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    Isabella Hunter - - - Fox and Hunter Industries HQ

    Late nights were nothing new for Isabella Hunter. As CEO of Fox and Hunter Industries, her work would often follow her into the evenings and nights, tailing her like a shadow until she got it finished. Meetings, paperwork, and now...this. It wasn't 'work', per se, but it was just as important as her business. She had been working on 'Project Guardians' for what felt like an eternity, but in reality, the work had spanned over a few months. Collecting names, meeting with people on both the right and wrong sides of the law, and gathering enough data on individual people that it could make the NSA jealous. But now, she was ready to move onto the next stage of the project.

    Files were scattered around her desk, each accompanied by at least one photo of the individual the files focussed on. She scanned over the files as she leaned forward in her chair, the anticipation of moving forward almost killing Isabella. Occasionally, she would glance over at the laptop to the left of her, the piece of tech settled in a chair, considering her files had taken up the desk space. The screen was empty, except for a little chat box in the right-hand corner. In a way, this was the final planning meeting before everything was set into motion. Isabella's closest partner in all of this was someone she had never met face-to-face, someone who would only speak through an encrypted message box that must have been all kinds of illegal. But Isabella didn't mind too much – whoever was on the other end had been verified as a trustworthy source. They knew things about the Silvergate Brigade and the behind-the-scenes operations that there was no way they didn't know what they talking about, and they had to be someone who had worked with the Brigade or Dr. Rhodes before. Nothing bad had happened yet, no one had gone missing...so this person had to be good, right?

    A little beep signified that a new message had come through. Isabella looked over at her laptop, reading the message that had popped up in the chat box. “Is that all?” It read. Isabella was quick to type a response.

    “I believe so. I think we have our team.” A couple of seconds passed, then another beep.

    “Good. Send the letters, I'll keep in touch.” That could have been the end of it, but Isabella needed a question to be answered. She rushed a message, amazed that she hadn't made any typos.

    “Am I doing the right thing?” She asked. More than a few seconds passed, and Isabella waited with bated breath. The next beep that followed caused a sigh to escape her.


    Isabella closed the message box and gathered up the files, putting them in their correct folders. That single word was all she needed to hear. This is happening, she thought, nodding. It's happening. With the desk cleared, she moved her laptop in front of herself and began to type her recruitment letter.

    Natasha Gunn - - - Natasha Gunn and Cara Albright's Apartment > Fox and Hunter Industries HQ


    The morning sun was a real pain in the ass. It targeted Natasha like a missile, blasting her with blinding light and heat. With a groan, the young woman rolled over in her bed, getting tangled up in the sheets as she tried to escape the glare of the sun beating through her window. She remained caught up in the sheets for a couple of minutes, before finally deciding that there was no point in lying around when she would never be able to get back to sleep. Besides, she had that commission to work on, and that wasn't going away any time soon. Getting out of bed, Natasha threw on whatever was closest to her and headed out of her small bedroom. Unsurprisingly, Cara was already up, doodling in her sketchpad as she lounged around on the couch.

    “No work today?” Natasha asked, heading over to her roommate. Cara looked up from her work, smiling slightly at Natasha.

    “Considering it's a Saturday, I'd be a little confused if I had work.”

    “It's Saturday already? God, I'm losing track of time,” Natasha grumbled, taking a seat on the couch.

    “Which is not good for that client who wants a commission done by next Wednesday,” Cara quipped. Natasha rolled her eyes in response, collapsing on the couch. Her arm swung over the armrest, knocking something over in the process. She cursed under her breath as she looked over, scowling as she saw the dried-up paint palette and collection of letters that had been scattered all over the floor after taking a hit. As she began to gather the letters up, one in particular caught Natasha's eye. The envelope was marked 'important', with the 'Fox and Hunter Industries' logo having been stamped on the corner. It was addressed to her, and according to the stamp, had been sent a week ago. With a furrowed brow, Natasha opened up the envelope and began to read the letter inside.

    As part of your acceptance into the 'Project Guardians' scheme, you have been invited to a formal lunch with Isabella Hunter, CEO of Fox and Hunter Industries. Please meet at the Fox and Hunter Industries HQ and bring this letter (with the envelope) with you. Upon arrival, you should present this letter to the receptionist and then wait for everyone to arrive. Formal dress is not required or desired. Any questions should be kept until you arrive at the HQ, and you should not inform anyone else of this meeting. If you are unable to attend, then please clear your schedule and make room for this very important meeting. Absences will not be appreciated. Compensation for inconveniences and disruptions will be given out in due time if requested.

    Underneath all of that was Isabella Hunter's signature, as well as the date and time of arrival: 12:00pm...today.

    “God damn it!” Natasha exclaimed once the initial confusion had worn away. “Cara, why the hell didn't you tell me about this?” She tossed the empty envelope at her roommate. Once Cara had gotten a good look at the it, she shrugged.

    “I put it with your other letters. It's not my fault you put your painting supplies on top of it and didn't check any of your mail.” She paused, thinking for a moment. “What does Fox and Hunter want with you anyway? Did they commission you?”

    “God knows. And if they did commission me, I didn't hear anything about it,” Natasha replied. “It says they want me to come to some lunch thing today.”

    “Well, lunch rolls around in about three hours, and we both know how the downtown traffic can be on Saturdays. And you never know – this could all be a big opportunity for you. Can you imagine how much they might pay for a commission?” Cara was clearly trying to make Natasha feel a little more enthusiastic about having to brave the weekend traffic and crowds, not that Natasha was ever receptive to that kind of stuff.

    With a sigh, Natasha got up from the couch, the letter still in hand. “I guess I better get ready then,” she said with as much reluctance as she could fit into one sentence. “I can't wait to have some corporate lunch.”


    The downtown traffic was worse than what Natasha had expected it to be. She had gotten her usual bus, knowing that it went close enough to the Fox and Hunter Industries HQ. She had gotten stuck in traffic before, but never as bad as it had been that day. Honestly, she was lucky that she left as early as she did, otherwise she would have been so late there would have been no point in going to this 'formal lunch'. At least there's no need to dress up, Natasha thought as she glanced down at her outfit: black jeans tucked into a pair of combat boots, a loose white t-shirt that was surprisingly devoid of any paint stains, and her much-loved leather jacket that was still in pretty good condition. It was as dressed-up as she would get, and it would have to do for the corporate suits that wandered in and out of the Fox and Hunter Industries HQ.

    She had been stood outside, watching as groups of suits exited the building and ambled inside. Since it was close to lunch time, they were all heading out for something to eat, no doubt. It was weird to think that they worked on weekends, but considering how big Fox and Hunter was, it wasn't too far of a stretch to believe that Isabella Hunter could drag some sorry people in to work on Saturdays. Some of them gave Natasha a few weird looks, and she glared back in response. This wasn't her territory and it showed. But Natasha wasn't one to be cautious. After all, she had been invited there by none other than the CEO of the company, so there was no way she was going to let a few funny looks rattle her. Strolling into the huge building, Natasha marched right up to the reception desk and almost slammed her letter and envelope down on the marble surface, much to the dismay of the man behind the desk. He stood up from his seat, towering over her. How the hell was this guy just a receptionist? He had the build of a bodyguard for God's sake. Nevertheless, Natasha remained just as fearless as she had been when she walked into this place.

    “Natasha Gunn,” she said, introducing herself. “I'm here for the lunch, or whatever the hell this is all about.”

    The man picked up her letter, checking that it was indeed Natasha, and then skimmed through the letter itself. His eyebrows raised slightly as he looked from the letter back to Natasha, and she returned the look with a scowl.

