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  1. Pairing: Best Friend x Amnesiac (Bolded role is me) (Potential For Romance)
    Plot: In this story, a former Yakuza Soldier (My Character) suffers from amnesia after carrying out a Revenge attack against her former Brothers (and Sisters) in Crime. What caused the amnesia was a car accident that she got into following her escape. While driving, she gets into a deadly crash. While she and her baby survive, her Husband didn't. However, when she wakes up from a seven month coma, she is greeted by Best Friend (Can go however far back you want, maybe even to 1st Grade for all I care), comes back to take care of her, since Authorities and Hospital staff were unable to notify any next of kin. Will she regain her memories before she becomes a mother with the support and help of her Best Friend?

    My Character for the RP
    Name: Yoshimi Trang Huynh

    Age: 24

    Height: 5' 4"

    Weight: 135 lbs.

    target-style-red-sweater-petite-style-blog-alina-1.jpg maternity-photo-shoot-seraphine-dress-fashion-blog.jpg

    Personality & Bio: In her youth, Yoshimi was a very shy and quiet young woman, but was never really accepted. Her Mother was a Hairdresser and her Father was a Soldier in the US Army. She had always had trouble making friends and was often shunned due to her mixed ethnicity, as it is frowned upon in Vietnamese Culture. Because Yoshimi was treated so badly in her youth, she is often nice to others who approached her or befriended her. In High School, her Father was killed overseas, leaving her Mother to raise her alone. When she was nineteen, her Mother returned to Japan, leaving her to fend for herself. Alone, Yoshimi went on to University, getting by on Scholarships and Financial Aid. Luckily, her Mother did not completely abandon her, as Yoshimi was left with a considerable sum of money, which she pooled into living expenses.

    After four long years, Yoshimi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Engineering. Following her College years, at the age of twenty-one, Yoshimi found her way into the Yakuza, where she briefly went down a dark path. Despite her capability and loyalty, Yoshimi was ultimately betrayed after her love affair with the Oyabun's Son was discovered. Betrayal would end up hurting her more then gun wounds. After a lengthy hospital stay, Yoshimi found out that she was pregnant. Seeking revenge for her betrayal, Yoshimi would leave the hospital, armed with an Uzi and a Katana, she would kill her way to revenge, massacring all of her former partners in crime, including her Father-In-Law. During the Escape, Yoshimi and her husband would be involved in a deadly vehicular crash. In that crash, only Yoshimi and her baby survived...But Yoshimi's Husband and her Memories...Did not.
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  2. I'm re-opening this thread, but may use a different Face Claim for my character should anyone wish to do a similar story-line
  3. To make bumping more interesting, possibly more appealing, I will probably add a new face-claim each time.
  4. Ohh! Sounds interesting ^~^ I would love to do this with you.
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  5. Do message me so I can see what we can work out
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