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    Welcome to the world of the corporates. You are not welcome here.

    New Massachusetts, 2059.

    The world has changed. What was once the United States of America has been long now replaced by a world at stake, controlled and influenced at full by the Megacorporations, massive private businesses that shape and alter the world under their influence at will. They are the reason the global economy keeps going, and they are the ones who run the single, giant super government of capitalism that meets no end, that fears no border. Because, there is nothing money can't buy you.

    The city of New Massachusetts was created in 2045, after having being worked on by Arkwright Industies, the key player into the city hub for over a decade. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is no more. The Arkwright Foundation has replaced it. The setting is dark and the world is twisted by greed. The poor struggle to survive the next cold November night, while the rich enjoy a vast amount of luxuries that modern technology has sprawled. From personal jets to private armies, or even controlling an entire police department, all thanks to progress.

    There was no new world war besides the silent, super effective economic war that is going on worldwide since the very beginning of the millenium, or even before that. The Dollar rules the west, and the Credit rules the east. The world is addicted to the World Wide Grid and the Net - and the few people that retain their sanity are mostly high on Neurostash that keeps their mental activity suppressed.

    Within the chaos of private interests, faultering societies, destructive air pollution, and futuristic neon lights, there are a few people who still struggle to overcome the hardships and serve for larger purposes. These bright new people have the potential to change the world. Folk has it that Massachusetts was the place where it all started - could New Massachusetts be the place where it will all be finished?

    That is up to us to decide. Will we work towards bringing back social right and order? Or will we plunge into our greed and try to make as much out of this chaos as we can?

    Arkwright Industries
    Show Spoiler
    Established in 2007, the original Arkwright company was a car battery manufacturer located in Massachusetts. The business was honest and fair, and as the demand for cars grew over time, so did business. Eventually, William Arkwright, the owner of the company and Chairman of the Industries moved from a small town labour into a full scale production plant in 2016, nine years after the business was established. In cooperation with famous car producers of that time, Arkwright initiated large scale production and supplied the industry with top quality car batteries of exceptional quality and performance, that made the Arkwright labours widely reknown around the world.

    In 2019, William Arkwright established the Arkwright Foundation - a cutting edge, state of the art research center in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with purpose the creation of next generation car engines and other automation parts. Five years later, the research teams designed the next big step into the revolution of urban traversing - in 2025, the first commercially available flying car hit the markets under the Arkwright brand of quality. Since then, production was focused onto these cars instead of the original chemical batteries, now working on each and every aspect of the car on the same facility. The Foundation was turned into a university, heavily supported and funded by MIT.

    Year after year the company grew bigger and stronger, influencing the city of Massachusetts to such an extend to afford smaller time companies around the city. Within the following years to come, the first Skycar became a commercial success, but due to old age William Arkwright had to leave the position of CEO in 2029 and become the chairman of the economic council, which would take control of the Industries for ten years.

    In 2034, the New Massachusetts plan was introduced by the Arkwright Foundation to the city council. Accepted just a year later, William's industries initiated a large scale plan to completely reconstruct the city of Massachusetts into a modern exemplar of technology and progress. To do so, Arkwright Industries aquired the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for 59 Billion dollars, which was merged with the Arkwright Foundation the next year. Doing so, the Industries now had full control over the city.

    The city reconstruction plan became a reality, and finally in 2045, New Massachusetts was established. Arkwright Industries have since then full control over the city hub.

    Or so do they believe they have.

    In 2049, at the age of sixty nine, William Arkwright passes away to heart attack. The same year, his son, Royce Arkwright was called by the council to assume the position of CEO as his father had requested. By the age of twenty seven, Royce Arkwright became the next rockstar of New Massachusetts, and he is now the most famous man of the town, running the business that literally, controls the entire metropolis.

    Europa Corporation
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    The super bank corporation, as it is called at the other side of the Atlantic ocean, the Europa Corporation was established in 2019 after the mututal agreement of the central bank of the Europeian Union among with sixty eight local banking agencies around the continent. Within the following ten years, Europa Corporation had aquired half of total Europeian stock markets, and within the next decade, in 2039, the entire region was under the tight economical influence of Europa Corporation.

    Within the years to follow, the corporation has been trying to expand its reach by infilitrating into the Russian economic zone, and by waging war to the Africanan-Middle Asian region, slipping them under their control after five years of bloody conflicts. Only a couple of years later, the corporates started expanding the influence by attempting to make an appearance into the American economic zone. Even though they've had some success, Europa is still struggling to fortify its appearance on the US.

    Europa Corporation controls the entire Europeian and African economic zone. Even Arkwright Industries has to go through Europa check to ship their shipment in Europe.

