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  1. Year 2055. Humanity has built it's first Star Ship called..Odyssey. Humanity's great pride. 50 years later. Earth has it's own fleet of hundred ships. A year later, humanity has made contact with Alien life. The Alien life they found was far more advanced and more powerful than their own. How ever, the Alien life gathered resources from planet to planet in order to live. And they choose Earth as their next target. The Aliens' themselves, are 15' foot tall, and are very deadly in close combat. They carry plasma rifles that can burn through concrete buildings, armor, impenetrable by human bullets. It didn't take long for the Alien Invasion to rip through the human fleet, and land on Earths soil.

    Earth relied on its' greatest hope in their engineers and scientist. They have designed a machine that can fight back. The machine was designed to be combat efficient, 25 foot tall, weigh more than 15 tons. Armor plate that can withstand plasma shots, but only for so long. The arms are it's weapons, twin barrel cannons with .905 rounds, mixed with saber rounds that can melt tank armor, hopefully it can do the same to the Alien armor. The Machines were called, Ground Efficient Assault Recon. G.E.A.R. Piloted by a single individual.

    Humanity was ready to test their hope, if it succeeded, they will survive.

    The plot for this is not ready, but for now it's pretty much a fight to the death kind of scene.

    G.E.A.R. Appearance: (Pretty much you can design your own if you like.)
    G.E.A.R. Weapons:
    G.E.A.R. Special Weapon: (Mounted cannon on the back, or flamethrower? Only 1 however.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.