FxF Plot (Stuck in Winter Wonderland) and other plots/ideas

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  1. So here are my plots/ideas and I also have what type of pairing (mxm, fxf, fxm) I would prefer for that idea or the pairing that I think would work best. Another thing I also have is what genres I think they would be. If something interests you, say so! Everything's not set in stone and some things can be canged and tweaked.

    Stuck in Winter Wonderland-FxF-Realistic/Romance/Yuri/Modern:

    On her way back to her hometown, Pine Creek, a small town known for it's snow and winter activities, for the holidays, it's snowing like crazy. _____ thinks she can drive in it and will be fine, but eventually the snow gets to the point of being a blizzard and _____ has to pull over to a small cafe/coffee house to wait the blizzard out. There's only one soul left in said cafe/coffee house, and she was about to close up when ____ came in. The two women used to be lovers/childhood friends. As the snow continues to fall, and the two women become snowed inside for three days, what wil happen? Will they have a fling? Will they catch up? Pretend as if they don't know each other? Once they're away from the cafe/coffee house, will they meet again? Will a romance bloom?


    She's a total knockout and he just can't say no to her. She abuses and uses him, but he keeps coming back for more. Aberdeen is her name and she prefers the night life and parties to being serious. After cheating on her boyfriend and ending up pregnant, will the father step in? Will her boyfriend step up to be a dad? Will she keep the baby? What will happen between her and her boyfriend, especially after all that she's done to him?

    Let's Be Friends-FxM or MxM-Realistic/Drama/Modern/Romance/Mature (maybe, maybe not):

    ____ is new in town and all the girls are flocking around him, wanting to be with him. He's hot and the guys hate him. ___ is determined that he/she will have ___ for themself, especially since they're an expert at getting what they want and who they want. Too bad the new guy has a girlfriend... But that doesn't disuade ____, after all, ____ is starting to become friends with the newbie and enjoys showing him the best places to be at in the city. Will the two end up making out? Or will they become enemies?

    So those were the ideas I have. If you're interested, you can post here, leave me a visitor's message or PM me and we can talk about plot and stuff. Or, if you have an idea, we can go with your idea instead.
  2. I'm up for the MxF one if you don't mind. It sounds pretty interesting
  3. Aberdeen or Let's be Friends? If you'd like, PM me and we can discuss it more! :D
  4. I'm interested with Stuck in Winter Wonderland.
  5. :D Awesome! If you'd like, we can discuss plot here or over PM. ^_^