the door slid open and still cradling Tao in his arms, Bang rushed inside as Carl quickly followed suit. Once Blake did the same, the door slammed shut behind them.

    "I dunno what it is. But it just seems that trouble follows you idiots wherever you go. Well, this time it affected a good chunk of the goddamn city!"

    As the woman behind the voice finally revealed herself, she walked in and tossed a fish toward Tao. Quickly leaping from Bang's arms, she grabbed the fish and munched on it like there was no tomorrow.

    "Yeah, yeah. Just eat it and shut your trap. So, I see you have some stranger here who clearly doesn't seem like she belongs. Then you come and find me to solve the problem and figure out how to get her home and then someone wipes out half of the city in one-go. Stop me if I'm wrong at any point here. Is there any one else here that doesn't seem like they belong?" Kokonoe asked as she turned her computers and slumped into a seat. "Sorry if I come off a bit bitchy, you just get fed up with huge ass problems being flung your way. Kokonoe. Who might you be?" She asked turning towards Blake.

    The Deva Path's aftermath (open)

    Landing down on the ground and noticing the huge crater that his attack had left in his wake, he continued on to the other section of Kagatsuchi that hadn't been effected by his attack. The other Paths hadn't picked up Gaara or the other girl yet and being that they shared the same eyes, he was confident that the attack hadn't hurt them and Gaara was certainly resourceful enough to survive it.

    The other paths weren't having much and neither were the natives. The Asura Path had run across some poor folks who had seen a large part of the city wiped off the map and were trying to find some sanctuary only to bump into him.

    "Please, help us! I think Ragna the Bloodedge is on the loose again!"


    The Asura Path gave no vocal response and then gripped the innocent man by the neck and read his mind. He hadn't seen Gaara or the other girl. Useless. So as tribute he'd claim the man's soul and throwing the corpse to the ground, the Asura Path loomed towards the companion with hand raised menacingly.


    Arakune lunged forward, as his claw swung downwards and smashed against Gaara's sand wall. Gaara had no idea what this creature was. But it didn't matter. He was going to crush this monster. The sand quickly wrapped around the bone claw and from there it spread around the whole of Arakune.

    "Sand coffin!"

    The sand quickly closed in on Arakune causing him to shriek out in pain. Chunks of blob and insects flew everywhere, some of them even landing on Gaara. As the sand began to pull back however, Gaara was shocked to see it reforming and launching itself at him.

    "Sorry! I think you've gone on long enough!"

    It was just a blur of motion and quick slashes before the blobs splattered onto the floor with a sickening *plop!* Glancing up at who could have possibly moved with such speed, he'd see Hazama with black ooze all over him and extending a hand towards him.



    Ragna for his part was just making the rounds and keeping his head down. The Deva Path's attack on the city caught him off guard as it did everyone else.

    "Somehow shit always finds a way to get stirred up." At least he wasn't the cause of it this time. Making his way to a higher point to try and oversee the damage, his eyes shot open at the huge crater that was a bustling population sector of the city. It had now been reduced to rubble and all within the span of five minutes, give or take.

    "Whatever bastard was stupid enough to do something like that is gonna have to answer to me. They can count on it.."

    "Summoning Jutsu."

    "Eh? The hell is a jutsu-IS THAT A FLYING DOG?!" Ragna backpeddled as he quickly leaped back as the dog raced forward, it's jaws tearing a chunk out of the building that the Bloodedge had just been standing upon.


    "Where the hell did that dog come from!? Pretty sure I would have noticed the multi-headed flying dog running amok." Sparing another glance over at the crater, he idly wondered if it was behind that shockwave. But one of the Paths was happy to clear up this misconception.

    "You really should learn your place when addressing your betters. Especially when they're on a higher plane of importance than you could ever hope to achieve. Also, judging by your curious expression you're wondering if this beast was behind the destruction of a fair part of your city. You'd be mistaken. That wasn't the act of a mere savage beast. But an act of God."

    Oh for fuck's sake, another asshat who was on an egotrip? Ragna was pretty sure he was gonna have to start making a bingo chart. Well if he actually played bingo anyway.

    "Yeah yeah, you're almighty and I'm but a mere ant standing before a lion. Spare me the levity crap. You're saying you're the one responsible for that crater? You realize how many people you must have killed? How many lives you've ruined?"

    "All considerable losses to the population of this city I'm sure. But they were in the way of my search and those who stand in the way of God will be removed. You sound as if you've heard a mentality such as mine before. Surely you'd understand what I say then?"

    "I haven't met too many people who considered themselves, Gods no. But put themselves on the same level and were all around just arrogant assholes that had to be taken down a peg? Sure. As for understanding what you said? Feel free to correct me but it just sounded like 'kick my ass' ad nausuem. So how's about we cut with the bsing and get to that?"

    The Animal Path wasn't amused by Ragna's bluntness.

    "How crass. Very well then. Feel the weight of God's Judgement bare down on you." The dog let out a roar in unison with the other heads before it charged towards Ragna.

