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♡ ~ Hello there, stranger! ~

About Me ~ (´ω)
I'm this crazy, tiny lass who loves to write random shenanigans and promiscuous stories! I'd say that my writing level is advanced, beyond that on good days, or at least adaptable. Writing is just a hobby, though; a good way to zone out! Other than that, I'd say that I'm pretty active and can respond fairly quickly! It largely depends on the complexity of the roleplay; extensive and intricate posts filled with metaphors and allusions naturally consumes more time. I enjoy all kinds of films, video games, books, and procrastinating websites just as much as the next person!

Rules ~ ()
Yup, I've got to have one of these! People want different things, and that's just the way it is.​
  • Near flawless grammar is a must for me. I realize that there are different styles, but incorrect grammar is just incorrect grammar—end of story.
  • I don't want to be your roleplay whore. While I'm extremely open-minded, I want our thing to be meaningful, so whenever you sense that you cannot be dedicated, then it's time to stop.
  • Plot and build with me. This goes hand-in-hand with the previous rule; give suggestions, ask questions, think out loud.
  • Communicate! If you're not interested, just tell me to fuck off; don't just ignore me and be active elsewhere, that's just cruel.
  • Post length is tricky; quality definitely comes before quantity, but to a certain degree. Some things simply cannot be said without a significant amount of words describing it. I don't want 'purple prose', but I do want some manner of detail.
  • I must have character sheets, good ones. I character pictures must be real life.

Whether there is romance or not, I want fair amount of smut in my private roleplays. I'm open to pretty much everything that doesn't involve fecal matter or animals. However, I can only do with other girls. It's been the most natural thing for me since forever, and there's no chance that I can even read about stuff like this that involves a guy. Because of this, all my pairings and plots are FxF. Sorry guys! ●︿●

Ideas ~
I can play either role in these ideas. Therefore, if you contact me, you can mention which role you are interested in playing right away! If there is a heart next to something, then it means that I'll be extra passionate about it! Generally, I'm very open to these genres or any combination of them:
  • Modern
  • Horror
  • Supernatural
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
Older woman x Younger Girl
The plots and settings that enjoy most for this pairing are slice of life, small towns, heavy romance, with a mother-daughter kind of vibe. If you are into incestuous things, we can do as well. The plot should usually center on how they deal with finally coming out. Not only are they both women, but the age difference adds to it. However, I'm totally open to other or more specific plots, if you have a suggestion, so don't be afraid to drop it on me! The typical age difference I'm looking for is 10-15 years.

Badass x Badass
Action, action, action! This is all about kicking ass and taking names! Blow shit up and shoot things with lots of guns! This kind of plot can go into any genre, really, and there's a lot of options for different characters and stuff. But, the general premise is that we're two badass chicks that won't stop for anything!

Wife x Wife
The characters here would be a married couple, or in a relationship soon to be married. This would be a slice of life with a healthy dose of sexy. I'm open to most kinds of genres for this, but favoring modern. As for plot, it would either be the marriage itself, or the life thereafter. It's also heavily dependent on our character's jobs, interests, and daily struggles.

Student x Student
This is usually your typical High School or College story. It's goes well with the modern and supernatural genres.

Even if I've listed some things here, it doesn't mean that I will only do those things. They're more like guidelines that you can use to mix and match with your own ideas. I'll most likely do that myself.

~ Thanks for reading! ~
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