G-Force ( An all Female Superhero Squad)

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    Welcome to Silvergate City, a location known to be a 'superhuman safe zone' amongst those with powers. Nowadays, that doesn't mean much, what with how many villains occupy the city and surrounding areas. Many superhumans lives here, though not many are known publicly. After many years, people are still crying out for the Silvergate Brigade to return. Those calls will be answered – just not in the exact way that the citizens want them to be responded to.


    This roleplay focusses on a select group of superhumans – soon to be known as superheroes in Silvergate City. After being scouted out by a secret force, these women have been selected to join the new 'Brigade' and protect the city from whatever threats it may face.

    Overall, this roleplay will focus on the lives of the different members of the new superhero group. It will follow their struggles with their new-found responsibility, the development of their powers, and the relationships that grow between them and others. They will face crime, villains, and the media as they deal with their secret identities and stop the city from collapsing.

    Character development is the key here, as well as the development of relationships (whether they be romantic, platonic, or antagonistic) between the cast and characters. Different villains and events will occur in the city, and major plot points will develop over time, but you are free and encouraged to create your own scenarios with other characters. Silvergate City is a big place – feel free to explore and engage.

    We're only looking for three, or at the most four people to join this. It's a new roleplay, but we have three players already that have agreed to join(that we have already roleplayed with), and we don't want this to get too big and accept too many characters. We're looking for writers that are comfortable writing at least 2 paragraphs, and are able to write freely without relying on someone else's post, as you may have to write out scenes alone sometimes. Furthermore, you must be able to post at least once a week and not have a history of disappearing, or bailing on roleplays.

    Will be adding loads more when the actual Roleplay is up.
    Credit: Most of this was written by @VanillaCola

    Unavailable Powers:
    Time Travel
    Forcefield Projection/Invisible Constructs
    Metal Armor
    Super Strength
    Digital Manipulation/Hacking
    Ice Manipulation
    Water Manipulation

    Character Sheet (open)

    [Image of Character: Real life pictures only]


    Age: (18 - 38)

    Code name: (If Applicable)


    Occupation: (Outside of being a Superhero)

    Personality: (At least four sentences.)

    SuperPowers: (An explanation of what your powers are. Up to two individual abilities.)

    Strengths: (Individual's strengths.)

    Weaknesses: (At least five for your charry, and at least 2 must be super power weaknesses/or limits.)

    Costume: ( A description of the costume. Req: Silver and an accent color of your choosing.)

    Backstory: (At least five sentences.)

    Sample post: (Minimum of 2 paragraphs.)

    @White -- Chocolate
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  2. I'd love to join this! However I only have weekend to reply due to my work and traffic jam in my country >.< Is that okay with you? I've been trying to adjust myself with my new work so I can open my laptop on weekday, but still can't manage to do it. I might can do that someday, just not now :') Also, for the costume, is it okay if I use image instead?
  3. If you have an image in mind this is fine. :D And as long as it's a post a week we're good, but if you can't manage it just give a heads up and it shouldn't be an issue, unless a huge amount of time has passed. Looking forward to your CS!
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  4. I'm interested, but is it okay if I have a written description instead of a picture?
  5. As long as it's good - I don't care. Meaning lots and lots of detail so that it's comparable to a picture.
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  6. Yay thank you! Should I throw the CS here? Or wait until the OOC is up?
  7. Throwing it here is fine. But I'll need you to repost it when the OOC is up. Plus, if you need to fix anything that'll give you more time.
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  8. Cool! I'll wait until the OOC is up.
  9. Okay. But I can't guarantee any reservations, because if someone posts a cs before the ooc is up and I like it, and yours isn't up I'm not sure I'll be holding it. That's just how I work.
  10. Well, I mean, how big is this RP going to be? I usually get my character up within a day or two of the thread being posted; I can't imagine a ton of people flooding in during that time.
  11. That's if the OOC is up by then. We still have stuff to work on, and Im not going to put it up before I have my cs finished, as well as the others lol. So the OOC most likely won't be up tomorrow or the next day. :/
  12. Oh, I meant I put it up within a day or two of the OOC thread, not this one, whoops. owo'
  13. I have to join this xD, Telekinesis and Telempathy reserves for me please.
  14. As long as both of the skills aren't overly developed, bc we don't want anyone too OP. :)
  15. Telempathy my char will just feel the emotions and be able to read them, not control them yet.

    Telekinesis will be in the basic level, controlling the movement of things and what not, until later down the line.
  16. Okay. @VanillaCola how do you feel about that?
  17. Ah, I see you added a bit more, and as it turns out this might not be the RP for me since I vastly prefer interacting with others over writing scenes by myself. So I might have to bow back out, whoops.
  18. It's not going to be writing scenes by yourself. But there may be times where you have to, just to clarify. I didn't add that to the the post, it's been there since the post went up. All I added was more unavailable powers to the list. But thanks for the interest and good luck. :)
  19. Hi there, may I join? I'll try and work on a sheet and get it up sometime tomorrow.
  20. OOh sign me up! I get to try out my Slime Mould ability! Also, just saying but the Unavailable Powers list looks like the powers used to be unavailable but aren't anymore, since they're crossed out.
    @Justin Charming I can't stand psychic mind-readingy type abilities, so if you could refrain from using Telempathy on any of my characters, that'd be great thanks.
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