FxM and MxM

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  1. Hello everyone, I am in despearate need of a few mature role plays. I hope that I will find one or two people interested in doing some with me. I do have rules, but not near as many as other people. I also have plenty of things I want to role play, so I hope that you will find something you are interested in!

    1. Please be willing to play as a male or double.
    2. Please be able to post at least 2 paragraphs.
    3. Give what you get.
    4. Please be some what active.
    5. If you want to quit just tell me.

    Green Colored ones I have a pairing I would like to do.

    Mortal Instruments
    Black Butler

    Death Note
    Pacific Rim
    Fruits Basket


    If there is a role play you would like to do that is not listed please ask me. Unless I have never heard of what you are wanting I will most likely say yes.

    Message me or Post below if interested. I prefer to play female, but I do play as males for certain things. Like I said just ask.

  2. Would you be interesting in a newt/hermann pacific rim rp? I'm partial to playing either character.
  3. Im interested in either a MxM or FxM im fine with either. I love Naruto, Bleach, Fruits basket, Action, Adeventure, Mystery, and Fantasy. I would love to do any of those with you =)
  4. I am not sure how well I'd be at either of them, but that does sound interesting.

    Sure message me?
  5. Would you be interested in a Star Trek rp? If not, i am open to most anything I am familiar with.
  6. I personally have not seen star trek , so that'd be a no. Just let me know the other stuff you are interested in though.
  7. Well I'm good with:

    -DemonxAngel (actually I have a great plot for this one)

    I can go on forever. My only no go's are on my blog
  8. Go ahead and message me your plot for the demon angel one.
  9. Will do (it'll be a minute however)
  10. I'm interested in M/M fantasy, Sci-Fi and Adventure
  11. Message me.