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  1. Hi! I'm looking for a dom female in kind of a war roleplay I guess. A princess and the only female in the royal guard. War breaks out and the princesses safety is put in the hands of the female guard. It's kind of a spotty plot so far, but if you're interested then please reply.
  2. This plot sounds intriguing.
  3. Cool! Do you want a more in depth plot line or something?
  4. I'd like a more in depth plot line.
  5. Okay. So war has broken out in the Kingdom. The land of Talarus vs the Isogar Isles. The King of Talarus does not trust any of his male guards to take his daughter to a safe place so he chooses the only female in the guard. He sends both her and the princess away to an old military bunker 10 days from the Kingdom.

    For the genre I was thinking modern fantasy. So it would be a bit like Steampunk I guess. So old castle era with modernized weapons. That would be the reason why they are sent to the underground bunker. So that the other army couldn't track down the princess while the war is going on. I'm thinking that there should be a bit of character development, so they don't like each other at first but then over the ten day journey to the bunker they, "bond" a little.
  6. I see I see, I like it.
  7. Cool! Do you have anything you want to add or anything?
  8. Not at the moment, if I think of an idea I will throw it at you.
  9. I'd be interested in this. :)
  10. Okay well is anyone interested if I create the thread?
  11. Are you looking for the princess or the guard?
  12. I don't really mind either way. It depends on I guess that character that you create.
  13. This is your role play, who do you want to play. I can play either. Just was wondering what you wanted.
  14. Well, I think I'd rather play the princess.
  15. Then I'll be the guard.
    Got a cs for the princess?
  16. Name: Caroline Lynn De Beaumont
    Age: 19
    Status: Princess of Talarius
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Relaxed and easygoing but very proper and mannered. Can be stubborn and unwilling to move on things she has strong opinions on.
  17. Jillian Baumont
    Royal Guard
    No bullshit, very proud of her job, dedicated, straight forward.
  18. Would you be open to doing a second role play with this idea?

    However, I'd like to play the Princesses's role. ^_^
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