INTEREST CHECK Futuristic thriller anyone?

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  1. Far into the city, where the sidewalks are manually cleaned by the poor, sits an old abandoned building made long before the mayor came into control. No one lives there but it sits in the middle of the technology bound city bringing in old nostalgia for those young enough to remember the time before motion detecting street lamps were cool. A high school student happens onto the building. Another day goes by and more bring the abandoned building company. Each one enters for unseen reasons and comes back all the same. That night, however, they find a letter somewhere in their homes. Though the occurrences happen at different times and on different days the letters all say the same thing.

    What ill fate you must have. On this day you have become something more precious than you can ever imagine. Your part, though very small, must be well played in order for this to succeed. Fortunately, you are not the only player in this game. There are others who have fallen victim to circumstance as well. This is your first task: find the other players.
    Forever yours,

    And so the game begins...

    PLOT: The plot is basically set out with a story line, antagonist, and setting but I would like to say that it does not specifically have to go one way. I expect some twists and turns throughout the rp. The story line is there for boundaries, but the characters can work out and around the plot however one sees fit. Actually that's what I'm going for in this rp, seeing how the character's manipulate the story. It will be very character-centric, though I'm sure that isn't the right way to say that...

    45-incredible-futuristic-scifi-3d-city-illustrations-inferno.jpg The setting will be futuristic. There won't be robots or flying cars, just advanced technology. At the most a flying skateboard. The city it takes place in is slowly transitioning into being technology based. Most homes have been upgraded but there are some places, like the abandoned building, that are still left untouched. The mayor is going through a lot deciding whether or not they should be demolished and replaced or if they should be remade with the current upgrades.

    CHARACTERS: My first idea was that the characters would be a set group of about eight students, but, then I thought that was too restricted. The plan is ultimately to have however many people who choose to play a student, if there are a lot, for them to be in groups and play as teams. Other playable characters will be teachers. They will be a limited to four. Here is what the character sheet would look like.
    Character Sheet:
    Role:(teacher os student?)
    Appearance: (can use pictures)
    Quirks: (strange or comical habits)

    I know the idea of another high school themed role play must drive a number of you crazy, but, there is so much one can do with such characters when given a decent playground. Hopefully I have introduced a fair one here.