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  1. Hello all.

    Although school is driving me a little crazy I'm looking for maybe one or two partners to get my mind off the insanity that is college.

    I consider myself a decent roleplayer and tend to post a minimum of one good sized paragraph but I also have no problem posting more depending on what I'm given, if you can't even slightly match my post lengths things might not go too well.

    I beg you, please, NO ONE LINERS. I can't do anything with them D:

    When I'm not going crazy with school work I tend to post fairly often, but at this point I'm thinking it might not be as often as I usually post, unless the story really grabs me. So just to be safe, I'll say a post every OTHER day at least.

    I'm looking for a 70% - 30% Plot to smut ratio.

    I don't have many ideas at the moment, but I typically like to work on things with my partners so we'll build it together and I mean TOGETHER. If you're not putting as much effort into coming up with ideas I will tell you straight up.

    Don't come to me with Slice of life roleplays, they BORE the hell out of me, BUT, and it's a decent sized BUT...if the concept, requires going through day to day life WITH a supernatural/paranormal twist to it I might consider. Give me action, romance , drama, horror...anything but boring, normal day to day life, I live it I don't want to go through it on here too.

    That being said I would prefer some sort of story arc, just playing through day to day life isn't as exciting for me regardless of paranormal/supernatural characters.

    Anywho, with all that being said, PLEASE, feel free to PM me with any ideas or even if you're interested. We can move things along from there.

    Thanks ya'll.
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  2. Just gonna bump this as I can probably take one more person for a 1x1.
  3. I have an idea or two, and I would love to hear if you have any as well. School is pretty insane for me too right now so I completely understand not being able to post every day.
  4. Gonna bump this as I am looking to an FxF superhero plot right now.

    I have a vague idea that can be expanded upon.

    Please send me a PM if you're interested.
  5. Send me a PM if you will like to role play with me. I do work and so there are times I can't reply right away. I do ususally reply to my posts about three or more times a week as able. I got one idea I would like to do, it is primarily Fxf, with maybe at some points, M, along with Gang, Fighting, Training, Martial Arts, Dojo, Masters and Desciples/Apprentices, with some Mistress and Slave.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.