    Flashing a grin that could have very well been considered demonic ironically, Ragna drew his trusty sword known as Blood-Scythe and getting a running start, leaped towards the beast.



    As the Paths of Pain continued to search the city for any sign of Gaara/Blake, two lieutenants of the NOL were busy trying to get as many survivors of the Deva Path's attack to safety.

    "This is nerve-wracking, Makoto! What do you think could have the power to wipe out a large portion of the city like that?"

    "Beats the heck outta me, Noel! But we're not supposed to be just sitting around shooting theories off eachother. We've got a job to do!" Noel's Squirrely(in more ways than one! : D)Beast-Kin partner reminded her as they continued handing out supplies and escorting refugees into the direction of the impromptu camps that had been set up.

    "You're right Makoto but I'm just concerned! What if the being that did that shows up...Here." Oh she really had to learn to keep her curiosity to a minimum. >_<

    The Asura Path glanced around at it' s surroundings. Taking in the survivors tthat recoiled in terror from it's appearance as it wore the same cloak that the Deva Path did. AKA the Path that had leveled a good half of Kagatsuchi.

    "It's him! H-He's the one who caused that big shockwave! Who destroyed our homes and families!"

    The Asura Path wasn't too big on talking and merely kept it's sadistic grin up before raising it's left hand and aiming it in the direction of the refugees. If they recognized the Deva Path than they were survivors of the initial attack and so more chances for questioning. After some strong-armed intimidation of course as part of the hand slipped back to reveal a set of missiles.

    Both Makoto and Noel couldn't believe what they were seeing. Not the fact that the Asura Path could apparently fire missiles from it's hand. They had seen much stranger shit than that. But that it was apparently responsible for destroying a large chunk of their home and it had the balls to come back and try to finish the job.

    As the missiles were fired, nearly every single one was shot before they even made contact with any of the refugees. Turning to see what had happened the Asura Path was greeted with Noel staring down the sight of Bolverk and Makoto with her tonfas drawn.

    "Well? What the heck are you people standing around for?! If this guy could destroy part of a city whose to say what he could do to you!? Go on and get to where it's safe!"

    "B-But what about you and Miss Vermillion?!"

    "We're gonna kick this guy's ass until he doesn't know up from down! Now move! We've got this under control!" Yeah, under control. Between her and Noel they could totally take this guy. No problem. Totes.

    "Before we fight. I want to know something. Why. Why did you hurt all those people? What had they ever done to you to deserve such harsh punishment? All gone in the blink of an eye. Why!?"

    "Noel..The guy's obviously not gonna give us an answer for what he's done. It's just not like that for guys like him. Just focus on the battle-"

    "On the contrary. Your question and apparent dedication to these people interests me. So much so that I'll give you the answer you look for. I imagine you won't like it but that's up to you. I did it because it was my divine will."

    "Your 'Divine Will?'"

    "C'mon Noel! The guy's obviously cracked! Just start shooting and I'll do the hitting!"

    "Those not involved in conversations should otherwise keep their mouths shut unless directly spoken to." The Asura Path spoke as it leveled one eye towards Makoto. "I'm not a fan of using this Path for anything other than menial grunt work but yes. My will was to destroy that section of your city in my current task. You can question it and fight me as much as you'd like. But be it this universe or the next it doesn't change the simple fact that I am God and as such my decisions are above mortal judgement. Does this sate your curiosity?"

    "It does. Makoto? Get ready."


    "To bring this guy down to our level to pay for what he's done."

    "Heh. Good! I was getting antsy standing around and listening to you two talk!"

    "I predicted it'd come down to this and will adjust accordingly." The Asura Path then reached for it's cloak and pulling it off he'd reveal just how much his body had been modified.



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  16. It just seemed to be one thing after another with this world. If there wasn't some psychopathic kid trying to murder another kid with sand, there were tremors strong enough to leave cracks in the ground. Managing to steady herself, Blake quickly hurried in behind the others upon Kokonoe opening the door. Subconsciously reaching for Gambol Shroud as the door shut behind them and the rude chick from the loudspeaker started to make her way out of the shadows, any immediate tension was erased upon the woman who appeared to be yet another cat faunus tossed a fish Tao's way to calm her down.


    "Okay. I'm not going to comment on how degrading that feels. Not when there are more pressing matters." The ninja thought to herself as she just sort of slowly nodded once Kokonoe had finished speaking. "Blake Belladonna. Wish the circumstances we met could have been less life-threatening and I'm sorry about what happened to your city. This entire place has felt foreign to me since I-"

    "Poofed in! *munch munch*" Tao added helpfully.

    "..Right. I'm just as confused as you are and from what I can gather you're pretty much on point. There was another who apparently doesn't belong here. We didn't exactly have a warm introduction. Saw him trying to hurt this boy and I intervened. He freaked out, threatened to kill us if he saw us again and haven't seen him since. ..You don't think he was behind the earthquake do you?"