    “Ms. Hunter will see you when it is time and once the others have arrived. I'll alert her of your presence. Why don't you take a seat?” The receptionist gestured over to a seating area nearby. “I'll take the invitation, you won't be needing it.” He tucked it away somewhere under the desk, offering Natasha a vaguely suspicious smile that was not returned by the young woman. With a quiet huff, Natasha took a seat on one of the modern-style chairs, slumping down in it as she glanced around the spacious area. Checking the time, she noted that there was still a while to wait, though she imagined 'the others' were due to arrive soon. At least, they better be due to arrive soon. The last thing Natasha wanted to do was wait around for people.
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  2. A New Begining - Lucy Hera - Lucy's Apartment


    The alarm did it's brave job of alerting it's owner to the agreed time of waking up and Lucy did wake up. She woke in the rectanglar paddling pool that she used as a bed. It was filled with nothing but nice cold water and was one of the bigger models. Just big enough for the pool to completely submerge her whenever she fell asleep and she loved using pools as her bed. She found normal beds to be uncomfortable and itchy so the pools did what her beds could not. Give her the perfect sleep. She yawned as she stared at her white ceiling for a few seconds and sat up. "ah, today is a good day." She mused as she looked at the ocean blue walls of her bedroom, well, it was a room with her so called bed in it but to the average folk? A room devoid of electronics barring her alarm in a corner with a nice view of the river. She was tempted to spend more time in her literal water bed but today was important. So, she got out of the pool and got changed out of her pyjamas that were soaked and went for a shower. Afterwards, she put on a short sleeved polo shirt with the sleeves ending with a red line around them. A pair of light tan pants and a pair of white sneakers with blue highlights. She had a nice healthy breakfast of cereal with apple juice and re-read her recruitment letter upon recieving it. "I'm gonna to need a disguise." She commented to herself and was thankful that her apartment had very thick walls. It was hard for her to hear her neighbours and for them to hear her through the walls.

    She left her place around 11am and was tempted to swim there but the address didn't seem to be near the river so she rode her cycle to the place. She was eager to try this organisation and being part of a team. Sure, she enjoyed her job as a swim instructor but having saved a family from drowning was quite thrilling. She had her powers for a reason and could it be that it was so she could be a hero?

    She arrived at the place and wheeled it into the reception area. "Hi, I'm Lucy Hera. I'm here for the lunch. Here is the letter that i was sent." She told the rather buff receptionist and awaited his reply. She did spot the other woman there but figured that letting the receptionist know was a bit more important then speaking to someone. Once she had dealt with the receptionist, then it would be time to chat.
  3. Chloe Hyo woke up on the floor of her tiny apartment, her roommate Claire Nari doing everything but kicking her awake.

    Chloe mumbled something that ended with, "day off."

    "Not today, you're meeting with Isabella Hunter."

    "Funny joke."

    "It promises free food."

    "Har. Har. Let me sleep."

    The piece of paper in question also said that she wasn't to tell anyone. Chloe look at Claire, because there was no way that the other girl hadn't read it.

    "Technically you didn't tell anyone. It can hardly be helped if someone else intercepts it." Claire replied in response to the glare she was currently receiving. "But if anyone asks, I'm your Oracle to your Batman, kay? Then it's like I'm filtering your mail for your safety."



    "Batman kept a secret identity. Not a good comparison."


    Chloe stood and dressed in her semi-ratty and patched up costume, slipping on the hood last. True to form, she froze the sleeves, and since it was warm, she bunched them up on her arm, even going as far as adding a bit more ice than usual because might as well be careful for being invited.

    Since she had no secret identity, it wouldn't be uncommon for lower class villains to send her mail to try and goad her into fighting them. Those went in the trash. If one was threatening to have kidnapped someone close to her, those went in the shredder. Chloe would also send a text to her sister or parents to double check the contents. Thus far, only one kidnapping had happened and Chloe had to intervene, but Chloe never really had any worries about that sort of stuff.

    She was just a nobody barista for a real identity, so she might as well reveal her true face. It wasn't like she had any power where she worked either. Maybe she could give villains a discount on iced drinks.

    "What are laughing about?" Claire asked.

    "I could give villains discounts on iced drinks," Chloe laughed.

    "That could work, but when you first debuted we gave everyone a discount on iced drinks. Hmm, if something cool happens to you, maybe we'll do it again."

    "I don't want it to happen, Claire. Like I keep telling people, I have luck powers or something, because every time something bad was about to transpire I was just there. Literally stopped a villain last night who was going to burn down an orphanage just because I'd realized he hadn't paid for his meal in the restaurant I was in. I even stumbled upon his firebug stash beforehand and reported it. I don't wanna be hero, Claire."

    "Too bad, you are one so stop whining like a child."

    With a light whap to the face with the newspaper, Chloe left her apartment, ready for a fight. Well, she was ready at the very least. For a fight was more or less debatable and Chloe wasn't a fan of being in this... 'Project Guardians' scheme if it entailed what she expected it to entail. Which was something to do with a superhero team.

    It wasn't that Chloe worked alone, or that she didn't want help, but rather that she didn't want to deal with people who wanted to be a part of a superhero team. Which usually meant Captain America type people or people with a Brooding Complex as she called it. They were going to take it seriously, and honestly, Chloe couldn't really match that energy.

    At least the lobby was nice. Chloe noted a girl at the desk already and someone sitting nearby. Chloe pulled out her letter and gave it to the receptionist.

    "Chloe Hyo. I was called here."

    “Ms. Hunter will see you when it is time and once the others have arrived. I'll alert her of your presence. Why don't you take a seat?”

    She gave him the invitation, more out of that she didn't want to carry the embarrassing thing around, and plopped into a seat.

    "I hope they feed us. This was supposed to be my day off. Uhhh, so what are you supposed to be? Winged Avenger? Prom Queen?"

    Chloe figured that if it was a trap, then the receptionist would be less welcoming. If anything, he just seemed a bit ripped for a receptionist, but hey, wasn't her place to judge other people's lifestyles.
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    After being told to take a seat, Lucy walked over to the sitting area and leaned her bike against the wall. "This may be a bit of a random guess and could sound a bit odd but are you here because of the super hero letter?" She inquired just as another woman reached the desk and joined them in the room of sitting. "Morning. Here for the supermeet?" She inquired although it was rather pointless due to the woman making a comment. "Who me? I'm no hero. Well, i am but i don't mean to boast and don't really want some perverted fan stalking me and buying my used panties on Ebay." She joked. "I saved a family from drowning a few weeks ago and well, i gained the attention of whatever this is." She smiled at the woman.

    "And food would be nice. Although there is a nice little place just down the block. It serves a mean chilli bean salad." She leaned back in her chair. "Oh and where are my manners? I'm Lucy. Nice to meet both of you." She extended both hands out to both women to shake their hands.

  5. "Thank you," Calista breathed out, a smile easily stretching across her face, as the cashier behind the counter handed back her receipt and necessary change, with an equally bright smile to boot. Moving herself out of the line and towards the side as she waited for her order, Calista took the few inevitable minutes of waiting to regard the blonde, who was now talking animatedly with the next person in line, and the brunette couldn't help but to notice how the other woman had exuded the bubbly charisma with such natural ease. It was an intoxicating scene to watch, especially when the woman who had been standing behind Calista seemed to have been easily swept into the positive vibes as well. It warmed her heart just an extra bit, gave it a little extra padding, but only because it beat the other morning where she had been an awkward witness and later, an unwilling participant of a complaint to one lawyer whose patience had been quite low for that particular morning.

    While awkward, situations like those always got Calista's mind running on a high. Made her wonder just what the whole story was, what the whole picture could look like, as opposed to the very small window of time she had been only lucky to happen upon. It was intrusive, and sometimes the only way to stop herself from investigating further was to remind herself that not all secrets were hers to find, that ignorance was a bliss for good reason. Not that those ever helped often. Maybe there was just something in the coffee that always put her in such a mood? Speaking of ... "Strawberry & Creme Frap for ... Calista?" A voice asked, turning their heads left and right across the waiting counter. With a practiced smile, Calista stepped forth and took the drink at the counter, thanking the barista quietly as she quickly shuffled herself off to the side, and out of the way.

