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Hello, everybody. I'm back and certainly craving FxF role plays now more than ever. I have some plots I have right now and I would like to share them and see if I'm lucky. Any of those can be Futa if so you prefer.

Mass Effect:

The war is over but Shepard is missing. After three months of intensive search, everyone thinks the savior of the galaxy is dead but Liara can't accept that fact. Not when every night she dreams with her lover. When she is able to feel Shepard through a meld that wouldn't be possible to achieve if the Commander wasn't alive. But the Shadow Broker needs to start a search of her own that takes her to another galaxy. She follows the clues Shepard gives her and somehow, she's able to hear Shepard's voice on her mind from time to time, correcting her thoughts to guide her into the right direction. Will Liara find Shepard when she arrives to Andromeda or everything is just a cruel joke of the universe?

After Shepard is fully recovered from the War, she has a harsh decision to take. All her life she served the military forces, first as a soldier, then she was Commander, then Spectre and thanks to her sacrifice against the Reapers, she can be easily promoted to Admiral to take the place of Anderson. But is that the life Shepard wants after everything she went trough? Perhaps is time to change her objectives to start a new adventure that involves marriage, old age and a lot of little blue children.

Asari live longer than any other species and so, Liara T'Soni wasn't even on her third century when the first human spectre, the savior of the galaxy and first love passed away. A hundred and fifty years later, a new human commander crosses paths with the Shadow Broker. She is the perfect image of the one who saved the galaxy but can this unknown person win Liara's heart? Perhaps this new Commander isn't as much of a strange as Liara thought. Maybe the Shadow Broker would find the true meaning of soulmates.

Earth is aware of the bright mind of a wonderful young woman. A person who can be the perfect rival to any scientist of any species. And so, humanity wants to use this weapon to gather more power for themselves. They want to find a "cure" to their mortality and perhaps the only being who has that knowledge is the Shadow Broker. Humans want this girl to find her way to the Shadow Broker's terminals to find the answers but when this girl is not on the same ship, she has to find a way out of Earth and forces her path into the life of Commander Shepard and her crew.

She instead, decides to help the Shadow Broker while Liara and Shepard feel a pull towards her. In this path they don't have to just restore order and peace in Earth but help the person who allowed a perfect escape to the young human. In the way, the four of them learn that love knows no boundaries when they fall in love with three persons at the same time.


Only a few persons are able to see things that weren't meant for human's eyes. But those who do, are often chased by nightmares and the horrible images of demons. But what happens when a girl is able to see only angels? What happens when she's able to see an angel send to Earth to fight against all evil? What happens when the angel can talk to her? It's time to believe in those things that were unbelievable moments ago when two hearts cross dimension just to be together.

Death happen to everyone who lives. And there's an angel send to pick their lives and take them to the world they belong, let it be Heaven or Hell. But not all demons are sick and evil, some are there because they were born inside the pit of fire and only do their job. So every time a certain angel of Death enters Hell with a new soul, the same demon would be there, waiting patiently while trying to earn the angel's love with just a couple minutes each time. Would it be enough?

Violence is never the answer but the husband of a wonderful woman thinks otherwise. Heaven has send the most wise angel to help the woman in distress but there's not a lot she can do when they're in different realms and can only speak on dreams. Until one day the angel helps her escape the hell she lives with that man. From that moment, God grants the angel the last wish she has, to be human. When the angel losses her divinity, she takes care of the woman helping her to stand on her feet again. But this angel never felt to temptation, just fell in love.

In the middle of the nothing, a town is hidden. Waiting for new preys to tall into the huge trap of the near forest. The chasers turn into chased when no one expect it. A whole town of hunters expecting patiently for another head to fall when the full moon arises. But a girl can't tolerate the baths of blood and werewolves' heads hanging on the walls. They were human at some point and deserve to live. So when a new pack arrives to the forest, she decides to change her team and help those creatures that could easily tear her life apart. The alpha of the pack is willingly to listen and together they save the pack. The human brings the best of the alpha to the surface and she doesn't care if her new lover has a surprise between her legs.

