FxF, MxM & MxF Fandom Search!! <3

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  1. Hello and welcome to my search thread!!


    My name is Cirilla and I'm on a fandom RP hunt!

    I am a gamer and anime lover who also reads to many comics haha. So feel free to shoot across suggestions.

    My rules

    - have fun
    - no one liners
    - be up for occ
    - post relatively regularly (once a week minimum)
    - be up for the possibility to double up. Yes I can play any gender ECT though I tend to end up as the male far to regularly.
    - I have next to no limits on sexual things, though I do have a few that you may ask about in pm.

    Okay back to RP lists, this post is for my fandom searching at the moment original plots shall come later.

    <3 : How much I want to do the RP.
    * : Plot idea.


    - Bleach <3 <3 <3 dying to do Grimmjow x Ichigo or Orihime x Ulquiorra <3 but I'm up for many other things too oc's included. (Grimmjow x Ichigo or fem ichigo <3) ***

    - Naruto <3 <3 love Naruto, I grew up with the series and will always love it. I'm up for any pairing within reason.*

    - DuRaRaRa <3 <3*

    - samurai champloo <3 <3

    - sengoku basara <3 <3 <3 So many pairings I would be keen for.

    - legend of Korra <3<3<3 KorrAsami! <3**

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    - Arrow <3<3

    - Avengers <3

    - Kingsman <3

    - supernatural <3

    - Star Wars <3 <3*

    - resident evil <3<3<3

    - Far Cry 3 <3<3 I have a crossover plot in mind with Tomb Raider.*

    - Witcher 3 <3<3<3 I love this game way to much and the books! Would love to do a RP on Triss x Geralt but I'm flexible XD*

    - Jak series <3<3 I have a plot in mind

    So far that is all I can think of from the top of my head. Feel free to give suggestions by posting here or pming me XD
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  2. (")(o3o) Howdy there, glad to see people i have similar tastes to in animes

    I'm up for Naruto, to the point where I will love you to death for cannons, I tend to play OCs just because i'm more comfortable but if you're okay with Naruto we can talk details.

    I can also go for Bleach stuff if you're not feeling Naruto, but I'm definitely able to go for FxF pairings and hope you understand o3o

    I'll give you a poke, just to see if you wanna work out some details, otherwise, nice seeing you :3
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  3. What about our rp?
  4. We only just started last night hun, I have been at work.

    I just saw your pm now ^-^ thanks for posting haha we can work something awesome out to rp!! ^^
  5. i would love to do a Supernatural or Avengers mxm rp with you (could go for mxf for avengers depending on who we decided to use character wise)
  6. I would love to do an oc in the Arrow World if you are still looking?
  7. I could totally go for either one, pm me please and we can come up with something XD

    Sounds fun, though I have no ideas for Arrow at the moment. Though feel free to pm me and we can come up with something lol