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  1. Hey, I am Julieta (actually I am Juliana, but I stopped using my real name for this kind of things when my girlfriend told me that before she even talks to me she already knew a bunch of thing about me just from tipping my name on Google search, but anyway...) and I've been roleplaying for quite a long time now and I am looking for new RPs.

    About me:

    • English is not my first language so forgive my poor grammar and/or lack of vocabulary.
    • Usually I answer at least once a day, but I might as well answer multiple times a day or spend days without answering. I have a life out of the internet and sometimes things get complicated and I don't get the time to be here so do not assume that I had dropped the rp and if you think I am taking to long just send me a message.
    • I usually mirror the length of your answer, if you give me a paragraph I'll give you a paragraph and if you give me give me four paragraphs I'll try and give you four paragraphs. Just please no one liners.
    • I prefer rping via pm but if you insist we can do it on the threads.
    • Romance doesn't need to be the main plot.
    • Fantasy and/or scify can be added to all of the pairings.
    • If you got bored with the rp just give me a heads up and we can try to make it more interesting or just end the rp.

    • Teacher X student
    • Teacher X Principal
    • Rebel X uptight girl (enemies)
    That's pretty much all I can think now but I am willing to do another pairings so if you have any other pairing you would like to play just tell, also if you have a plot in mind that you really want to play (as long it's FxF) tell me.

    If you got interested you can answer me here or pm me.
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  2. I am interested in this. May we conjure an idea in pm? (:
  3. Sure dear!
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