The eternal war between Hell and Heaven is coming to an end. However, this time Hell has the upper hand in numbers and power but instead of striking directly, the Queen of Hell gives Heaven a last chance for peace. Heaven shall send their purest and innocent angel to Hell. There, this angel will learn the truth that her Father has hidden in the dark. She will understand why Hell is so powerful and realize that Hell is not a place only for those who sin and Heaven is not as white as she believed. And of course, the Queen is going to show her all the pleasures she denied herself on cloud nine. The world never was white and black and this angel is just about to see the scale of grey.


The princess has been ill for quite a long time. No doctor seems to know what sickness is making the princess so weak but there's nothing they can do to save her life. The princess is dying so when word runs about the illness being contagious, the princess is left alone on her room and only a person is able to get into her chambers. Her personal maid is always there to take care of every wish and need of the young princess. Everything to make her happy. But said illness doesn't affect the maid. She's sure about it after the many kisses shared and the many times the princess has reached the sky with a warm mouth behind her legs. The maid only lives for her mistress and when they're alone titles doesn't matter. When the princess finally recovers, it's too late to stop their love.

The Queen holds a deep secret on her heart. She's in love with her own daughter but has never said a word to anyone. Her kingdom would be put at shame and yet, is hard not to react when suitors are entering the castle all the time trying to win the princess' heart. But the Princess only has a wish on her heart, for her upcoming birthday she wants to experience the feeling of her mother's lips against hers because she loves her mother in the same way. And the young princess won't stop until she gets what she wants.

The King died a long time ago. The Queen rules with tenderness and love. She's perfect and the whole kingdom wishes the best for her. But there's a knight that has always being in love with her. Has fought many battles under her command and at her side but this brave knight pays more attention to the subtle changes on their Majesty. The knight sees the dark circles under the Queen's eyes. The knight hears the quite sobs that express loneliness and despair falling from the Queen's lips. So, one day, the knight kneels in one knee, her head bowed and helmet under her arm. Perhaps this act of insolence can mean the end of her life, but she would prefer to die than stand another day watching her Queen suffer. In the cold silence, the knight finally says the truth her heart has been keeping secret for years. What will the Queen say to such a sudden love confession?

Slice of Life.

Everyone knows the face displayed on a screen. No matter if it's on a cinema, a tv or the screen of a computer, there's no person in the world that doesn't know the name of the most popular star on the world. She is beautiful, and surely knows how to act but there's a side of her that no one knows, no one but her girlfriend and current bodyguard. Because the excuse of the job is just for them to be together all the time. Is just a way to assure her girlfriend that no matter how many people can recognize her on the street, the actress only wants her. And yet, her girlfriend can't stand so many people trying to touch her all the time, good thing they live together and behind closed doors, there's mo more screens.

A young girl needs tuition with a subject and a young professor is willing to help. They fall in love quickly and that doesn't seem like a problem when the gap between their ages is not so big. But what happens when suddenly the professor is hired in the same school her lover attends? Well, it's time to deal with jealous, with a secret relationship that could put in danger the teacher's job and perhaps even send her to jail. Sadly, the headmaster of the school can't be more homophobic and would do anything to fire the new teacher at all cost. So, one wrong step can be the last.

There's a new writer who's work has marveled the world. But she only writes for the girl that lives next door. It seems like and impossible love but no one should underestimate destiny because said girl reads the book and happens to have a crush in the writer. That's only the first step before she decides to knock on the writer's door to give her a little more "inspiration."


Character A is the heroine of the city but only one person knows her identity. Her girlfriend. They've been together for almost three years. Character B is sweet, caring and a cinnamon rol too pure for this world but when character B says that she can be the best villain, no one should take it as a joke. Sadly, her girlfriend does, so it's time to prove her wrong with a master plan that would only end with a proposal and a journey around the world.

A new villain made its appearance in the city. The news are flashing her nickname and trying to gather any information. But the news are mistaken about the real intentions of the villain when all this new masked girl wants to save the city of the real danger. It doesn't seem like it until a news reporter has some unexpected visits. Maybe that's the only way to get the right answers.