    Away from some of the more judging eyes, that is. With the cup in hand, Calista shuffled over to one of the tables by the window, with the high stools. There weren't many people that were too interested in those seats, this morning anyway, and so Calista sat herself right in the middle of the numerous stools. Setting her drink down and taking a tentative sip, the brunette hummed mutedly in delight, her eyes fluttering then turning skyward. The windows were so very clear, untouched and unfogged, giving Calista a rather pretty view of the sky, or what part of the sky she could see between the tall buildings and whatnot. Taking sips here and there as the brunette continued to daydream and allow her thoughts to wander free, she was startled out of her stupor when an accented 'ping' resonated loudly in her ears. Fumbling with the pockets of her jacket, Calista hastily ran her eyes on the screen to categorize the crisis.

    [ 12:00 Meeting @ Fox & Hunters ]

    . . .

    As the subway stretched on through the dark tunnel, Calista couldn't help but to continue staring at the small window of the doors, staring hard at the reflection that was offered by the slim and unfitting windows. The reminder on her phone had been set for quite some time, and really, what had she been thinking at the time? Setting the reminder to warn her with only a few hours before the scheduled meeting time? Had the meeting been with a familiar client of her own, or perhaps a less reputable corporation, then yes, those few hours she had given herself would have sufficed - but this was Fox & Hunters. An important place, with important people sharing works, news, and results that all carried different levels of importance throughout. Really, she should have given herself an extra hour - or two - just to prep her mind for all of it. Especially when the note was as secretive as it was brief.

    There was no heading back now, though. Clad in a comfortable, though form fitting, dark green button up, and black jeans with black ankle boots clinging to the ends of her pants, she felt just a little silly for going back all the way home to change into something 'a little more fresh', but at least she wasn't going to walk into a lunch meeting looking like the total slob she was. Playing with her fingers absently, Calista's eyes flickered from side to side of the window, her eyes squinting to catch the last of the invisible imperfections as light spilled from the corner of her eye. With a large inhale, the brunette hoped that the large intake of air, fresh air, would settle all of the frying nerves inside her stomach - and she took her first steps forward as she doors opened.

    The walk altogether hadn't been that bad, the streets were only crowded for just a moment, and Calista guessed that a recent meeting between several of the companies around must've just finished something big - if the number of people in suits she's passed were any indication. Thankfully, she had only been subjected to the discomfort and squeezing-by for only a few minutes, for the building was closer than she imagined in the first place. Unfortunately, she didn't get the chance to get a proper glimpse of the building, and shuffled inside as quickly as she could, fearing that she'd take up space or block the way through the doors if she dawdled for more than necessary. Upon stepping inside, Calista startled slightly as the floor beneath her seemed to loudly break under her heel - but no, the floors were much sturdier, but these floors were shiny, and fit so perfectly well with the rest of the building's decor. Recovering from the slight stumble, Calista marched herself to the desk, and with each step, all her nerves seemed to curl up into ball, harden, and settle at the pit of her stomach. It weighed, heavily yes, yet it was a weight that Calista was confident she could carry - a weight that was already spreading itself, lightening up.

    By the time she reached the front desk, Calista managed to fix a polite smile on her face. "Good morning, I believe that Ms. Hunter has requested for my attendance for a lunch conference of sorts," flickering to the clock behind the receptionist, she loose smile she had widened just a tad bit, "I seem to be a little early though," she noted. A mummer seemed to pass between the lady she was speaking to and the man next to her ... next thing she knew, she was facing a man who easily towered both her and the entire front desk itself - and yes, that's counting the ceiling. He looked very stern, unimpressed perhaps, his lips seemed to fixed in a tight passive expression. Silently, Calista handed the envelope containing the letter onto the desk, sliding it towards him - a few short seconds passed, before he simply folded the letter once more, and shuffled it back into the envelope, sliding it under the counter this time. "I shall notify Ms. Hunter of your attendance, please stay around the waiting area until the others have arrived, Ms. Hunter will personally come to meet with you all once it is time." He explained briefly, whilst gesturing to the quickly emptying area around them.

    With a parting smile, Calista turned and headed in a general direction, away from the crowds at least. Perhaps she should freshen up in the restrooms, after all, there was probably a piece of muffin or something in her hair after she'd been squeezing herself past and in between the power walking suits from all directions.
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  6. Name: Madeleine “Maddie” Anabelle Lior
    Code Name: N/A
    Location: Lior Cafe → Fox and Hunter Industries HQ
    Mentioned: N/A
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    Today, Maddie had to admit, wasn’t one of her best days. She was the morning person of her siblings, and so she was usually the first of the three to be up and moving. Her parents were almost always up even earlier. So it was a bit of a surprise when a bleary eyed Madeleine stumbled downstairs into the kitchen after her brother and practically tripped into a chair by the island. It wasn’t a surprise, however when she muttered something about getting carried away and new aprons and uniforms for their parents. Malcolm Lior, the ever understanding older brother (no matter how snarky he is), wordlessly slid a plate of pancakes in front of his sister with an amused grin.

    ”Thanks, Mal...but why no coffee?” she asked, yawning widely before reaching over for the maple syrup and spreading the sticky goodness over her pancakes. She gave a light drowsy hum of appreciation before digging in. ”Not that I don’t appreciate your lovely pancakes. But coffee.”

    Mal rolled his eyes and slid the mug of coffee over too. “I should call you Coffee Monster, Sparky.”

    ”Mm, no thanks. Sounds too much like Cookie Monster.” Maddie shoved the rest of the pancakes into her mouth and swallowed before taking a satisfying sip from the given mug. Feeling the last of the drowsiness being swept away by the morning coffee, Maddie practically purred out a content sigh, ”Besides, one of us had to end up obsessed with it or something. We live above a cafe, Mal.”

    Again, he rolled his eyes.

    Then, they started washing the dishes together with a few comments here and there. Which somehow ended up starting a little soapy water fight. That also somehow dragged in their little sister, Serena, just as she came down to get her own breakfast.

    It was your typical weekend morning in the Lior household.


    Maddie hummed as she stood outside Fox and Hunter Industries HQ. It was a tuneless hum that rolled out casually as she looked over the grand building. It wasn’t the first time she’s seen the building, but it was definitely the first time she had a reason to actually go inside the building. It was to strange, in her eyes, to be dressed so casually in front of Fox and Hunter Industries HQ while others milled in and out of the building in business suits. She felt more than a little out of place with her simple attire, which consisted of a tan v-neck t-shirt, dove grey jacket and washed out skinny jeans. It almost made her want to just turn tail and run back home to change into a business suit herself.

    Almost. But not quite.

    She let out a heavy sigh, brushed imaginary dust off her pants, straightened her jacket, and practically marched herself into the building before she really decided to be ridiculous and run back home to change. Her march slowed into a walk when the interior design of the building momentarily distracted her. ”Well, at least I know the woman has style...” she murmured to herself as she slowly but surely reached the reception desk. Maddie distractedly reached into her bag and pulled out her letter from between the pages of her sketchbook. As she finally glance up to look at the receptionist while placing the letter on the marble surface of the desk, she started at the sight of the bodyguard like man.

    Nervous, she felt energy practically crackling at the pits of her stomach. It made her absently wonder if she could spit or throw up lightning. ‘Not that I want to know,’ she thought dryly to herself as the initial shock died down. Shoving down any anxiety that was left, Maddie pulled up her best “public smile”, ”Hi, I’m Madeleine Anabelle Lior and I’m here for the formal lunch that Ms. Isabelle Hunter is hosting today?”

