FxF Scream themed rp? (Romance - Horror? - SliceOfLife)

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Romance, fluff, yaoi, slice-of-life.
I'm going to keep this short because I know I ramble on, haha.

I wanted to do something set during High School and I've been watching the Netflix show 'Scream' since I'm a lover of the films. Basically, our characters are in a pre-established relationship and then these murders start to happen. I wouldn't call this a complete horror, because there will be romance and then we'll rp the aftermath of the horror bits.

There might be smut, so I'm only really interested in 18+ people. Also, I'm more interested in rp'ers who can do very quick replies.

I'm also willing to change this into an MxM if you like. Or, a simple FxF popular girl/Outcast girl.

Message me if you're interested!!


This is my character's appearance: https://41.media.tumblr.com/3c8b98aa6ff563bc4d42a1bb80b8bbb9/tumblr_ngp13dS6As1snca1ho1_1280.jpg
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