    Kokonoe seemed to mull over what Blake had told her and inputted a couple of buttons on her keyboard before turning back towards Blake.

    "I think it's pretty clear by how bewildered you appear to be, you've heard or seen some things that make it obvious this isn't where you belong. The fact that a homicidal sociopath decided to take an unscheduled trip here really lights a fire under my ass. As if this place needs any more of those types. But, no I don't think it was this guy you're talking about. What I think we're dealing with here is a time disruption erection."

    Alright. Blake would never call herself stupid but she did have to admit that phrasing kind of flew over her head.


    "..I've never really been in a situation like this before so if you don't mind explaining.." The ninja added sheepishly

    "Yeah, isn't exactly a common thing. I imagine what happened to the city was someone or something acting up because you and the other guy aren't supposed to be here. To put it in less scientific terms, the easiest I can explain it is think of you two as irregularities within a singularity which is this universe. You probably have a family, friends, that you'll go on some great adventures with or something I dunno. The other guy might go on to kill someone important or get the axe himself. Thing is? Those can't happen if you're not there to make them happen or be a part of them. This can lead to other timelines popping up and soon you have a whole cluster of shit that would have just been what-ifs if you were still there but now they're reality. Surprisingly reality isn't too keen on that kind of stuff happening willy nilly so now our universe is getting the shit kicked out of it and it'll keep getting wrecked until the two of you are returned back to where you belong. Did I lose you guys at any point during that?"

    "Did you understand any of that Master Shishigami?"

    "Hahahahaha! Of course I did, Carl! Your master understood every word!" Bang loudly proclaimed when in reality it was far from the truth. "I think my head is going to split open. Irregularities? Singularities? But I must keep up a noble front for Carl and Tao! It's my duty as their sensei of justice!"


    "Wow. You're so smart, Master Shishigami!"

    Pinching her brow in frustration at Bang's obvious lying which Carl was just eating right up, the Grimalkin snapped. Too much shit had gone down today for her to have any patience for Bang's antics.

    "WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP?! You lying to the brat isn't going to bring back the chunk of the city that was blown away and it's not going to get Blake home. I'd need more time but I could probably whip something that could send you back to whatever universe you're from. Before I can do that however you're gonna have to bring the other guy here."

    Blake couldn't exactly say she was too fond of Kokonoe's rudeness but she also sympathized. If she was apparently the one who everyone went to with their problems then she must have grown a small tolerance for stuff that didn't relate to the task at the hand. But what bother Blake the most was that she had no idea how the hell she had ended up in another universe. Sure, she supposed it explained why Bang and Carl and Tao didn't know of Menagerie/Vale/Atlas or even what Grimm were. The last thing Blake could remember was passing out and the flashing lights that played out in her mind before she woke up in the Kaka's kitchen.


    "Eh? What do you need? I'm gonna need all the time I can scrap up to build a device to send you two home. So not the best time for questions really."

    "Right, right. I was just wondering if you had any idea about what could have brought me and the boy here? I don't exactly think I've ever made enemies of someone who can manipulate time and reality." Unless the White Fang had gotten some ridiculously powerful recruits but somehow she doubted that. Actually taken aback by the question, Kokonoe rose up from her seat and began to pace around as her tail swished from side to side.

    "'Well if you don't have anyone within your universe that has the power to send you to a different dimension then it was most likely an outside force. Could have just been an entity with immense power just dicking around and you two ended up being the unfortunate guinea pigs. Or maybe it was an accident. I can't really say for sure. I've done some research on this stuff out of boredom but even I don't have all the answers. Around 98% of them. But not all. Sorry."

    Well it wasn't exactly what Blake was looking for but she supposed it'd suffice.

    "I understand. So. You said you needed to have the psycho brought here? I'll handle it. See if he can back up that threat he made earlier." Blake had been a part of the White Fang from a very young age and being partnered with someone as vengeful as Adam kind of dulled the impact Gaara's coldness had but she still felt a twinge of sympathy. Whatever had happened to Gaara to lead him to being so casual about proclaiming he'd commit murder was something Blake didn't want to think too hard about if at all. Still, she wasn't going to bring him back here standing around and feeling sorry.That and it also wouldn't bring back the people who had most likely been hurt/killed by the earthquake. So turning to leave, Kokonoe yelled out.

    "Hold it! If you just head out there without any clue of where to look for him, that entity that caused the earthquake will find you and we'll all be in deep shit. Just give me a second and I'll hook you up with a transmitter." The scientist started as she began to click around on her keyboard and after a moment or two, a map showed up with a red dot that was supposed to signify Gaara's location. Handing out a bracelet towards Blake, Kokonoe gestured to the dot.

    "It's not exactly the most stylish of transmitters but I did some tracing and this should lead you to the other guy. Just do whatever you gotta do and bring him back here. We'll hold down the fort until you get back."

    Accepting the bracelet, Blake gave an understanding nod and raced out of the lab. She had no time to waste. She had to bring Gaara back to the lab and set things right. Whether the sand ninja wanted to or not. Once Blake had left, Kokonoe glanced around at the three goofballs that she had been lumped off and clapped her hands together.

