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  1. So, Fuufy is on a search for a new partner. I'm returning to the site after a lengthy hiatus in hopes of finding something new :D

    about me:

    My name is Katy
    I'm 22 and I've been doing this for a long time
    I really enjoy OOC chatting
    I like a lot of messed up stuff

    nitty gritty:

    I roleplay as a pass time, and am not the type to jump down your throat about anything
    I communicate via IM systems sometimes, but please message me here first to ask.
    Here is my main tumblr, feel free to follow me there. Here is my secondary blog that I tend to draw inspritation from. Finally, here is my roleplaying blog.
    I try my best to mirror, and always leave you with something to work with. depending on the RP, I can write two to ten solid paragraphs. Sometimes I prefer to have a more lax RP, that we can reply to multiple times a day, and other times I prefer to work with RPs that require a day or so to reply at a time.
    Please have an idea of what you'd like to do when you message me, and contribute to the plotting process! Nothing is more of a buzz kill for me than pulling all the weight!
    I have an easier time coming up with and playing male characters. Having me play a female character would take an exceptional plot, or some heavy convincing.
    I generally roleplay m// but there are definite exceptions. It all depends on the character I'm playing.
    It's very rare that I'm into a plot strictly for the romance. Most of the time, my romances are dysfunctional and twisted.
    I like bringing multiple characters into a plot, but don't like to double just to keep both parties happy. Side characters should be brought in to supplement the RP itself.
    I prefer PMs and Threads as a place to have our RP take place, and will almost never use IM or email.
    PM me, as apposed to posting here.

    i'm currently looking to do some world building, tbh. i've started watching young justice and it's not quite tickling the itch for me, so i'd love to build our own superhero univers >.>

    alternatively, i'm dying for something with ghosties and cameras >>

    keywords and phrases
    blood, tears of fear, tears of frustration, choking,
    sneaking out late, knocking on bedroom windows,
    more than friends but less than lovers, casual make
    outs, coughing up blood, violent possessions, not
    being yourself, running in the rain, shadow people,
    being alone in the dark, ghosts and spirits, hair pulling,
    bloody noses, broken bones, kicks to the ribs, hair
    cutting as a symbol of submission, casual drug use,
    smokey rooms

    This is a list of non-fandom based rps i have on my mind at any given time. I'm not limited to just these, please feel free to suggest anything. A couple of the ideas listed below might have further explanation in the plots post ;3

    beside any idea means I'm not currently looking for this kind of RP
    beside any idea means I have a plot, character, or further explanation in mind
    beside any idea means I'll probably sob uncontrollably from pure joy if you would like to do this. If it's highlighted in that color, it's my current ultimate craving!


    modern & realistic
    ★◆drug abuse / past drug abuse
    photographer x model
    musical cast
    ★◆the mentally ill
    organized crime
    serial killers / murderers

    paranormal and otherwise unrealistic
    Greek demigods
    Greek god incarnates
    vampire x human (given the characters and plot are interesting)
    demonic possession
    ★◆modern day witchcraft
    ★◆model x photographer
    ★super heroes / villains
    movie set / behind the scenes / tv set
    musical / theater
    contract with a demon
    humans with spiritual / demonic / otherworldly powers
    psychological torture
    Slender Man Mythos
    ★◆strange things happening on camera

    song based
    Flathead by The Fratellis

    fandoms and universes (oc x oc unless stated otherwise)
    ★◆ persona
    .hack// or SAO
    how to get away with murder
    stranger things
    now you see me / the prestige
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