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Within the world of Remnant, it has always been known there are things that can be explained, things that can be accepted, things that can't be and others that are debated on. Each kingdom does things differently and this is one of the things that has been accepted amongst the citizens, each kingdom dealing with their own set of problems. This includes the disappearance of Dust from Dust shops all across Remnant. Causing Dust to go through the roof. While it is believed to be known who is causing all of this, no one is able to locate the person. But this isn't the only issue, another issue is the Grimm. Monsters who have been fighting against humans and Faunus for as long as anyone could remember. As far as anyone knows, there are many different types of Grimm, but only a few have names and have been reported for some of the abilities they can do. However, the Grimm are still an enigma and the current kingdoms don't like that. Wanting to solve the Grimm problem as well as the Dust disappearance, a special project which had been resurrected after being abandoned decades before.

A project involving only the highest of military officers as well as Dust manufacturers. The project was given the proper name...Project Grimm. Nothing has really been said about this project, just it has something to do with Grimm, humans, Faunus, and injections. While there have been many failures, there have been a handful of successes, but they have been placed under heavy medicated comas. These beings were named Aura Grimm, mainly because they are considered the first creatures of Grimm to use Aura. Sadly, even with the most sophisticated technology and soldiers watching the patients every move. Some still managed to escape and have been living on the streets or living out with the other creatures of Grimm.

Years after the project was supposedly said to come to a halt because of the escaped patients causing an uproar within the facility where everything was being done. A number of Grimm had started to rise at an uncontrollable manner, creatures of Grimm that have never been seen before started to go on a rampage; the four schools were immediately attacked by waves upon waves of Grimm that even the teachers and headmasters were quickly overwhelmed. Eventually, the schools came crumbling down; some students were unable to escape the fighting but those who were able to escape thanks to the help of the teachers and headmasters now wander the land.

Many students during the attacks had come into witness the sight of how some of their own classmates were actually using powers of Grimm and have either come to hate or accept their classmates to work with them. Others who were able to escape have either given up their lives as Hunters and Huntresses after the death they witnessed while others plan to take back Remnant from the Grimm one creature at a time.

Years passed and present day has now come about the land of Remnant, nowadays the ordinary civilians show both fear and distrust to Hunters and Huntresses; believing it was their fault to this day as to why there are so many Grimm all around and the attacks becoming almost constant on any village or town. The only trust people put in nowadays is the military of Atlas, whenever the sight of a Hunter or Huntress comes about they are normally shunned and at times even run out of towns in riots all because of fear of Grimm possibly being attracted to them. All Hunters can do at this point is just remain in hiding and help from the shadows to protect the world from the Grimm as much as they possibly can all while attempting to find the truth behind who started the project all those years ago that caused so many Grimm to appear.
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