    The intimidating man took her letter from the desk, briefly scanned over it, before looking up at Madeleine. He stared for a good few seconds as if wondering why she was here even with the letter explaining the details. (She didn’t blame him. She’s been asking herself the same thing ever since she got the cryptic letter.) She was starting to wonder if she should have just listened to her instincts and ran back home when the man vaguely smiled as if she reminded him of a private joke and told her to wait for Ms. Hunter in the waiting area.

    ‘...And that helps me feel so safe.’

    Still, she thanked the man with another smile and quick nod of the head before heading over to the seats and sinking into one of the unoccupied ones. After a second thought, Maddie took out her sketchbook and pencil to finish up on a design she had been drafting for a few days now. She wasn’t in any particular rush to finish the piece nor was she bored, but the woman wanted to look occupied. Anti-social she was not. But it didn’t change the fact that her nerves were thoroughly frayed and left her with little desire for more anxiety.
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  7. Gugu Desta Fumnanya
    Home --> Fox and Hunter Industries HQ

    "If you are unable to attend, then please clear your schedule and make room for this very important meeting. Absences will not be appreciated..." Gugu read that last bit aloud, her eyes wide as she pondered the possible ways that she could be punished for not showing up to lunch this afternoon.

    "I don't know," she sang, her eyes lifting from the letter in her hand and out over the balcony, where she had a clear view of Fox and Hunter Industries off in the distance. Her upscale warehouse apartment happened to be in the same district, which was odd considering it was in the middle of some of the biggest corporations in the city, but she didn't have any complaints. "Kind of want to go get a smoothie, kind of want to take a nap..." She said, but the image of her ass being handed to her by a brute henchman was enough to deter her from one of those two ideas.
    Gugu stood outside of the Fox and Hunter Industries HQ, taking in how grand it all was and exhaling deeply to calm any nerves before they made an appearance. She still got anxiety being around strangers, and with no idea of what to expect from this invitation Gugu was already feeling the pressure. "Thank God for disguises," Gugu said, as she brought her smoothie up to her lips and sucked the fusion of tropical fruits down. She moved forward to enter the building, going against the flow of people exiting the building and sliding in behind someone dressed like they worked there.

    Once inside, Gugu scanned the area before her eyes landed on the brute of a henchman acting as the receptionist. He looked just like the man she had imagined kicking her ass earlier, which made her think she had made the right decision coming in, but also made her wonder who F and H thought they were fooling. "Hi, I'm here for the lunch?" Gugu greeted the man in her naturally sweet voice, and slid the letter across the table towards the man. He didn't seem to care that there was someone speaking without a visible body, or the floating letter bit.

    After being checked in, Gugu did as she was instructed and walked over into the waiting area. She counted four women in total, though something told her there were probably a few people missing from this little party. Gugu silently joined the group, her back pressing against a wall as she brought her delicious smoothie back up to her lips. Normally she would introduce herself and not just watch under her cloak of invisibility, but it felt safer to observe them all before jumping into conversation.
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  8. tumblr_n4hxtcx9kH1qicobao1_1280.jpg
    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀〈♦ TATIANNA FERRARI ♦〉▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

    Superhero Cover: Kinetica
    Powers: Telekinesis, Telempathy
    Location: Her House-Fox & Hunter Industries HQ
    Mood: Energized-Annoyed/Curious/Nonchalant-Flirtatious/Impatient/Moody

    Outfit: Tatianna's Outfit
    Interaction(s): No One
    Mentioned: No One
    Tagged: No One



    Tatianna was in the living room area of her lavish home, practicing some Boxing Moves and working out as usual. She was punching and kicking the Punching Bag that hung in the middle of the Living Room. She used her Telekinesis to levitate into the air to do a spinning kick, sending the bag towards the ceiling. "Nice." She smirked, floating back down to the Mahogany floor. She hadn't checked her mail until today, not really bothering to look at the bills and letters from fans and all the other regular mail. One piece of mail did stick out from the rest. "Fox & Hunter Industries..." She read the name off the Logo Stamp on the envelope. Not taking another moment to think over the letter anymore, she opened it up and started to read it.

    As part of your acceptance into the 'Project Guardians' scheme, you have been invited to a formal lunch with Isabella Hunter, CEO of Fox and Hunter Industries. Please meet at the Fox and Hunter Industries HQ and bring this letter (with the envelope) with you. Upon arrival, you should present this letter to the receptionist and then wait for everyone to arrive. Formal dress is not required or desired. Any questions should be kept until you arrive at the HQ, and you should not inform anyone else of this meeting. If you are unable to attend, then please clear your schedule and make room for this very important meeting. Absences will not be appreciated. Compensation for inconveniences and disruptions will be given out in due time if requested.

    Apparently the Letter had been sent out a week ago. "Damn dumbass mail company." Tatianna's mail was always intercepted by her Private Mailing Company, but they usually sent her mail to her later than it would've of been coming from the regular Mail Companies. Shaking her head, she sat down on her couch, looking over the letter once again. "This should be SO fun." She smirked and rolled her eyes. Before going to the Company's Building, she needed something to eat and time to find something nice to wear. Even though it wasn't required to look nice, everything Tatianna owned was nice and expensive... so either way, she was going to look Formal and maybe a bit Edgy and Slutty, which was her style all the way. After taking a few minutes to eat her Cereal, she went off to her shower and took a 30-minute shower.

    Once she had her outfit together and fixed her hair into a nice Curly Look, she headed out towards her car. She knew she would probably be later than the others, but she is fucking Tatianna Ferrari, people would pay to be graced by her presence, and some did pay for her to appear at things. Even though the woman was aspiring to be an Actress and Model, her career now was Boxing and Coaching Boxing. Tatianna Ferrari was known as The Red Mistress when she was in the ring, knocking out every girl that dared to challenge her. She is the Light Flyweight Female Boxing World Champion and has been for a few years now. She is usually contacted by Boxing and other Sports Endorsers and with her High Status in the Entertainment World, she needed a secret Identity if she wanted to be a Superhero... or use her powers for anything. She has to keep a tight cover and she hasn't told anyone about her powers, other than her family because that's her family.

    Anyway, Tatianna got into her Ferrari, which was a gift for her Twenty-First Birthday. It was fun to have the last name of such a Famous and Rich Company if only she was actually a part of THAT Ferrari family. She would have a few minutes to get to the Building, since she lived in the most Suburban part of Silvergate City, preferring the quiet area over the busy streets of the more Business populated Districts. She sped down the streets, not caring about who got angry at her for flying pass them and taking their part of the road. Tatianna hated the Traffic of the city, she would've rather flew to the HQ... but she didn't feel like flying that much and risk people seeing her. Driving like a Speed Demon apparently wouldn't get her noticed as much as flying would, in her mind that was a logical reason.

    After almost giving a few drivers heart attacks from her reckless driving, she had finally made it outside of the building. Parking her car across from the HQ, she slid out the car, making sure to lock the doors. "I wish someone would try to steal my baby." She flipped her hair over her shoulders, fixing her hoodie and walking into the building as if she owned it.

    She got a few looks her way, most of these men and women had never seen a girl like her walk in there before unless they had some old perv holding onto their waists. Not giving them the satisfaction of her looking their way, she headed straight for the Receptionist Desk. "Tatianna Ferrari, here for that Lunch Meeting thing." She gave her biggest and almost sincerest smile towards the extremely large male behind the desk. "You're a big man... I wonder..." She winked at him, only getting a stern look in return. "Well... someone just lost their chance to get laid." She rolled her eyes, not paying attention to the creepy smile the big meathead gave her way.

    Once being told where to go and where to wait for Isabella Hunter to show up, Tatianna glided over to the window area. She wasn't in the mood to speak to anyone, and she didn't have the energy to pay attention to some overly excited Wannabe "Hero", she looked out the window. "This whole "MEETING" better be for a good reason, I hate when my time is wasted for just some dumb talk..." She stood there, hoping to get some answers and find out why she was here.

