Futuristic Fantasy needs Rebellious Characters

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    Game Master: Sakura
    Accepting New Characters: Yes! It's a lot to read, but don't be intimidated! Ask any questions! :)
    Posting Expectations: At least once a week, please :)
    Genre: Sci Fi / Fantasy / Drama
    Basic Plot: In a futuristic world plagued by governmental corruption, the dictator commends all without money to death. In the face of this adversity, a strange kind of magic ignites the beginnings of an unlikely rebellion. The Wishring will grant you one wish, but only if you grant someone else's.

    Basic ideas:

    Everyone who doesn't have the money to pay off the government bribe must die. Rich people are free and will be apart of New Ksaria.

    I'm looking for individuals to be a part of the rebellion and/or the general populace. This means poor people running from death notices and taking shelter with the rebellion forces, rich people who don't believe the new system is correct, etc, etc.

    Please read the Ooc & ask me any questions!
  2. Yes, yes!
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  3. HEY. Sorry that was a while ago! Wishmaker is on a hiatus until I have a world set up and then we'll restart! :) I'll PM you when that happens, thanks for the interest!
  4. I already submitted a character that time. :D It's okay, and thanks. I'd be happy to help with world building.
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  5. It's a bit on the slow side, but I'll add you to the conversation!
  6. ..........I wanna be a rebel....