Futuristic Fantasy

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Really everything
Amil panted loudly in the otherwise silent alley that he was currently crouched in.

The alley was filthy, dirt covered every available surface along with other....questionable stains. He tried not to think about what he may be standing in or what that dark brown stain agaisnt the alley wall was.

The brunet was clutching what looked like some kind of necklace to his chest in a dirty fist. Everything about the man was dirty. From his chin length brown hair that could be seen from under the hood of his hoodie, to his bare, dirt stained toes. His nails were cracked and chipped. His lips, though full, were likewise cracked and dry.

Golden brown eyes darted around the alley from under his hood before he slowly crept out. In the distance, the shouting of police could be heard as they searched for him. A smirk pulled at his lips and he slipped the gleaming necklace around his neck and tucked it under his ratty shirt.

He jogged towards the old warehouse that served as his home. The doors had all been padlocked years ago when the humans had moved their wears to the Inner City.

The years of being left in the rotting Outer City had damaged the exterior of the building and one of the walls had caved in. Not long after that, Amil had decided that it would make a better home than the ratty tent that he had been living in for years.

Amil tossed his hood back after closing the flap covering the hole in the wall exposing the delicately pointed ears marking him as an elf. He strode over to a little pool of water that had collected on the ground from the recent rainfall. The water was slightly murky from the dirt that had been on the ground beforehand, but it wasn't like Amil could complain, it was all he had to wash off with and to wash what few clothes that he had.

He stripped off his hooded shirt and dropped to his knees, cupping the water in his hands before splashing it on his face and scrubbing at the dirt there. He wished, just for a moment before shoving the wanting away, that he had soap to wash with. Even a bar of simple lye soap would be amazing.

He dipped his head so that he could scoop up enough water to run through his hair, his long, nimble fingers untangling the knots that had formed from being dirty for so long. He made a face as he watched the brown water drip from his hair in disgust. Amil poured more water over his head and scrubbed until both his head and his fingers felt raw.

Not wanting to waste any of the water, he wrung out his hair the best he could and sat up to finish washing the rest of him. When he was finished, he picked up the hoodie he had been wearing before and dunked it in the water, scrubbing at the dirt that had found its way onto the dark blue fabric.

His nose wrinkled in agitation when he pulled the article of clothing from the water, the newly uncovered freckles that dusted his tanned skin were now visible against his newly cleaned body. The same could not be said for the shirt he held in his hands. The shirt was beyond saving in the ways of cleanliness, but at least it was still wearable.

With a deep sigh, he stood to hang the shirt on the line that he had strung across the room he occupied most. The line dipped with the added weight and he worried for a moment that it would collapse in on itself and he'd have to wash his shirt all over again. Luckily, the line held and he sighed in relief.

Unlike many people of the Outer City, Amil had an actual nice place to sleep at night. The walls were sturdy enough to keep out the worst of the bitter wind that always seemed to blow, and the roof kept out most of the rain, ice, and snow. He had an old, lumpy, and slightly moldy mattress, but that was more than he could say for the rest of the population of the Outer City. He'd seen fights break out over a mattress that was in worse condition than the one he slept on.

The fights that were often started in the Outer City were usually started over things that people took for granted in the Inner City. Something to sleep on, something to sleep under, food that wasn't spoiled, clothes, shoes. He shook his head. One day, they would learn, one day they would understand what life was like living from one day to the next, wondering when your next meal would be. Wondering if you would have to resort to stealing to feed yourself or your family.

A tanned hand wondered up to the necklace around his slender neck. No, not a necklace, an amulet. Fingers traced the outline of the dragon that encircled a lion slowly. The humans in the Inner City took them for granted, took the things they had for granted. Amil wanted to show them. He wanted to show them how much they were hurting the people of the Outer City. Even if it meant stealing a cursed amulet.

He snorted. Cursed. Very unlikely. All cursed objects were locked away. The amulet would be locked away too, if it were. not hanging out in plain view in a rich humans house. Or was it a museum? Ether way, there was no way that it was cursed.

Still, he was going to hang onto it instead of selling it like he'd originally planned. It was rather pretty after all.
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