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  9. Natasha Gunn - - - Fox and Hunter Industries HQ

    Natasha had occupied herself with her phone, checking out some of the latest exhibitions at the Silvergate Museum of History and Art. It was mostly the art that interested her, considering her career and interests. This week, they had just installed a modern art showcase, featuring all kinds of unusual statues and bold canvas work. She had always been interested in the museum, often going there whenever she needed inspiration or just wanted to relax. It was just a place that gave her so much to think about, so much to enjoy. She was so engrossed in her phone and the articles that she hadn't noticed that people had begun to join her in the waiting area. The voice of a woman caused Natasha to jump slightly, though she tried to keep her cool as she put her phone away.

    As Chloe spoke and began to ask what Natasha was 'supposed to be', the young woman stared with a furrowed brow. What was this woman getting at? Before Natasha could fire back with questions of her own, another woman came over. This woman seemed much more lively, and Natasha could only watch her with a hint of confusion, a little put off by the enthusiasm that she was showing. When Lucy extended a hand for Natasha to shake, Natasha eyed it for a second before accepting, giving Lucy's hand a firm shake and quickly letting go again. “Natasha Gunn,” she said. “And I have no idea what you're talking about with this 'supermeet' or whatever. Do you know something about this that I clearly don't?” The thought annoyed Natasha to some degree – she hated being in the dark about things that concerned her.

    Noticing someone else joining the waiting area, Natasha glanced over in the direction of the quiet young woman. It was tempting to ask about what the woman was working on, though Natasha knew from experience that that could be annoying. She would always hate it whenever someone bugged her to ask what she was working on. Even Cara wasn't immune from Natasha's annoyance, and had been on the receiving end of a biting comment a couple of times. So perhaps it was best to leave the woman to her drawing. And even if Natasha did want to speak to the artistic woman, she wouldn't have much of a chance with a new person joining the group, making quite an entrance as she went over to the window, an aura of drama surrounding her. Natasha stared for a second or two, rolling her eyes at the words that came out of her mouth. “This better not be a 'dumb talk',” Natasha said, looking from Tatianna to the rest of the group. “I didn't rush to get here just for some meaningless talk.” Natasha wanted answers as well – it seemed like some of the others knew more than she did, or at least, they thought they knew more than she did. And it was about time someone explained what was going on here.

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  10. Chloe Hyo
    Fox Industries Lobby
    @The Dovah @VanillaCola @Birb @Shattered☢Horror☠

    The girl at the desk asked if Chloe was there because of the superhero letter. Chloe stared at her for a moment, letting people arrive and the girl she started to talk to, and it seemed like they were all clueless as to what was happening. Chloe started to laugh. It wasn't a chuckle, or even a giggle. It was a hearty, full bellied laugh. The kind you have when someone casually mentions that Batman's guilty pleasure must be farting and walking away. There were tears in her eyes as Chloe stood up, her laughter subsiding after a long time.

    "Hah, you guys are a riot! You guys are about as observant as a bunch of bricks aren't you? No offense, but that has to be the most hilarious thing ever. Okay, you didn't think for a moment that this 'Project Guardians' crap wasn't A: a trap," Chloe explained, casually making more ice, it was slow growth, but she needed any extra she could make if this went south, "or B: the origin of a super hero team? So you all just wanted to come over to a popular company run by an ex-superhero for a mysterious project and didn't question it? Not even a little?"

    It could still be a trap, but this scene right here was hilarious. They had a bunch of women, all super powered if Chloe were to guess, called to a meeting most would be wary of, and the first thing they wanted to do was bitch about how a famous ex-superhero could possibly be wasting their time. It was comical, the funniest thing she'd seen if only because it was so tragic.

    "Ah man, you guys. Also," Chloe said as she decided to make the ice on her hoodie spike outwards suddenly, making them look nice and sharp, smiling while she did so, "if this is a trap, consider me not very impressed. But if this isn't, I look forward to the drama of this team! I'm Chloe Hyo, if there are to be introductions, and my not-so-secret alter ego is Ice Queen."
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  11. Gugu Desta Fumnanya
    Fox and Hunter Industries HQ

    Mentioned: Chloe, Maddie, Lucy, Natasha, Tati
    Interaction: Natasha - @VanillaCola

    Gugu's eyes were naturally drawn to the few people in the group who seemed preoccupied with their phones, and sketchbooks. She smiled softly to herself, lips still wrapped around her straw as she pushed gently off of the wall and took a turn about the room. As she was doing so, a much taller woman than herself with a slim physique entered, looking as if she couldn't be bothered with this whole meeting. She spared the woman a glance, before making her way over towards the woman holding a sketchpad. Gugu stopped just behind the girl's chair, bending forward slightly and watching as she sketched. It was a design of some sort, but Gugu was at a loss for what it was? Still, Gugu found it impressive. She had always envied people that could draw. She lingered behind the woman for a short while, before moving onto the next one.

    Silently, Gugu walked over to the girl who was glued to her phone. What's so interesting? Gugu wondered as she made her way behind the girl's chair. A small smile crept onto her lips as she read over the contents in the girl's phone. Ooo. The Silver Gate Art Museum, hm? Suddenly, the girl's phone was shut off, and her attention was elsewhere. Gugu looked to the two women she was suddenly addressing, her smoothie slurping growing with intensity as the Asian girl began to speak up. Her smile only grew at the girl's casual insults towards everyone's intelligence, though she silently agreed with what the woman was saying. However, it never occurred to Gugu that they may have been assembled to be heroes, or anything. There weren't heroes anymore, just villains and the sad people with powers who eventually got killed.

    Pretty soon Gugu's smoothie was nearing empty, but she continued to slurp what was left up through the straw. She blinked curiously at Chloe's impressive use of ice, and wondered if everyone in the room really was super powered. Would they really have called her here for her use of invisibility and force fields? She pondered that question while she loudly finished the last of her smoothie, unaware that the condensation from her cup had been dripping little droplets of water onto Natasha.

    @The Dovah
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  12. Name: Madeleine “Maddie” Anabelle Lior
    Code Name: N/A
    Location: Fox and Hunter Industries HQ (Waiting area)
    Mentioned: @Sailor Moon @RainDash @Shattered☢Horror☠
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    Maddie felt herself slowly start to relax as she continued to sketch out another rough outline of the stitching she might use for the particular design she was working on. She barely took note of the newcomer nor the prickling feeling of being watched she felt as she drew out a few more technical details. The woman only took a brief moment to glance behind her, only to see absolutely nothing, before shrugging it off as paranoia from being practically trapped in this...business with the CEO of Fox and Hunter Industries.

    She was about to go back to her sketchbook to write out the details that she wouldn’t be able to draw out, such as material requirements, when the Asian girl in their little gathering started laughing loudly and, in her opinion, rather obnoxiously. Maddie’s opinion of the Asian girl didn’t get any better when she broke off from her laugh to make unnecessary snide comments and made a threatening show of ice manipulation. Sure, she does think that anyone who hadn’t at least thought about this ‘Project Guardians’ as something possibly negative to their well-being was a bit naive. But that also didn’t give the Asian girl the right to be...a little shit, as her brother would oh so eloquently put it.

    Still, Maddie bit back all the snark and sarcasm that came with growing up with Malcolm Lior and shoved it all away before she said something that she’d regret. There was a reason why she was the responsible sibling in her family. Her brother was not the best role model in that aspect. ...And those spikes looked dreadfully sharp from where Maddie was sitting. ’This is where I would say, ‘nobody asked, you egoistic dumbass’. ...But maman did always say ‘if you can’t say anything nice, shut those lips darling’.

