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  1. Hello!

    • Over 18. I am in my twenties.
    • A fellow Adept or Advanced writer.
    • fxf only.
    • Communicative - tell me if you're going to be away, even a quick "Sorry, busy rn, tty on Sat." You and I can work out plots together. We can have a chat through PM or IM. All of the usual stuff for a partnership. You can count on a prompt response OOC or PM from me within a day or two. I will never drop a game without informing you.
    • Consistent rate and good quality - no novella posts, no one liners. 2 to 4 paragraphs or the like; an IC reply every 2 to 3 days. I want to keep writing as a habit, hence the pace, and I want to enjoy reading your posts, so please don't throw out fluff or bad spelling. I tend to mirror length.

    About the RP
    • Romance is nice but not strictly necessary.
    • Fade to black. Libertine can be discussed.
    • Crossovers welcomed.
    • OCs only unless otherwise stated.
    • Thread preferred or PM if needed.

    Fandom inspired
    • Animorphs
    • Ender’s Game - first book
    • Everworld
    • Harry Potter
      • Adults OC: A pair of new Hogwarts teachers discover the rising threat of Lord Voldemort aka what if Harry had died during infancy?
      • Slice of life (6th or 7th year only) ***
    • Penny Dreadful
    • Person of Interest - Root/Shaw ***
    • Dying Light / The Last of Us
    • The 100 - Lexa/Clark, Lexa/Costia, Lexa/OC
    • Tomb Raider (2013)
    • XCom
    Available genres
    • Gothic horror
    • Pre/post-apocalypse - zombies and other monstrous mutants (can be combined with OC superpowers) or fatalistic prevention of the destruction of the world a la Werewolf: The Apocalypse.
      • Has a plot outline ready for discussion, to do with dream/reality, past&future, saving the world and star-crossed lovers angst.
    • Slice of life - modern, with some kind of twist
    • Survivalism - stranded on a dangerous island; exploring the psychological aspects of terror.​
    • Urban fantasy - supernatural related, eg vampires.
    Otherwise, I will consider any genre, premise/plot or setting I didn't list out. :)

    I don't do
    • Abuse/trauma
    • Anime/manga
    • Family/pregnancy
    • Hard sci-fi
    • High fantasy
    • High school
    • Historical
    • PWP
    • Superheroes
    • Western
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  2. Edited to reflect the change from fxf only to include mxf.
    Added a HP premise.
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  3. T-teamug <3!
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  4. Added more stuff.

    Dangling a hook... idly.
  5. I know I'm technically not 18 yet, but I write at an adept/advanced level and would be willing to try an urban fantasy with you. If you're not willing, I can wait six months (:
  6. There will be no sex scenes anyway :)

    Do you have a writing sample? Please PM me. Cheers
  7. I might be a bit rusty because I haven't roleplayed seriously in a while, but if you're still in need of partners I'll put in an offer. Out of the genres you listed I'm the most familiar with writing pre/post-apocalyptic, survivalism, and urban fantasy, though any of them sound good to me.

    Anyways. I can scrounge up a writing sample if you're interested.
  8. Sure thing, send 'em over.
  9. Only looking for Root/Shaw RP rn.
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