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  1. Fwish

    At least, that appears to have been the sound that preceded a flash of light which in turn preceded the appearance of a ragged young man in ragged old clothes. It appears to have been, mainly because the particular dead-end alley was free from witnesses at the time said appearance occurred. Certainly, it seems likely that the same sound would come as came all the other times. But that's then, and this is now.

    Anyway, the young man pulled back a sleeve of his tattered hoodie to take a look at something resembling a watch on his left wrist. "Oh, good. I am not quite late," he muttered to himself in an almost nonexistent British accent before walking out of the alley, turning a corner into another alley, and making his way out of the alley onto a more major sidewalk. He didn't look particularly well-fed, this young man, though it's rather hard to tell when one's clothes hardly fit. He would be easily mistaken for a beggar, with the entire top of his fedora missing to reveal unbrushed and unimpressive light brown hair.

    He looked back and forth at the pedestrians. They paid him no mind, and he didn't mind: After all, everyone has places to do, things to see, people to go. "They are not here yet? It would appear that I am quite early. Or...ought I be elsewhere? And if so, how to get there?" He looked up for the first time, at the nearest landmark: An abstract modern art statue plopped right on the median by its sculptor, to be polluted upon by the street's busy traffic. No, really, that was what she said its purpose was. "Of course," said the young man, as if the bit of carefully twisted metal had been a plain English written message on a billboard stating the blindingly obvious. "I must have a guide. Perhaps one of them could even guide me. I will have already returning the favor."

    ((All I desire for entry to this little game is a good character description, peppered with some characterization, in your first post. Play whoever you like, evidently magical or not; we'll hammer out the setting as we go.))
  2. Home. The smell of it greeted her like a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies after a rough day. Only this smell was car exhaust and smoke, not sweet pastries and sugar. Layne breathed in deeply after stepping out of the vibrant taxi with her Stiletto-clad feet onto the bustling city sidewalk. The driver helped her get her rolling luggage bag out of the trunk as she slung her leather purse over her shoulder. She smiled coyly and kissed the old, friendly driver on the cheek before slipping him a twenty dollar bill. His cheeks turned pink as he slid the paper into his pocket, they were always embarrassed when beautiful Layne showed her appreciation. "Thanks for your time." She whispered, returning to her firm, business-like manner, slinking off into the hoards of people.

    Layne briskly walked down the street, her glossy, straight red hair flying behind her like a silk curtain. She reached her current up-scale apartment, ignoring the bellhop and manager and every other person who pressured her to hand over her bag. She held on with a steel grip and a face set in stone. Eventually, after much elbowing and foot-tapping, Layne reached the elevator. "Floor?" a little man asked her in an annoyed tone. Layne kicked his crotch with her heel and punched him on the side of his face as the doors clanged shut behind her. She swiftly pressed floor 5 while lowering his head to the ground and bashing it against the wall, pulling off his loafer shoe. She reached inside and removed the small tracking chip she knew was there and shot it with the pistol she kept in her purse. She then replaced it with a small time bomb. "30 minutes until detonation." She smiled, her lipstick still vibrantly red as it was when she'd applied it in the morning.

    The 'ding' rung through the elevator, signalling Layne that her floor had, at last, arrived. She gracefully stepped over the knocked-out henchmen and out of the elevator, where a large man carrying a suitcase waited. His mouth dropped as he saw the fallen man, stained with blood. Layne winked, and rubbed her hand down across his suit, leaving a large sum of cash in his breast pocket. He smiled goofily as she strode down the hallway, her suitcase rolling gently behind her. Her perfect figure definitely caught his eye.

    Layne hurriedly unlocked her apartment door, entered, and relocked it behind her. She kicked off her heels and walked to her master as if walking on a cloud after practically strutting on her toes all day. She rummaged through her suitcase, which she'd just brought in, that held all of her belongings, minus her vast weapon collection. She pulled off her 'little black dress' and replaced it with a dark gray t-shirt and jeans. She stuffed the dress in her suitcase, zipping it back up and rolling it beside the front door. As if a second thought, she threw the heels in, too, while pulling on a pair of black vans. She raced the the bathroom, splashing her face with water. She stared at her electrifying blue eyes in the mirror, reminding herself the clock was ticking. She washed the lipstick and eye-liner off her face, and dabbed her slightly up-turned, lightly freckled nose with cold water to reduce the pink color forming on her cheekbones from the warm air that flowed through the apartment.