    "OK! While Blake's out on a hunt for the other irregularity, we need to be prepared to send them back. So get off your lazy asses and get to work! Chop-chop!" She clapped her hands together and Bang/Carl/Tao not wanting to incur Kokonoe's wrath quickly bolted to do whatever Kokonoe asked of them.


    Standing upon one of the tallest buildings in Kagatsuchi, Deva Path glanced around at the destruction the other paths had left in their wake. As they all shared the same eyes he was aware of the fights that Asura Path and Animal Path had found themselves in. They were certainly quite powerful warriors. Worthy enough to stand before Pein at the very least. That was the highest compliment he could give. But while the other paths were busy with their own searches, his own wandering eyes had caught sight of some screams coming from within the area known to the locals as Area 28. None of his Paths had headed there as far as he knew. Deciding the screams were enough to warrant an investigation, the Deva Path leaped down from where he had stood and started on his walk. No one would stand in the path of God and prevent him from reaching his ideal world.

    Within the depths of Area 28, Gaara was being forced back as Hazama continued to effortlessly dodge the sand no matter which direction Gaara had it come at him. Placing a hand on his hip, Hazama gave out a rather annoyed sigh.

    "I dunno how you thank people back home. But here we usually don't do it by attacking them right after they saved you! Now how's about you stop throwing sand before I decide it's my turn?"

    "Stay away!" Gaara roared as he clasped his hands together and the sand began to float up around him before condensing. He was so unused to the gesture of someone actually helping him that he was dead certain this strange man had some ulterior motive behind this and he wasn't wrong. "Earth style: Sand Shuriken!"

    Sandy Attacks (open)

    "Oh c'mon, kid!! There's no need for all of that! I'm not gonna hurt you-" While he had pretty much been able to dodge all of Gaara's attacks without any real risk to his person, he had gotten a bit too cocky in doing so and he'd pause as one of Gaara's Sand Shuriken got lucky and knocked his hat off it's perch. Looking over his shoulder at where his hat laid sideways on the ground, Hazama slowly shook his head and let out a disappointed 'tsk-tsk' as he reached into his pocket and drew his balisong and flicked it open.

    "Ya know there are some things that are very near and dear to some people. Some people have family, others have friends. Me? I'm just a simple man who wants to look the best like no one ever was and you just had to go and target the finest part of my attire. I think that makes me a bit.." Vanishing, Gaara frantically glanced around for any sign of where the man had appeared to only to pause as he could feel Hazama's breath running down his neck.



    The knife tore through the sand and penetrated into the warm squishy flesh of Gaara's right shoulder. As blood spurted out, it'd splash onto Gaara's face and stumbling back as Hazama looked over the tip of his blade, he chuckled.

    "Wow, that got about two inches in I'd say. If I hadn't held back, I think I might have hit something vital and we can't have that can we? Not yet at least." Hazama taunted only to raise an eyebrow as Gaara cupped a hand to his shoulder wound and shakily brought his blood covered hand towards his face. Having lived a life of never being injured thanks to his sand always being quick/durable enough to protect him, the fact that Hazama was capable of bypassing it like wet tissue paper and then causing him to bleed shook the sand ninja down to his very core. "Don't tell me that little papercut has gone and taken all of the fight out of you! I had so much more planned my friend!" Hazama mocked as he walked over to pick his hat up and wiping it clean with his sleeve, he'd plop it back atop his head.

    "M-Mother? What is this? it's so warm and wet. It feels so foreign to me." Giving the blood another look over, it finally hit Gaara that this wasn't the blood of an enemy. Something that had become commonplace to him. "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! BLOOD! IT'S MY BLOOD!!!!!" Gaara flailed unable to do much of anything as Hazama approached with a rather upset look on his face. Rearing his foot back, Hazama smashed it through the barrier of sand that tried to block through his attack and straight into Gaara's face sending the child skidding across the ground. "Sheesh, you're pretty loud when you're whining like a little bitch, kid. Suck it up! it's just some blood, not the end of world." Kids these days were such pushovers. As Hazama approached Gaara, he'd actually leap back as the sand lashed out viciously and delivering a glare at the cretin, one of Gaara's pupils had shifted into a different form.


    However, the change wouldn't last for long as Gaara clutched both sides of his head. "I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to upset you! Don't be mad at me!" Stroking his chin in apparent interest at whatever that had been, Hazama continued on his leisurely stroll towards Gaara as he flicked his butterfly knife back and forth. "I dunno what the hell you did with your eyes there, kid. But I'm guessing that there is more than one person at home in that red-headed stepchild noggin of yours. Let's see what I gotta do to drag it out of you and then we'll really have some fun!"

    "I'm afraid that won't be happening."

    "Eh? Says who?"


    That managed to stop Hazama in his tracks and prevent him from reaching Gaara who was still too caught up in his breakdown to notice the severity of the situation. "..Heh. I don't know who invited the comedian but why don't you take that routine and shove it up your-"


    "..The fuck is that fruity handsign mumbo-jumbo you got going on there?"