    Carefully, she slid her green eyes back to her sketchbook and marked in the notes for measurements and materials. Even as she got back to work, her eyes still narrowed as her lips curled just the slightest bit in dark amusement. If she wanted to be positive, she would agree with Chloe and say Isabella Hunter wanted a new superhero dream team even after the previous team’s break up. If she wanted to be REALLY negative, she would say that Isabella Hunter got a partnership with the government or the mafia and decided to kidnap a handful of superpowered humans to sell. There’s nothing more efficient than super-soldiers.

    Even with those thoughts, all the anxiety that had previously made itself at home in the pits of Maddie’s stomach was slowly but surely replaced by calm and snark as she started to compartmentalize her thoughts. Though, looking at the situation at hand, Maddie couldn’t really bring herself to say that her anxiety was unjustified.

    Letting out a soft, near silent sigh, the brunette flipped to a blank page to draw out a base for a pair gloves because she was due for new ones anyway. She gave the rest of the group one last glance before getting back to work.

    ’The moment shit starts going down, I’m blitzing out,’ she thought vehemently while drawing in basic stitching. ’Au revoir, Maddie out.’

    Mon dieu. Where was her coffee when she needed it?
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  13. Wrapping her hands with the surprisingly firm and noticeably higher quality of paper - for the restroom no less - Calista huffed quietly as she gave the reflection in the mirror a once over. While her hands moved seemingly on their accord, Calista's eyes drifted easily one corner of the mirror and right across to all the other corners. She, for one, had always been weak around reflective surfaces. While a majority of the populous also shared the same weakness, the tendency to check oneself in mirrors or glass surfaces upon stumbling across them, Calista often had thoughts of how she probably had a good leg over the rest of them with the amount of fretting and checking she would do in front of the mirrors. Turning her head to the side, Calista brought one dried hand up to tousle at the hair there, shaking off any invisible lingering dust that may have gotten caught. Using the same hand, Calista gently pat at the previously tousled hair, smiling as she deemed the curls that bounced lightly against her shoulder to be in place once more.

    Suddenly, behind her, behind the closed stall - and how she never noticed that was something she'd answer at a later date - the sound of a toilet being flushed echoed obnoxiously loudly, taking over the silence that had reigned for only a few seconds prior. Flushed, Calista tightened her hands into a fist, the damp paper towel rolled up in her palm, and quickly turned away from the mirror. Walking with a small stumble towards the trash can, Calista gave a glance behind her as she disposed the damp ball of paper, and noted how the other woman who had just finished her business had now taken over Calista's previous position. It was silly to get flushed over something that most women would do on a daily basis. Taking a moment to look into the mirror, the face of the woman on the reflective surface, one last time, Calista then turned on her heel, chiding herself for backing away at something so casual, shying away from someone that she didn't even have to talk to, or even acknowledge in any way.

    Stepping out from the restroom, Calista immediately noticed that the once chaotic lobby now only had the odd man or two lingering about. Far away down the halls that lead to the more important places, no doubt. However, turning to her left, she was quick to spot the phenomenon that just seemed out of place within the whole picture. Speaking of things being out place, Calista allowed a small smirk to pull at the corner of her lips for a moment, after all, who was she to call out on someone, people, looking out of place when she herself was shoulders deep and way out of her element - perhaps that was her cue to entangle herself within the anomaly.

    As she approached the ever loud group that had situated themselves rather comfortably off the side, the waiting area or at least a part of it she assumed, Calista casually reached over, her arms easily covering a considerable distance to snatch a small treat off the free snack sample rack. Heels clicking as quietly as possible, Calista brought up the treat to inspect and see what it was that she had picked up ... a chocolate muffin! A satisfied smile, a nearly smug smile, made it's way onto her face. Even if they were heading out for lunch, surely a small treat, a chocolate muffin, was too good to pass up?

    Just as she was going to take a bite into the goods, Calista was nearly overwhelmed by the tension and sparks of anger that most of the people here had. Had she missed something important while she was away? Raising an eyebrow and taking in each person, Calista noted how some seemed to be the very embodiment of irritation itself, and the one particular girl who had her powers on full display, any idea of subtlety clearly thrown out the window. Frowning at the negative vibes that just seemed to spill violently from each person, or most of them at least, Calista allowed herself to strut closer into the fray.

    Allowing nerves to bubble in her, Calista's casted a smile that was perhaps a tad bit too bright, yet she continued onwards, "It's a little sad to have to constantly question the motives of people all around you," she began, giving a small huff, "wouldn't you say?" Looking down at the muffin, Calista then drawled on, taking a seat herself in one of the plush chairs, lifting the muffin up as an offering, "Besides, even if we get more questions than answers by the end of it all, we happen to be getting a free, and likely lavish, lunch ... now, anyone want a bite of this? It's a bit awkward to start things when you're all so highly strung and I'm definitely willing to share more than a few bites," she smirked.

    Even though Calista had spoken the words, the brunette knew that her fears and worries were reflected in each person, though many of them chose to express it in the form anger, irritation, or nonchalance. There was definitely some food for thought within the seemingly nerve wracked group, Calista herself kept the questions at bay - so many had already been at the forefront of her mind, and already she was struggling to hold the additional ones just from the outbursts in the last few minutes. Like she had done for most of her life, she would lean back and cross her legs, there wasn't nearly enough for her to work with to even feel anything but her frazzled nerves.

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  14. Natasha Gunn - - - Fox and Hunter Industries HQ

    When one of the girls erupted into laughter, Natasha stared at her with utter confusion and annoyance. As soon as she explained herself, mentioning ridiculous ideas such as the possibility of this meeting being a trap or a 'superhero team origin story', Natasha couldn't help but roll her eyes and slump back into her seat. She did not come all the way to some grandiose business HQ just to be told by a superhero washout that she would be joining the Silvergate Brigade 2.0. There was no way that was happening any time soon. Natasha's cynicism was disrupted when ice spikes suddenly protruded from the girl's hoodie – though once the initial shock had worn off, Natasha's cynical nature returned again in full force.

    “'Ice Queen'? More like 'Wannabe Wonder Woman',” Natasha quipped, chuckling at her own snarky comment. “So what, does everyone else have codenames? Is one of you going to come out and tell me you're 'She-Wolf' or something?” Natasha's amusement lasted for only a few seconds later, and her smug smile faded away, being replaced by a scowl. “If I've been dragged here to join the 'superhero dream team', then I'm going. I'm not in this business, and I don't want to be.”

    Natasha was about to stand up, but before she could, someone else spoke up. Another woman had come over to the group, this one carrying a chocolate muffin in her hand. Listening to her words, Natasha managed to calm down slightly, though she was still irritated by the idea of being forced into some kind of superhero team. With a sigh, she got comfortable in her seat, looking away from the rest of the group. If these were the people she was stuck with, then God help her. Tensions were already sparking, so how the hell could they ever be expected to work well together? It all seemed impossible. As Natasha sat there, her best 'resting bitch face' firmly engraved into her expression, she felt something on her head. She had felt as if someone was near her, but put it down to the gathering of people around her. But there was no mistaking that something had hit her head – something wet, like droplets of water. And she had picked up on the vague sound of slurping coming from nearby, the sound more obvious now that the tensions were less intense. Turning her head slightly in the direction of the strange presence, Natasha stared off for a moment before speaking.

    “I know you're there,” she snarled, not caring if she sounded mad to the rest of the group. “I may not want to be a superhero, but I know that people have superpowers – including invisibility, or whatever the hell you're doing. Guess what: you're not really hiding if you're making obnoxious slurping sounds behind someone's back.” She stared at the seemingly empty space behind herself, waiting for whoever it was to reveal themselves.

    Meanwhile, over at the reception desk, the receptionist was having a minor panic. Having the group argue already was not part of the plan at all, and he was desperate for Ms. Hunter to come down as soon as possible. He picked up the nearby phone, nervously glancing over at the group whilst waiting for Isabella to answer. When she did, he let out a sigh of relief. “Ms. Hunter, is it possible for you to come down soon? The group are arguing and one has already threatened to leave. Some of the employees are watching.”

