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  1. 2011:
    Global temperatures begin to drop.
    Heavy snow has been falling everywhere, geo-terrorism suspected. -20 Celsius is now the global temperature and not budging.
    Weather anomaly "The Eternal Winter" shows no signs of stopping. Famous inventor Lenox Grey proposes the Sanctuary Project which is put into play near the end of the year.
    Massive funds are put into the Project from all around the world. Reports of strange and terrifying creatures steadily increasing.
    The Project is completed, the world's population flocks to the Sanctuaries. The Damned come and kill half of them before they get there.
    Food supplies begin to slowly drop, unease begins to spread desperate measures are needed. The Global Rejuvenation Association (G.R.A.) is founded by the very same Lenox who made the Sanctuaries. You are a part of it. Regardless of your past you've been brought here one reason: You are a baddass.

    Sanctuaries- Massive, heavily armed and armored fortresses built to defend the entrances to massive underground cities of bunkers.
    The Damned- Horrific monstrosities of various shapes and sizes. Appeared soon after the Eternal Winter reached full effect. Luckily they're few in number.
    G.R.A.- A squad of talented soliders with two goals:
    Eliminate the Damned.
    Stop the Eternal Winter.
    There's a team for each Sanctuary.

    So... interested?
  2. Biollante judges you silently.
  3. Crono feels like Biollante has no right to judge him and shuns him for all eternity, give or take all eternity. He would also like to know if Biollante is interested in this RP.
  4. Biollante is a female plant Kaiju and doesn't concern itself with the thoughts of mere mortal men.

    I'm partly interested, but I'm not sure I fit for this RP, I'm more into high fantasy. Like monsters, magic (unexplainable powers), and stuff like that. And I'm bad at playing humans.
  5. Crono would like to remind Biollante that plants don't have genders, or brains.

    I'm sorry to hear that, as for storyline resons only human members of the G.R.A. are available as characters.
  6. Biollante is part female human(female), Godzilla(hermaphrodite), and a rose(...). Plants have genders, most of the time they are both, some times they are only one or the other, so you need both genders of the plant for them to produce any more of that kind of plant, some like strawberries do not have a gender, as they reproduce by creating vines which eventually are able to survive with out the original roots. Roses, have both genders, but a single plant will utilize a single sex to prevent self-pollination.
  7. ...

    I actually didn't know that thanks.
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