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  1. Simply looking to rp! I'm not picky about grammar, punctuation, age.. blah blah blah! All that stuff that most of these people are picky about. I am not! I love chatting with my partners :3 I love making friends and getting to know my partner and possibly become friends out of the site! Anyways ... FxF or MxF lovelies! <3 Message me :D
  2. Hi! I'd be interested in an FxF roleplay, would you have anything against me being the dominant character? (Well I figure that in MxF you would play the girl, but I'm just asking...)

    I was thinking of some downtown monsters that mingle in with humans, but have habits that are different (they can only eat certain foods, etc. etc.) and they have to eat a human heart on a minimum of every 30th day. They can eat more than that but it's unneeded for their nutrients. Of human food, they can only drink coffee and vegetables, so most pass off as vegetarians. If they don't eat their needed human heart every 30th day they'll go become sick first, and then go on a crazy rampage.
    I was thinking that my character would be one of these monsters that fall for humans.
    Also, they have a human life span, and despite being able to handle more wounds than humans, can be killed by physical means. A bonus if one uses a weapon of pure iron.
  3. Heyy!
    And no I won't be against you. :) You can be. I can back down and let you do it. :3

    And I love the idea! If seems interesting really :) Pm me so we can discuss this more ^^
  4. I'm interested in the MxF but I prefer to play the Female
  5. Howdy! I am interested in some FxF with you. <3
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