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  1. None of my older partners have been on in awhile so i thought i'd see if anyone was interested in a roleplay! i do strictly libertine Roleplays, though within that genre i'm fairly open to ideas. Modern romance settings, fantasy, not-so romantic (i.e. abusive, not-quite rape) and mosy anything in between!

    One other thing is that i generally prefer to be the dominant one, and i also prefer playing as a futa, but i could NOT be one if it's not your cup of tea :)

    Any women who feel interested, please feel free to message me and we can try and come up with something!
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  2. Hello! Iwaku does not allow libertine requests in the General Partner Requests, because of the potential confusion that can arise from both age groups being allowed into the forum. Would you like me to move this into the libertine requests forum?
  3. oh! I'm so sorry, yes please. I didn't know there were separate areas for it.
  4. Actually i've gotten a few requests so i'm good now. If i could find out how to close or delete the thread i would. I'm sorry again for putting it in the wrong spot. :)
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