    "The fury of God's own thunder."

    Before Hazama could think of another witty retort, The Deva Path thrust a hand forward and Hazama was propelled off his feet and through the nearest wall and beyond. Lowering his hand once no smart ass response followed the attack, the Deva Path turned towards Gaara. The boy appeared to be too enraptured by his inner struggles with his tailed beast:The One Tailed Shukaku. Very well. It'd make his task all the easier at least. As Deva Path reached out to grab Gaara, he narrowly managed to turn just in time to repel the glowing green chain that had been lashed out at him. Jumping back, the Deva Path noticed a silhouetted figure standing among the smoke near the man-shaped hole in the wall as it ripped the chain out of the wall.

    "So you're not as weak as I had originally assumed. I assume you'll proceed to stand in my way as a sort of retaliation."


    Flicking a few stray strands of hair that had been rustled out of place by the Deva Path's initial attack back into place, Hazama picked up his hat and chuckled as he swung the chain absentmindedly around in the other hand.

    "You know, I gotta admit. For someone who introduces himself as God and then proceeds to label his attack as the 'fury of God's own thunder' I would have just labeled you as an egotistical twit not worth my time. But then you and went and put me through a wall. I think that's deserving enough of my full attention. I don't know what your intentions are for the kid whose got the mental state of a matchbox but they'll have to wait until I'm grinding your face under the heel of my shoes. Speaking of that 'through the wall trick' though, you did the same thing with my chain right now and if you're the kind of person I'm assuming you are, you wouldn't have let me carry on as long as I have without reacting without a reason. Like a time limit on you power, mayhaps?"

    As the Deva Path neglected to give a response, Hazama flashed a grin as he flung his hat to the side and rushed forward while swinging he chain downward, as a wave of black-green energy surged from the tip of the blade and towards the Deva Path. Which just as Hazama had predicted couldn't be repelled as the last attack had been and as Deva Path leaped to the side to dodge, Hazama swung the chain to the left and tearing through the Deva Path's cloak, Hazama yanked it back and was quite disappointed to see that no blood had been drawn. "Damn it! Here I was all gung-ho to get you back for putting me through a goddamn wall and all I get on my first go is tearing your pretty little cloud cloak. My aim must have been off. Well, let's give it another go why don't we?"

    While still keeping an eye on Hazama to make a note to react any more attacks directed towards him, the Deva Path noticed another newcomer making their way over to grab Gaara and start to escort him off. This green-haired man seemed like too much of a significant threat to just brush aside to get to Gaara and whoever this other entity was. Very well then, he'd deal with this fool and then capture the future Kazekage.


    "I only have a short window of time available for fools such as you. But it's enough to teach you the true meaning of Pain."

    Blake had followed the transmitter to Area 28 and lo and behold there was Gaara slumped up against a wall. While some orange haired guy with too many piercings for Blake to be really comfortable with going up against some green-haired man who seemed far too well-dressed for a drag out battle like this. From what she could gather was that the orange haired guy had a God Complex and the green haired one was just a sadistic asshole. Team RWBY found the latter of that to be far too true in another RP a long time ago. Not exactly eager to get herself invovled in this brawl, she lashed out with Gambol Shroud and wrapping it around Gaara's waist, she yanked the sand ninja towards her and throwing Gaara over her shoulder, she huffed. The gourd didn't exactly make Gaara any lighter. But being noticed by the green haired guy in the fancy suit also didn't do well for Blake's mission.

    "Ahah! Bowtie! Just in time! Once I finish with this chump then you, me, and the sand man can get to know eachother really personal like!":D Hazama grinned as he swung his chain towards Blake who stayed one step ahead by activating one of her shadow clones and much to Hazama's surprise, his chain ended up stuck inside the midsection of said clone leaving him open to..

    "Ah, you gotta be fuckin kidding me-"


    "Keep moving, Blake. Keep moving. Don't stop. Don't even THINK of stopping. If you stop for even a second, one of those two will be on you and you'll be fighting a battle with someone whose already threatened your life once slung over your shoulder." Blake continued to repeat this over and over in her mind like some kind of mantra as she raced across the city with Gaara in tow. The Sand Ninja hadn't stirred since Shukaku had briefly forced it's way to the surface by taking advantage of Gaara's sudden breakdown. If it hadn't been for the combination of Gambol Shroud and her own semblance, she'd been able to make it out of that place with her life. She still had to get back to Kokonoe's lab however so she wasn't out of trouble just yet.

