FxM Roleplays. Dedicated rpers plz! [Open to plots]

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  1. This is an interest check for a FxM roleplay in which I will be playing the female. There should be more than sex I have plenty of plots that I'm open to but here are some that are fresh in my head:

    Plots I'm thinking (open)

    -F just moved next door to M or vice versa (Slice of Life)
    -F and M are ex's and reconnect after some time. (Realistic)
    -A girl with unbeknown abilities lives in paranoia even from her boyfriend in a world of gifted humans (Heroes Fandom)
    -F and M are students at a superhuman academy, and begin to bond. (Modern Fantasy)
    -A F nerdy girl gets a makeover and is desired by M and every other man afterwards. (Romance)

    Plots I'd be interested in (open)

    -A Sci-Fi Epic in which the M and F meet and embark on a journey together.
    -Survival (Non-Zombie) type scenario where M and F must escape the perils.
    -Any ability based scenario/superpowered beings

    Anything else I'm sure I'd be opened to, just reply or inbox me and run it by me!!! ;-]
  2. superhuman academy :D
  3. @nacht1220 ok! :] anything in particular you had in mind? I'm thinking of making it an all ages academy (more like a community)
  4. well i was thinking college-y but a community? works i would imagine...also maybe their 'gifts' leave physical signs on them....like idk if u have ever watched fairy tail but all the dragon slayer mages have pointy teeth and stuff lol, so maybe incorporate that somehow?
  5. There will be separate age groups like age 4-10 is the elementary campus, 11-17 is the Intermediate campus, and 18+ is the Caliber campus. And this is like in a world of humans. It's like a hidden society from the everyday world, so any marks/distinctions would have to be biological/physical.
  6. mhm thats what i meant like maybe if someone for example used fire, their eyes would be orange or red or yellow or something and glow when angry, or some fliers had wings......anyway thats just something i thought might be cool to add XD
  7. Oh yeah definitely!!
  8. Really? :'D well i would lovr to start an rp up when im done at work
  9. sounds good xD
  10. so how are we gonna do this?
  11. I guess I'll make the thread and tag you so we can create our characters! :]
Thread Status:
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