It's not easy to be a hero. Everyday is filled with new wounds and threats that are too close to death. Thanks to Heaven, this heroine is not alone because when she arrives late at home, she has someone who washes the blood away, someone who doesn't expect her to be perfect all the time and someone who won't blame her for the mistakes she's done on her life. Some who would take care of her to the point of preparing a nice warm meal, to comb her hair and even whisper sweet nothing on her ear when both of them are naked, tangled in bed, and the heroine is just another human drifting off to sleep.

The curse wasn't as simple as it seemed. The princess was reminded everyday for that she wasn't able to have. She was the princess at night but the beast took her place during the day. Legends, rumors ran along the town and no one ever dared to enter the palace. So when the princess had a chance, she took it. Loneliness was driving her out of her mind and perhaps her new companion would understand that she wasn't a complete beast despite her form during the day.

Once Upon a Time.

Storybrooke was a second chance for Ruby Lucas. A place where the beast was forgotten along with her atrocious actions. It just seemed unfair that when memories where back, people never remembered the big bad wolf. People forgave Ruby without a second thought but Regina was still the Evil Queen. Regina gave Ruby a second chance to experience life, perhaps Ruby can do the same for the Queen and even offer her a second chance at love.

Another stranger finds its way to Storybrooke, and all the town is wary because foreign people aren't the best that ever happened to the town. However, this person is able to see far beyond fairy tales, she believes in the magic of the town and certainly knows that whatever people says about being a character of said fairy tales is true. But for some reason, she can't believe Regina is the evil Queen. And decides to prove the whole town wrong. Because perhaps Regina was Evil, but not anymore.


Arendelle's story has spread trough the world. New visitors arrive every day to see the frozen palace, in the middle of all those people, a simple girl finds its way to princess Anna. But no matter how hard she tries, she can't stop talking about Elsa so Anna decides to plot for a lovely romance between her sister and this new charming girl that surely will melt Elsa's heart.

Final Fantasy XIII.

Serah is about to get married to Snow but it the end she can't. It's true that she loves him but she knows there's another person she loves even more, She can't do that to Lightning and she won't. Because perhaps Snow was just an excuse to hide her true feelings towards her sister. Serah runs out of the place without giving an answer to anyone, isolated on her own room, there's only one person able to enter that space. The same person that found her way on her heart without Serah's permission; Claire.

Female Demon/Demon Hunter
female Crime Boss/Bodyguard
Movie Star/bodyguard
Pirate/ Sea Goddess
Student/ Exchange Student
Villain/ News Reporter
Lingerie Model/ Photographer
Angel of Death/Demon
Club Owner/Dancer
Goddess of Hell/Goddess of Love
Guardian Angel/Human
Mother Queen/Daughter Princess
Twin sisters
Personal Assistant/CEO
Singer/Musician (pianist)
Sick Girl/Nurse




Wonder Woman/Super Girl
Wonder Woman/Cat Woman
Wonder Woman/ Killer Frost
Harley Quinn/Killer Frost
Wonder Woman/OC
Killer Frost/OC


Werewolf Hermione/OC




Snow White/charming princess
Beauty and the Beast- female beast.


SwanQueen- Emma/Regina
RedBeauty- Red/Belle
RedQueen- Red/Regina
FrozenQueen- Elsa/Regina

Any of this can be Futa.

Like you can see I'm craving lots of things. All I ask for is no one liners and to move the plot forward in both ends, you are part of this as well. I'll give what you give me. A few post per week are okay with me because that's all I can promise on my side. If you don't put a part of yourself in our game probably I will lost interest.

If you are interested drop me a PM or leave a comment and I'll PM you.
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I'm interested in the Liara x FemShep x OC x OC RP. It looks really interesting. :)


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I'm interested in the beauty and fem beast or else x oc...both sound amazing!!!


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I'm also open for Omegaverse I forgot to tell.


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I willing to role play with you. I really prefer to be the submissive role. I have an idea I've been wanting to try for some time based with two characters from one of my favorite cartoons characters. I could also be easily swayed for your Maid/Princess.

Rin Mico

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I'm up for beauty x fem beast


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Would love to go for the AngelxHuman one!

Monica Monroe

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If your still looking I would love to do a thread with you.


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I'm interested in:

-KnightxQueen plot
-Student/ Exchange Student

Possibly with your character as a futa
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