    In her office upstairs, Isabella let out a rather frustrated groan. “William, you're a grown man the size of a house – can't you keep them under control for five minutes?” Isabella was currently in the midst of a balancing act, juggling her files, laptop, and phone at the same time as she prepared to leave her office and head downstairs.

    “They're very opinionated,” William explained. “I don't think anyone could keep them from clashing.”

    “Just stop them from tearing up the waiting area if things get too hectic, could you? I'm on my way down now.” With that, Isabella put the phone down and sorted herself out before exiting her office, marching over to the elevator and pressing the button for the ground floor. She was eager to meet the new recruits, though also a bit nervous considering what William had just told her. Surely they wouldn't be clashing already?

    The elevator dinged, signalling Isabella's arrival. From where she was, Natasha looked over at the elevator, watching as Isabella exited and made her way over to the waiting area. With a smile on her lips, Isabella stood by the group, giving each of them a quick once over before addressing them. “Welcome to Fox and Hunter Industries, I'm Isabella Hunter, CEO of the company. I assume you're all here for the lunch and meeting about Project Guardians? I'd appreciate it if you didn't cause a scene in my building, my employees have enough to deal with as it is without a group of superhumans entering the fray.” She let out a light chuckle, and then motioned with her free hand down a nearby hallway. “If you'd like to follow me, I'll take you to the meeting room.” Isabella headed down the hallway, assuming that the group would follow. Natasha did so, albeit with a lot of reluctance. She really wasn't looking forward to all of this, though she would hear Isabella out, even if she didn't agree with what the woman apparently had in mind. Arriving at the meeting room, Isabella opened the door using her keycard, and entered the room. It contained a large table, with seats dotted around it. A projector was near the front, set up for a presentation. However, there was no lunch in sight.

    “William should be bringing in lunch soon. If you could all take a seat, I'll set up the presentation. And if you have any questions, I'd be willing to answer them now.”

    Natasha took a seat near the back end of the table, not wanting to be close enough to Isabella to receive much of her attention. She wasn't all that interested, and whilst she did have questions, she'd rather not bother herself by voicing them. Besides, she was sure that someone else would bring up some of the questions that were in her mind. One way or another, Natasha would get the answers that she wanted.

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  15. Lucy Hera: The Meeting place - Gathering of the team - @VanillaCola

    "Pleasure to meet you." Lucy thought it was a bit odd that Natasha didn't know about the true purpose of the meeting. "This may sound odd but we're here because we have unique abilities." She informed the woman before another one joined the small gathering. "Considering they have my number and my little incident wasn't excatly subtle, it would be rather hard to hide it." She told Chloe whilst watching her grow some ice. "But seeing as we're here, we should reveal our names. I'm Lucy." She told the other women whilst watching Chloe play with some ice.

    Another woman came to the group and made a remark about questioning the motives of people. Lucy elected that her best course of action was to remain silent so she did until the receptionist came up to them. The elevator opened to reveal the chair of the meeting and so, Lucy got up. With her bike, she wheeled it over to Isabella and followed her into the room. "It's nice to meet you." She told the woman as she rested her bike against the wall. She sat down near the front of the table and wondered if they would need to show her their powers.
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  16. tumblr_n4hxtcx9kH1qicobao1_1280.jpg
    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀〈♦ TATIANNA FERRARI ♦〉▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

    Superhero Cover: Kinetica
    Powers: Telekinesis, Telempathy
    Location: Fox & Hunter Industries HQ
    Mood: Amused/Annoyed-Curious/Determined/Observant
    Outfit: Tatianna's Outfit
    Interaction(s): Isabella Hunter (NPC)
    Mentioned: Maddie, Gugu, Chloe, Natasha, Lucy, Calista, Isabella Hunter (NPC)
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    Tatianna had stayed quiet for the most part while everyone else around her talked about mindless things. She couldn't believe that she was going to have to sit with these people. They seemed to only want to become these "superheroes," she guessed they forgot what happened to the last "superheroes." She thought it was funny how some of the girls were soo paranoid about nothing, how would they know if Isabella wanted them here for something good or bad, they haven't even met the woman yet. Shaking her head, she stayed next to the window, not feeling like making any friends right now.

    When the sound of the Elevator arriving at its stop went off, Tatianna turned her head towards the opening metal doors. She analyzed Isabella from afar, before walking over to the now gathered girls. She listened to the woman speak about the building and that they shouldn't make a scene and some other stuff. "Yeah... we'll make a scene alright." She smirked, following the group towards the room.

    Tatianna looked around the rather large room, deciding to take a seat near the front. Usually, she would sit as far away from everyone as possible, but in a situation like this, she needed to be front and center... or adjacent center. When Isabella asked around the room if anyone had any questions, Tatianna was one of the first to clear her throat and look straight at the woman in "charge".

    With all of her cockiness and prideful ways, Tatianna rested her right elbow on the table and crossed her legs. "I have a question... or a few questions actually." She rolled her eyes. "Why exactly are we here... is this some trap or something, like the Ice Girl said? Or are we here for something ACTUALLY important?" She sat there, waiting for the woman to answer the question that everyone in the room probably wanted an answer for as well.

    Tatianna was curious about why she and the other girls were picked out for this special talk when she and everyone else in Silvergate City knew that there were other superheroes around who would probably be a better choice. Tatianna has great control over her Telekinesis, but when it came to her other power... she didn't use her emotional control that much, and she wasn't planning on showing her gift until her questions were answered. "Just so you all know, my name is Tatianna Ferrari and that's all you'll get until I get answers..."
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  17. Chloe Hyo
    Fox Industries Lobby
    @The Dovah @VanillaCola @Birb@ROYAL☠PRIDE™ @Sailor Moon
    Silence. Either she'd struck a chord or just plain pissed everyone off. She retracted the ice, letting it settle back into the usual layer of ice around her shoulders and upper arms. Well, at the very least she'd made the receptionist agitated at her display. Which out of all the people there, she kinda felt bad about.

    "It's a little sad to have to constantly question the motives of people all around you, wouldn't you say? Besides, even if we get more questions than answers by the end of it all, we happen to be getting a free, and likely lavish, lunch ... now, anyone want a bite of this? It's a bit awkward to start things when you're all so highly strung and I'm definitely willing to share more than a few bites."

    “'Ice Queen'? More like 'Wannabe Wonder Woman'. So what, does everyone else have codenames? Is one of you going to come out and tell me you're 'She-Wolf' or something? If I've been dragged here to join the 'superhero dream team', then I'm going. I'm not in this business, and I don't want to be.”

    "It's kind of why I'm still alive when I'm the only hero I know, darling. I hate it, but I'd rather be suspicious and alive than trusting and dead. But did I come off as highly strung? Whoops. Plus, if I could be Wonder Woman, I'd never leave the island. too much effort. Also, didn't pick it."

    Chloe shrugged, slumping back into her chair, kicking her feet into the air just before the CEO came in.

    “'Ice Queen'? More like 'Wannabe Wonder Woman'. So what, does everyone else have codenames? Is one of you going to come out and tell me you're 'She-Wolf' or something? If I've been dragged here to join the 'superhero dream team', then I'm going. I'm not in this business, and I don't want to be.”

    The woman of the hour walks in. At least you have interesting reactions receptionist guy and deadpan snarker. Chloe thought as she walked behind he rest of the group. They arrived in a meeting room and Chloe put her feet up on the table, settling into her chosen chair with relish, and waited for the questions to start rolling in.