    Skidding to a stop however, Blake looked over her shoulder and up into the sky as she saw what appeared to be a gigantic bird swooping down at her along with a salvo of missiles. It was actually the Asura and Animal Path that had been sent by the Deva Path to keep up with Blake and Gaara and capture them before they reached whatever destination they were intent on heading to. Kill two birds with one stone if you will. Letting out a dark growl, Blake sprinted away and rolled/swerved to avoid as many of the missiles as she could as they exploded around her. She had dealt with giant antagonistic birds in the form of Nevermores. But she had needed her team's assistance to take down one and now she was having missiles lobbed at her at the same time. Just as it seemed the bird was about to slam into her and Gaara, a wall of sand rose up and the bird let out a pained shriek as it's beak slammed into the thick layers of the sand wall. Sparing a look at where Gaara was still slung over Blake's shoulder like a sack of potatos, Blake noticed that he had finally come to.

    "Don't *pant*Just..*pant* Stand..*pant* There. We have to move before they can strike again." While Blake still thought Gaara was an reprehensible person who apparently had no qualms of attacking small *annoying* children, she had to agree with him there and not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, Blake continued on her way. But the Asura Path wasn't so intent on letting the two of them get away. As the bird struggled to free it's beak, the Asura Path leaped down from the back of the bird and opening the top of it's head, it lowered it's head and a bright blue beam made up of concentrated chakra flew out towards the duo and Gaara's sand or Blake's clones weren't going to stop this.

    "Ruby, Yang, Weiss, Sun..

    "Even Zwei."

    Thoughts of everyone close to Blake flashed through her mind as she was pretty sure that beam would connect and she wasn't too eager on knowing what that'd do to her. Aura or no aura. But the beam never hit. In fact time itself seemed to stop. Opening her eyes as she noticed that neither her or Gaara had been hit by the beam, she nearly jumped ten feet in the air once she noticed that the beam had been stopped a few inches away from her face. "What the fu-"

    "I apologize for the poor pause timing. I probably could have interfered before the beam had gotten that close." Oh joy. Someone else that Blake had no idea who this voice belonged to. This one also seemed to have an unsettling sort of echo effect to go over it's monotone delivery. As Blake gripped Gambol Shroud, she'd turn to see who this was, she tilted her head in complete confusion upon getting a good hard look.


    "Judging by where your eyes have landed, you and the one you carry are most likely confused by my attire. Believe me when I say that's not really important. At least not in comparison to what I'm going to tell you next. I'm Frank and put simply. I oversee the flow of time to make sure disasters such as this don't occur on a regular basis. I like to think I've become a decent enough employee at it. Still, there are things that do get past me. Such as events like this. Oh, and don't feel a need to introduce yourself. I'm well aware of who the both of you are. Gaara of the Sand and Blake Belladonna, partner to Yang Xiao Long and a member of Team RWBY. Now as I was saying, I arrived just in the nick of time for you see.-"

    Before Frank could continue explaining, he was suddenly hoisted off his feet by a wave of sand as Gaara had climbed off Blake's shoulder and found his second wind. "I assume you stopped time through some sort of forbidden jutsu. I assume you're a fool with a deathwish judging by how casually you speak despite the seriousness of the events we've found ourselves in. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't crush you right now."

    "Well when you put it in such a lighthearted manner, I'm completely unaware of how I might be reluctant to share. But in all seriousness, I can give you two reasons. The first one being that you wouldn't be the first entity that's tried to kill me and you certainly won't be the last. It's quite difficult to kill what has been dead for quite some time and the second being that I saved your lives."

    "How do you figure, 'Frank?' To say Blake was suspicious of Frank was to say the Atlantic Ocean was a bit wet. She had no idea what a jutsu was but she assumed it was similar to a semblance in nature and she still didn't know why this time-controlling character had appeared before them. But even she had her lmits after such a rough and stressful day. She doubted Frank was even this thing's real name.

    "Because in my attempt to save myself some work, I only ended up making things harder for everyone involved. But mostly myself. I'm sure you both heard the loud shockwave or felt it at the very least. I'm also sure that you saw the orange haired man with plenty of piercings to go around. Similar to the ones that were pursuing you until I stepped in. They're all part of a six man group known as the Six Paths of Pain. They come from the same universe as you, Gaara. But further in the future. Once you return, you'll eventually come into contact with them." He didn't mention that it would not be of his own volition and he'd actually be dead for a brief period but he felt that would have only fueled the negative feelings Gaara harbored towards him. "I made a deal with him that he was supposed to come here and retrieve you two without much hassle so that I could bring you back to your own universe and things would be set back to the way they once were. They ended up causing far more damage and all around just being general nuisances. In hindsight, I should have just disobeyed my superiors and retrieved you myself and dealt with all the hassle after the fact. Quite the irksome activity if you will."

    So this thing could have brought her and Gaara back to their own universes with his power? That was the trigger to Blake's mental gun as she stomped forward and drawing Gambol Shroud, pointed it towards Frank.

    "You said you were well aware of the connections I had back home. Yet, instead of getting things done quicker and bringing me back to my loved ones you send someone else to do your dirty work." Every syllable in Blake's words absolutely trembled with unbridled anger.