    She checked the time, 10 minutes to go. She pulled a clear vial out of the kitchen cupboard that held the Elixir of Dreams. She sneaked it into an empty lipstick case she'd snagged from her makeup bag before zipping into her suitcase. She slipped it into her pocket before examining the apartment around her for anything she'd missed. Everything was accounted for in her misleading messenger bag, actually a weapon storage chest, her luggage, and her purse. She sighed in relief and exited the apartment, rushing towards a different elevator. She pressed the button over and over again, hoping it would somehow make the elevator come faster.

    She wasn't surprised when the doors slid open and another henchmen waited for her, more obvious then the time prior. He growled and lunged towards her, but Layne simply shot him in the face with the gun she'd hidden in her jeans pocket. She pressed the 'L' button for lobby, and waited silently as the elevator took its sweet time reaching the bottom floor. As the familiar 'ding' sounded once again, Layne raced out of the elevator, her luggage, purse and messenger bag swinging behind her. She approached the front desk, sliding the keys to her apartment down to the young manager. He protested, claiming she'd never paid the rent, which was true. Layne shrugged, brushing his hair aside with her french-manicured hand.
    "Trust me, honey, that's the least of your problems right now." Layne glanced over as some people exited the elevator, sure enough, the henchmen was still laying on the floor- time bomb ticking. Layne ran towards the rotating door, the manager dazed, yet screaming after her. Layne peeked behind her at the large clock set up in the lobby. "Detonation in 3, 2.." Layne ran into an alley and covered her head as the apartment building exploded, a large boom overcoming the city. She laughed, gently, as the rubble rained down on the streets, she'd succeeded, the Elixir still intact. But then she heard another sound. Fwish. And he appeared.

    ((Oh my.. sorry for the length. I was trying to incorporate her character into some action, but I got a little caught up with the action..))
  3. The young man on the sidewalk near the sculpture turned around at a resounding explosion. "What? Oohh... " For the first time since ever, he raised his voice. Shoot! The bomb. I was wrong all along...but at least now I have a frame of reference..." He fiddled with the device on his wrist a bit, and ran back into the alley he'd come from earlier. And then with another fwish he was gone.

    And approximately two minutes earlier than that, he appeared in the exact same spot under much the same conditions as he would later..except that this time, there was somebody to witness his appearance. Someone he immediately turned his attention to. He gave the woman a smile of recognition--disconcerting for someone she was meeting for the first time. "Ah! Yes. Not late this time." He looked at the watch device for a split-second or so, and muttered to himself some more, without introduction or context: "Mmm..we need to get out of here, though. I do not want to catch myself coming, because I do not recall that. She would not be happy with that."

    He looked up at the woman again. "Do you know where you are going?"

    ((So yeah. His magic is time travel. Don't worry, it has so many drawbacks it's almost a disadvantage.))
  4. Layne stared at the man. He seemed relieved to see her, something she didn't get very often. He was babbling, she could on;y slightly make out what he was saying- perhaps the radiation from the bomb was affecting her. She touched his shoulder, smiling slightly. "It's good to finally meet you." She whispered in her low, sultry voice, glancing over at the police and ambulances that dotted the explosion area like flies near garbage. "I have no clear destination, but I think we ought to get out of here, considering we're the only live humans in a mile radius besides the force." Layne said, biting her lip.

    She rummaged through her purse, pulling out a metal flask. She threw back her head and took a swig. "Drink the remnants and ditch the container, this potion doesn't last long. It will make us invisible for a short period of time, allowing us to slip through the police lines." Layne instructed, grabbing his wrist. "Don't let go of me or we might get separated, and It'd be a hell of a time trying to relocate each other in this mess." Layne began fading away into the background, but the feel of her hand was still there.

    ((Still trying to figure out my character and her relation to magic. ._. ))