    Show Spoiler
    The western world's leading information source, COMMcast is a collection of private TV and radio channels, press, blogs, and databanks, that controls the World Wide Grid - established in 2029 to replace the World Wide Web, founded to unite the internet into one large brand. The truth is, the act was pulled out to give them full control over the broadband, and the opinions that can be voiced there. With the cooperation of the private corporate interests, COMMcast has managed to declare a new age of internet fascism that only benefits the ones who pay the largest sums of money to.

    In 2059, COMMcast controls 77% of the global information market thanks to the World Wide Grid.

    Waylink Enterprises
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    Waylink enterprises is one of the biggest monopolies in Japan that has its hand deep in the pockets of the "for show" government. Waylink is still clever about its appearance, leaving several branches of Waylink under different names to avoid the general dislike of the populace. Odds are if your product is anything but food, Waylink makes it under one of its numerous branches. Medical supplies, electronics, ICE systems (Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics), or even children's toys are all made by Waylink and nearly the entire populace is unaware of its interaction with the market.

    The only fields Waylink could not claim rights to are cloning and food production, with food production still being one of America's strong suits and cloning the product of an emerging megacorp. In several failed attempts at a hostile takeover via Japan's stock market, Waylink finally gave up on sinking the emerging boat much to the rage of several of their execs. Still, one clone market compared to the entirety of Japan's technology range seemed a fair trade. At least, if you ask a Waylink exec. Their shareholders were not inclined to believe them, and Waylink's stock began to crash in favor of Hara-Kita Global - the emerging clone producer. They needed a new product, and they needed it fast.

    Meanwhile, the assets of Waylink broke off one by one to form their own monopolies in their special fields. This created all sorts of separate forms in the market. People were finally forcefully awakened to what Waylink had been doing all this time, and they were happy that the "corporate tyranny had come to an end" in the form of separate corporations competing instead of one head. Waylink was left without a single massive source of income, and they began their jump to release a product so amazing that it would either send them into bankruptcy or let them ride the fortune to their great-great-great grandchildren's graves.

    Then the Net was released. Millions of creds were dumped into the project, massing debt upon debt and layoff after layoff until it released after one brutal year. The success within the first week was unparalleled. Waylink's stock price went from a measly 1.26 creds to a massive 20,000+ creds per share within the span of eighteen days - the largest jump any stock market had ever seen in such a short span. When the Waylink was successful once more, they began to absorb the companies that had broken off once more back into a single entity, the populace still believing they are separate entities to this day, and left the clone market untouched as they always had. If they had thought they didn't stand a chance then, what could they do now?


    Show Spoiler
    Also known as the slaver's drug, Neurostash has been a contraband drug since 2035 but is still used up to this day by the powerful. Neurostash usage has been linked to a worldwide phenomenon, mostly ran by the corporates who keep their workers supplied with the drug on a constant basis. Even though the drug is illegal to be carried around, it is widely known by the police that corporates use it regularly. It's just that the corporates are the ones paying their salaries - if one word slips out of their mouth they are as good as dead.

    What the Neurostash does is that it suppresses intense neural activity. Police post-dramatic reports have shown that 89% of Neurostash users have reduced mental performance of up to 99%, while another 78% is quite likely not to visit the Human Resources department of their respective workplace ever again.

    Neurostash comes in two different variations; dust particles and liquid. Dust particles is an extremely effective way to dose working personnel during their shifts in the office, with the help of a simple building ventrillation system. The drug also comes in an alcohol-odouring, colourless and tasteless liquid. Reports have shown that 55% of employers worldwide would prefer to dump large quantities of the drug into water tanks and espresso machines, which are regularly attended by the working personnel during their shifts.

    People who have used the drug are not aware of the effects until they quit their job, for any reason might that occur. The first week without drug usage can be rather painful, the second one however would mean certain death. If the user fails to realize within the first week that they're addicted to the drug so they can get their dosage once again, they will silently pass away the week to follow.

    One miligram of Neurostash in dust form costs ~$1,000. Any quantity above ten miligram is enough to kick in the effect of the drug.

    World Wide Grid
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    The replacement to the World Wide Web, the WWG was established in 2029 under the trademarks of COMMcast, first being presented to the public as the new, global network that promised to unite every corner of the broadband into one, massive databank that anyone could access from anywhere - and ended up being the world's leading source of propaganda, serving all sorts of distraction purposes and other malign ideals.

    The World Wide Grid's main counterpart is the Net, the answer of Waylink Enterprises to the titan of the west. The two internet services still rival each other up to this date.

    Anybody with a simple signal receiver can access the World Wide Grid in the west.

