FxF/MxM Romance Wanted

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  1. Hello. Call me Nefaris.

    - I'm looking for a mix of drama, angst and fluff. (As well as plenty of sexy scenes, of course.)
    - Currently, I prefer short posts.
    - I really like older x younger pairings with me playing the younger character.
    - The above is certainly not a requirement. It's just something I really like.
    - I mostly play submissive characters.
    - Below are some things that I'm interested in trying out, but I'm definitely not limited to them.

    Boss x Employee
    Criminal x Cop
    Con Artist Couple
    Long Distance Relationship
    Rekindled Relationship
    Teacher x Student
    Celebrity x Normal Person
    Parent x Babysitter
    Doctor x Patient
    Open x Closeted
    Artist x Muse
  2. Hey intereste in;
    - boss x employee
    - parent x babysitter
    - roommates.

    And was wondering if you would consider babysitter x child (16+)
  3. Tag~!

    If you are still looking for a roleplay partner I am interested in the Cop X Criminal and the roommates.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.