FxF, RP?

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  1. Master x Slave
    - Character A is kidnapped only to wake up at a slave auction. Once there she is, along with the other slaves, held in cages for the buyers to look at before the auction. Once the auction starts the slaves are sold to the highest bidder. Character B has always wanted to have a slave of her own, or to be more specific a sex slave to play with as she wishes. Being someone that always gets what she wants her parents easily agree to take her to the auction to see which slave she would like. Once there she immediately sets her sights on making character A her new little toy. Can there ever be anything else between the two or are they destined to remain Master and Slave?
    - Dirty Talk/Name calling
    -A little BDSM
    - Use of toys and other things
    This plot involves a lot of sexual content/smut
    I would prefer to be Character A in this.
  2. I wouldn't mind joining you in this Role Play. I mainly role play F/f Ms. I can do both submissive or dominance as both Mistresses and Slaves.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.