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  1. Hey there! I'm new to the site, and I guess 1 x 1s are a good starting place for me ^ - ^. If anything here interested you: Great! I'll start a thing, link you, and we start there ... is that how things go?

    Notes of Importance
    • I am not always on the computer, nor do I have constant access to my phone. If you're looking for the 'boom boom pow' kind of replies, I can't give you that ​
    • With that in mind, when I do get to replying you, I won't be giving a one-liner. Ever. If I do, I probably hit the wrong button. ​
    • I'm alright with receiving one liners once in a while, like if the plot is going nowhere, or if I gave a really bad response to you, but just not all one liners please ​
    • One of my pet peeves is when someone writes the biggest paragraphs ever, and they just leave it as a giant ass block of words. If that ever happens, just know that I probably skimmed through it and got a headache, so if I missed something important ... I'm truly sorry. ​
    • I can play both submissive or dominate, just don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed​
    • I'll think of more as time rolls by ​

    Vampire x Vampire
    Neko x Neko
    Teacher x Student
    Mafia Princess x Average Girl

    (I'll think of more?)


    (a) "You" are part of a Secret Agent cop. and you're in the middle of finding the intruder that just got into your headquarters. It's chaos and everyone's working double time, and you're going through every single door. When you reach the last door, just as you're about to open the door, it actually opens itself up .... NOT, Miss intruder was behind that door, and now she's your prisoner.

    (b) A universe where there are only females *how great would that be?* but that's not all, some are neko, mermaid, half bird ... you get where I'm going. "You" and "I" are both Neko, but from different 'Countries'. Not to mention we are both of royalty. To settle things down and 'tie the knot' between the countries, we're going to tie the knot. [[Arranged Neko-Girl marriage]]

    (c) I forgot. I'll think of more.

    If you have questions or if you want to do these, you can PM me or post a reply here. Hopefully, I haven't turned you all away from my not-so-serious writing style up there. <3
  2. I'm interested in basically most of the above listed ideas. I usually play submissive roles.
  3. Oh! The Neko X Neko sounds like tons of fun! I'm more than willing to do that, though I'm a more submissive role player.
  4. That's alright! I'm glad someone found one of the plots interesting enough XD. Would you prefer doing it over PM or Threads? Either way I won't be able to start now because I'm just about to head to sleep > - <.

    Wowe! It's fine that you're submissive, you're even willing to do anything up there, that's great! Do you think you can choose like either one plot or just 2 of the ideas just so we can choose one or the other? Oh, and would you rather do this on PM or Threads? As stated above, it won't be happening now, either way. XD
  5. I like the idea of plot B. It gives a good reason for the characters to meet often and not to hate each other XD Pm would be prefered because I keep tabs on the pms.
  6. I prefer PMs myself if that's cool.
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