    One even got right to the point, asking what Chloe asked earlier, but there was no way she'd praise that jerk. She clearly was trying to be mysterious and angry, but honestly it wasn't something that would make friends faster than Chloe's tactic from earlier.​
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  18. Gugu
    Fox and Hunter Industries HQ

    Gugu continued on in near silence as the group seemed to grow even more chaotic with the addition of new voices speaking up. She thought she was safe enough with being invisible and all, but somehow the feisty Natasha had figured out she was there. It was odd. She made eye contact with the shorter girl, stunned like a deer in the headlights and expecting her to reach back and hit her. Thankfully, nothing of the kind happened. Gugu relaxed and exhaled the breath she had been holding slowly through her nostrils. Removing the straw from between her lips, she lifted up her cup and saw the smoothie was all gone. Well, that's fine. Popcorn would have been more suitable, anyway.

    The elevator dinged, drawing Gugu's attention over to it and the woman that emerged from it. Gugu knew this woman by name and face obviously, but seeing her in person had her just a little bit starstruck, which didn't happen often. She could befriend most anyone off of her pop star status alone, but powerful business people and ex-super heroes didn't usually care about any of that. Sighing quietly, Gugu moved to the front of the group and followed closely behind Isabella Hunter as they were lead to the meeting room.

    Gugu selected her chair at the table at random, her nails already going to tap against the hard surface in a rhythmic 'clicking' noise. As usual, Gugu allowed everyone to make themselves heard first. She always liked to observe first and see where everyone was in their thoughts, before saying anything. Then, Gugu finally decided it couldn't hurt to finally reveal herself and voice her own thoughts. "Hi. I have a question as well," Gugu spoke up, flashing a smile at the group as her cloak of invisibility lifted. She was dressed in a red Vanilla Coke t-shirt, and denim shorts. Her hair was down and straight, stopping just above her hips. "What exactly is Project Guardians? Are we supposed to be...I don't know, heroes of some sort?" Gugu asked, blinking. "Because I've never really used my abilities to help anyone but myself..."

    "Which leads me to another important question." Gugu gave Isabella a serious look, then looked around the room. "When is lunch?"
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  19. Ah. Tough crowd, Calista figured as no one had bothered to claim the muffin in her hands. Feeling just slightly self conscious of herself, Calista turned away from the gathered group once more, peeling delicately at the muffin wrapper before taking a tentative bite. Luckily, while it seems her presence had been noted by the other ladies, her words had seemed to fly by their heads - something she was quite alright with in retrospect. Chewing slowly, Calista was quick to amend her previous thought when the one with the ice addressed her previous statement. She fought off the urge to roll her eyes, or to reply in kind - both urges being something she practiced regularly anyway. Instead, she stuffed a mouthful of the baked good into her mouth, just in case she really did begin to let the words spill out.

    These were the kind of people that Calista often avoided, not only at her workplace, but generally. All of them too developed and too self serving to give thought to the bigger picture, the antithesis of their own reflections most of all. The brunette could only hope that Isabella Hunter would be making her way down soon, if only to give them all what they needed so she could fuck right off all that much faster. She had been curious, but now it would seem that even a free fancy lunch wouldn’t be able to sustain her relatively remarkable patience and good mood.

    Just as she was about to take another bite of the diminishing muffin in her hand, the elevator gave a pretty little chirping sound, and all heads turned to find Isabella Hunter, front and center. As she first addressed the group, Calista found herself liking the woman’s presence. Unlike the chaotic tension she had stepped into, the woman gave off a rather calming - if forced - mood. Forced politeness and awkward formalities she can deal with at the very least while keeping her sanity. And so, Calista followed along with the rest of the group, taking one last bite of the chocolate muffin as she entered the spacious meeting room. Some of the seats were already quickly taken, and some had elected to forgo taking a seat altogether. Silently padding her way across the room, Calista took her seat on the further side of the table - breathing just a little easier with more than enough space to comfortably slouch against the back of the chair.

    As Hunter opened the floor for some questioning, Calista was more than surprised by the floodgates that seemed to have opened just by the very idea of an open floor Q&A. Some of them were the similar questions and concerns that had been drawn up prior to enter the meeting room while others ... well, they had been in her line of thought, but Hunter had adequately put those ones at rest for the moment what with her promises and the projector that they’d probably be subjected to watching.

    Unfortunately, just as she was going to turn her attentions elsewhere, something - someone - materialized in a seat just ... across from her. Still chewing on the last piece of chocolate muffin, Calista swallowed the piece quite suddenly from surprise. Turning her head entirely to the side, her arm coming up to cover her mouth, she began to cough forcefully - though as quietly as she could - to clear her airways. Her face was a bit flustered, but giving herself a pat or two on her chest, Calista was quick to recover and straighten herself once more. It was a little embarrassing, more than embarrassing actually ... but when she stopped to think of it for a second, there really wasn't anything to shy away from. People with powers of invisibility probably got a similar reaction from the general public everyday, and who the hell would actually practice 'seeing the unseen' or 'smelling the invisible out of hiding' or, better yet, 'getting in tune with my chi so I can sense the living life lines of anything around me'. Silvergate City may be a popular home for the superhuman, but expecting the impossible was still something quite out of reach.

    At least that was what she was telling herself as she trained her gaze onto the patterns of the table in front of her, avoiding the gazes and the superior eyes.
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  20. Name: Madeleine “Maddie” Anabelle Lior
    Code Name: N/A
    Mood: “I need coffee. LOTS.”
    Location: Fox and Hunter Industries HQ
    Mentioned: @White -- Chocolate @VanillaCola @Sailor Moon
    Tagged: N/A

    Though she barely looked up from her sketchbook when she came in, Maddie actually had to smile a bit at the words of the newcomer with the muffin. She had to agree with the girl, even though Maddie herself was admittedly a bit of a paranoid person, it was a bit sad. ...And they were getting free good food. Nobody could really argue about that being bad...except it could be some kind of ploy. ’Aaaand my mind is running in circles today,’ she thought to herself with a quiet sigh. She visibly winced when the conversation took a turn for the worst despite the newcomer’s efforts to soothe down the prickly atmosphere. It was like hanging off of a rope while watching it fray and tear. Chaos waiting to spill over unless someone swooped down to stop it.

    Which, in this case, the “someone” came in the form of Isabella Hunter. Maddie let out a quiet breath that she didn’t even realize that she had been holding before closing her sketchbook with a brisk snap. She quickly followed the rest of the group while slipping her sketchbook back into her bag. It’s okay to try to stay out of something that doesn’t have to concern you, but it is rather rude to pull away from something that definitely does concern you.

    That, and she didn’t know if Isabella Hunter would take it well if she got ignored during a (probably?) important presentation.

    After entering the meeting room, Maddie took a briefly took a moment to consider where to sit before deciding to sit next to the Muffin Girl (she really couldn’t think of anything better at the moment). ’Well...she seems least likely to bite my hand off from something silly,’ she reasoned as she the others started pipe up with their questions around. Some were genuinely curious while others were...unnecessarily snarky. ’Less likely to bite compared to the others at least,’ she hoped...rather desperately.

    She didn’t have time to worry anymore than she had because suddenly, while her mind was elsewhere, the Muffin Girl started and quietly, somehow, choked on her muffin and proceeded to thump it out. Maddie gave the girl a bewildered look for a long moment, not noticing she already had a hand up and ready to help the girl get any extra muffin bits out of her lungs. Thankfully, the girl quickly recovered, though she did seemed to quickly shrink into herself there after. Taking pity on the recently dubbed ‘Muffin Girl’, Maddie dutifully slid her eyes away to the spot next to the girl.

    ...Only to blink owlishly at the person in the said spot. Was she always here? Because she swore that-...she was just going to stop questioning things right here and right now. Because Maddie was done. She was just going to tag it as superhuman bullshit. If she could walk on the ceiling with just static, that girl can appear out of nowhere.

    So Maddie joined Muffin Girl in burning holes into the table in front of her with her eyes alone as her face settled into a deadpan expression with her hands laced in front of her mouth.

    She needed coffee. Badly.
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