    "Yes. I could have. But I would have been scolded for doing so by my superiors. It is my place to oversee and not directly interfere unless there is a heavy distortion or a high risk of splinter timelines to form. I'm so sorry that I've kept you from your friends/teammates. But if I hadn't stepped in when I did, you would have never seen them again anyway. The beam would have struck both of you down and as I would not accept corpses, the Paths would no doubt continue on with whatever terrible intentions they may have had for this universe in particular. I really do not wish to deal with the genuine work that'd fixing a mess like that would require. So I stepped in before anyone of significance was killed. Now if you have more questions I'd be more than willing to answer them. But not here." He started as he turned and as his right eye began to glow a portal slowly simmered open and he stepped in without another word. Gaara wanting this to finally be over and for once Blake agreed with the sand ninja and that made her skin crawl all over. But after a moment's hesitation, the two walked in after Frank and found themselves in his domain, a realm beyond time and space.


    (Just picture Frank's Domain looking somewhat like this!)

    "This is my domain. It is a realm where I alone carry the authority. I do still have superiors of course. But I must leave my domain to be subjugated to their punishments, as I will after my business with you two is finished. Not that I mind of course. I did wrong and therefore I should pay the price. But that's a concern that does not matter to you two. I've something to show you." Frank said as he motioned Gaara and Blake over to where he was watching over the TimeStream. As they did so, they'd notice that in their respective universe, both those close to them were searching high and low for them. Tears stained the cheeks of Team RWY as they had seen no signs of Blake. Meanwhile, the remaining Sand Siblings and Baki were looking over the whole of the Sand Village for Gaara. But they'd never find the for they were at a place they'd never reach or know of. "As you can see you both have those who care about you enough to search for you even when all hope seems lost. But they don't have to keep searching for long. I can return you both to the points where you were before this whole incident started. I just have a request to make of both of you before I do so."

    "What request would that be?" Blake and Gaara asked in unision to which Frank shook his head. He probably should have just explained it before allowing them to ask a question so obvious. "Although it was obviously in a universe separate from your own, I used to be a human like the both of you.. But I made a terrible mistake and instead of passing onto the afterlife, I was granted the position of becoming something known as a manipulate dead. My job is to overseer the flow of the various universes to make sure all of them are balanced and that good does not triumph over evil and evil does not vanquish good. Such concepts are hard for humans to understand even in the most futuristic of universes where one might expect world peace to have a much higher chance of succeeding due to humanity as a whole having more time to advance. Which is why I'm going to ask that you do not share what you've seen here with those close to you. I do not care what excuse you think of. Humanity is not ready to understand that there is indeed a higher being at work, keeping an eye on things behind the scenes-"

    "Like a god?"

    "..I suppose that in the right light one may be able to point to me and my career as a sign that God or at least a go does exist. But a god shouldn't have limits on what he's capable of doing like I do. God shouldn't have to take orders like I do. So, I don't personally see myself as a god, no. But feel free to think of me as one if that helps your understanding. Now, do you agree?"

    This was all understandably a bit much for Blake to swallow. First, she had just been taking a restroom break after some lessons with Weiss, a flash of images and a headache powerful enough for her to black out, saving a child from a mad man who controlled sand. Now, there was apparently some entity in a bunny suit who watched over her universe and there were so many questions that tore at her now. Would her and the rest of Team RWBY never be able to completely stop Roman and his allies? But then Roman would never be able to stop all of the huntresses/hunters from opposing his criminal acts? Why couldn't she get a freaking break?!

    "Miss Belladonna?"


    "Gaara's already made his decision. Have you settled on yours?"

    "..Yes. I won't tell them, Frank. We have enough on our plates to worry about. Adding something as abstract as this would only add more stress that could be avoided if I just keep this in my head. Now, will you take me back to them? I'm tired and I just want to be be with them."

    "Of course. I hope the rest of your days go smoothly Miss Belladonna. I'd hate for us to meet eachother again." With that Frank gave a wave of his hand and everything would go black as Blake and Gaara were sent back to what they were doing before they vanished.


    Blake's eyes snapped open upon hearing the familiar shrill shriek of the wild Schnee. Sitting up as she rubbed at her eyes, Blake looked Weiss up and down. "Wha?"

    Rolling her eyes, Weiss tapped her foot on the floor in a rhythmic pattern.

    "I'm glad that after all of the time I've taken out of my day to teach you, Blake that not only do you fall asleep, your first response upon waking up is the ever eloquent, 'Wha' Ugh." Stomping her foot, Weiss quickly made her way out and Blake was honestly unsure of how to react. But once she was alone, she thought about what had happened with Kokonoe, Gaara, and Frank. Had it all just been a dream brought on by being bored out of her mind at Weiss's lessons?

    In all honesty? It didn't matter. She was back home and Weiss was still Weiss. Pushing herself up, Blake rushed after Weiss to give her a surprise ninja hug.

    Now as for the ones responsible for this whole mess in the first place? Ignignokt and Err? Well, Frank discovered they had been behind Blake and Gaara's disappearance and paid them a little visit.

    "That was quite the sad movie, Err."

    "Yeah, it sure was. If you're a PUSSY!"

