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  1. Hello, i'm new to Iwaku but not to Roleplaying and I would like to kick off with some FxF. I have some fandoms and pairings I want to try so if you're interested, just hit me up.

    The only thing I expect from my partner is patience and to not be uncomfortable with the length of my posts. Sometimes I get carried away but that only means I love our role play!

    Ok, let's get started.


    Yang x Blake
    Nora x Phyrra
    Glynda Goodwitch x OC

    Mass Effect

    FemShep x Liara
    Liara x OC

    Once Upon a Time

    Emma x Regina
    Regina x Ruby
    Regina x OC
    Ruby x Oc

    Attack on Titan

    Mikasa x Annie

    Harry Potter

    OC x OC

    Final Fantasy VII

    Tifa x OC

    Final Fantasy XIII
    Lightning x OC
    Lightning x Serah

    I'll add more when I get some more ideas.
  2. I'll do Lightning x Serah with you ^_^
  3. I'd love to do YangXBlake or NoraXPyrrah!!! <3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.