[FxF] City Under Siege

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  1. About me, my expectations I am a somewhat picky, and dominant female.

    I want a partner who can write with few spelling errors and grammar mistakes.

    I can post once a day if I have nothing else going on. I prefer to post twice a week normally.

    I’d like a few paragraphs at a time (2-5), no walls of texts.

    Conflicts are important. If there's nothing standing between the characters in a romance, I'll get bored, more or less instantly. There should be a main conflict in the plot too, and there may be potential for it in any subplots.

    I'm up for plots that doesn't have any romance in them.

    I want a partner that contributes to discussion regarding characters, plot and setting. I should not be the only one suggesting or coming up with ideas.

    I'm willing to listen if something isn't working out or needs to be edited.

    I strongly prefer partners around my own age, or older.

    I do like romance, but smut doesn't have to be included.

    I do FxF RPs.
    The Roleplay I want to do a dark, noir, superhero story. Kind of like Watchmen, or Batman when it's at its grittiest. It would include doubling, or playing several minor characters. Please, don't PM me, and pretend like I didn't mention doubling in the thread.

    I have some kind of plot structure in mind for now, but there's a couple of ways it could be done. I'm not much of a fan of playing canon characters, but I'll consider it for this. However, I'd try to do my own thing with the canon characters.

    Anyway, the plot would focus on the rivalry between the hero, and the villain, but their sidekicks would be included too. It would probably be best if we play each others sidekicks, so whoever has the villain plays the heroes sidekick, and vice versa. The hero and villain has somehow refrained from killing each other through all the years, but it's coming to a breaking point. It could be set towards the end, but have periods of flashbacks to how they became who they are, and how they met. It could be set in the beginning, when the hero is still new, and no one really knows who they are.

    I want to do it with genderbent characters from Batman. The other options, uh, didn't give me any good results. It would be enough if the two main characters we each play were genderbent. Any minor characters could remain their original gender. I think I might prefer this option since it would be easier.

    PM if interested
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