    "Oh of course. Only real men can watch Gran Torino without shedding tears and we are of course superior to men."

    "Hells yeah! Man, that timeline disruptor thing was awesome!"

    "Indeed, Err."

    "I don't think so."



    Once Frank had finished his work, he set off to go face the punishment his superiors had set out for him. Not only did he disobey them and interfere without their distinct approval, he also used physical force which was against his work ethic hence him using the Six Paths of Pain. But he felt it was worth it in the end.


    "Man, I'm not gonna lie this is embarrassing as fuck."

    "Indeed, Err. Indeed."

    After his punishment had been dealt out, Frank returned to his domain. Shifting his mask back in place, a few scars that looked like they were fresh could have been seen on the lower portion of his face before the mask hid it all away. Frank hadn't been surprised when he had received the usual lamenting about how he should listen more to his superiors, the typical behavior. But something the superiors noted that Frank kept swirling around in his thoughts provoked him to do some searching around.


    "I do suppose I could have done something to make sure the more mentally unstable of the tow had different treatment. But subconsciously I just wanted them out of my hair. Mainly so I could return to my biggest issue. The Murder Game and all related affiliation games."

    While Frank himself had never really been subjected to participate in a Murder Game, his thoughts on the games themselves were less than positive. Puling people from different timelines in different universe chafed Frank's hide like you wouldn't believe. It lead to so many complications, so many things Frank would have to work overtime to fix and being the disgruntled employee that he was, that wasn't going to mesh well. Looking into Gaara's timeline he'd note that the sand ninja apparently found himself in a spin-off of the Murder Games, a Murder Tale if you will. He supposed if Gaara died there, the problem would solve itself and he wouldn't have to attend to him. Allowing him to slack off even more duties than he did. But he knew that wasn't right. Someone needed to watch over Gaara during this and he had just the man to do it.

    "Beowulf. Washout or Hero? You, the public of New Meridian decide"

    Flicking the TV off, the former superstar and champion of the bout with Grendal the Gigan rose to his feet and stretched.

    "That's the thing about the public. When you're in the spotlight risking your rear they're all for ya. But when you reach your peak then it's all down hill from there. Still though, washout? I'll show him that a 'washout' can still wield a nasty chair." Beowulf huffed as he looked over to where he had his trusty and reliable steel chair, affectionally named 'The Hurting.' "Ah, remember the good ol days, Grendal? When it was just you, me, and the ring. The glory days. Kinda wish I could go back to em."

    "Perhaps you're closer to that goal than you think, Beowulf."

    Taken aback by the sudden new voice in his apartment, for a brief moment Beowulf considered that maybe he'd slept for too long and Grendal's arm was starting to talk to him. Frank was kind of stunned.

    "Mister Beowulf?"

    "Yeah, oh! So you were the one doing the talking. Not the arm. Yeah, I figure that makes more sense. So, uh I don't know how you got in my apartment room without me noticing and I'm not gonna even comment on the costume. If you're looking for the children's birthday party it's down the hall." Beowulf pointed as he turned to grab a cold one from his fridge.

    "I came for you."

    Things suddenly grew much more tense than the situation probably warranted as Beowulf set his drink down on top of his fridge and turned to face Frank.

    "Listen. I don't know if you can tell but I've kinda hit hard times. So unless you want a sparring match or an autograph. Either one I'm more than willing to hand out, how's about you hop on the bunny trail out of my room?"

    "Oh I'm well aware of the 'bump' your career has taken to put it lightly. My name is Frank and I can help you relive those glory days and so, so much more. I just need you to do a little favor for me."

    "..Go on."

    "Thank you. You see Beowulf. I'm not a mortal like you. I'm a being far above the comprehension of morality or any such traits. Apart from a few things here and there, I have no real restrictions. I can do whatever I want when I want. I could bring you back to the days with Grendel. Give you a second chance at stardom. Only with hindsight this time. No more starring in Annie of the Stars, just do what you wish to do Beowulf."

    "Okay! You've got my interest Frank. But what's the catch? What does the Wulf need to do for you?"

    "I suppose the simplest way to put it would be that I need you to babysit for me. Do you think you can handle that?"

    "Babysitting? Are you nuts? The Wulf has fans of all ages, the wrinkly, the punk teens, the stuffy adults, the drooling toddlers. I can handle anything you throw my way!"

    "Excellent. I'll approach you when it's the proper time, Beowulf. Please don't disappoint me." With that Frank seemed to suddenly vanish from the apartment room.

    "Hahahahaha! DO YOU HEAR THAT NEW MERIDAN? AROOO READY? THE WULF IS BACK AND HE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIS BELOVED WULFPACK ALL OVER AGAIN!" Sure this whole deal hinged on him trusting the word of a teleporting bunny but it was better than sitting on the couch and yelling at the TV all day! He had to share this with the world! Rushing over to his window, Beowulf opened it up and sticking his head out, he yelled to a random passerby.



    "I'm just delivering some take out..."
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