    Show Spoiler
    While western societies are generally "laid back" in result to technology, Japan by contrast widely limits the available use of such amazing marvels. Cybernetics must be deactivated to less than the human norm, police roam the streets in constant patrol, and there is still the ideal of a central government, even if it is for show only. While the private citizen has little to do with these new technologies, they are still present. The first full-androids are being introduced into the populace, clones are just starting to gain otherwise "human" rights, and the Net has gone active as a new means of accessing a globe of information. With the majority of this new tech held by corporate executives, it is scant wonder that Japan has one of the highest professional crimes rates known across the world. Runner teams are often found attempting to steal private corporate assets for sale to the public via a series of underground black markets. Some never make it past their first run, others hit it huge, and the majority simply fight and die, forgotten.


    When the Net went live a decade ago, the entirety of Japan suffered a massive influx of famine and other such ailments as people were found dead, still plugged into the Net after three or four days of constant usage. The Net was becoming a crippling addiction. The ability to have all of the data ever stored within arm's reach in a new, creative way was too much for many people. Most people wallowed away as they never bothered to unplug from the stream of data flickering behind closed eyelids, and so the Net was made a paid-by-the-hour luxury nearly a year later. Still, it's on the same level as a drug now. Expensive, addictive, dangerous to the weak-minded.


    Now, Japan stands on a teetering tower of political cloak and dagger, corporate monopolies, and emerging technologies coming so quickly it cannot be limited. Netters, Riggers, and the like constantly create new vices and crime-dealing devices along with Runner teams become more and more bold by the day. The threat the Net once put forward has been subdued and replaced by hackers - Netters - who have learned to steal information using the Net as their entryway. Clones are constantly butchered or destroyed, being deemed not human and a massive pile of other slur. Androids - now as functional as living beings - fare no better in the chaos, though they are more valued than clones. At least there's an excuse as to why they were built....


    The Net
    Show Spoiler
    The Net is an abstract idea to put the human mind into the internet. To be able to narrow down your thoughts and access information as quickly as you can think them. Your specific Net receiver adapts to your preferences like Google Chrome does today, and will better read your thoughts the more you use it. At first, the process to allow yourself to hook into the Net (known as Genetic Modification or "G-Modding") was deemed to be unethical or dangerous, but once the first medical reports came out, it was all a rush to see who could get G-Modding done first.
    As far as feeling goes, the Net puts you into the internet. You see information being played out or read it as if it were a book in your hands. It uploads you into an electronic world where reality is dictated by your preferences - something that would later allow Netrunning - and has no limits on what you could do, so long as it is within the coding. Social networking and media spiked up with the introduction of the Net, as people could easily communicate by 'talking' in the Net as they explored more and more. Online gaming became virtual reality games nearly two years later, allowing customers to put themselves into the game and play from their character's perspective. It was a new age.

    The original WWG users felt customer loyalty towards the previous maker in world information until Waylink began offering steep discounts on G-Modding once the big Net scare came and went. After all, people say they dropped in sales on G-Modding but gained a better reward: paid usage of their product.

    At first, the Net was intended to be used for think-tanks and other heavy workers who couldn't take a break in their studies and processes, and was priced at such a point. Once the Net became more and more popular among the rich, however, the price slowly declined to access more and more markets. This began a rush of people attempting to reverse engineer the Net consoles and, to their surprise, Waylink had prepared for such a trick: each Net console contained a dead man's switch that blew apart the insides of the machine if tampered with beyond regular maintenance. Of course no one was harmed, all that does is remove sales from your market. Instead this was intended to make people purchase more and more consoles if they truly wanted to understand the Net - something many people gave up on quickly into the process. But it still made a buck.

    >> Citizenship Application <<

    // Undergoing the legal procedures of obtaining a legal, basic NM citizenship, is a MANDATORY task for all residents of New Massachusetts. //
    // Citizens of New Massachusetts are required to ALWAYS carry their papers with them, both in digital form (installed into their biochip) AND handheld form (signed paper). //
    // If the Police Department of New Massachusetts investigates you, and for any reason you do not have your citizenship comfirmation indicating papers with you, they have the right to withdraw your citizenship and kick you out of the city! //

    >A note to all canditates for a legal NM citizenship, please REMOVE all text in parenthesis.
    >Failure to do so will result in instant application rejection. You have been warned.
    >Do NOT fill in your biographical note with drama, emotions and other misguiding feelings! Keep it simple and clean, just as it should be!
    >Please fill the form with VALID information. If you are caught moving around with false information about you, your citizenship will be instantly terminated!

    Thank you for participating into the NM citizenship program. NMPD, copyright 2051.


    • Usual rules of roleplaying are in place. No powerplaying, metagaming, Mary Sues/Gary Lous stuff.
    • Technology is advanced but don't go overboard with it. Magnetic fields and jetpacks are fine, lasers and handheld nuclear devices aren't.
    • You are a human being, get over it. You can't be a humble superstar or a wealthy fisher. Superman either. Keep it realistic.
    • The currency is inflated big time. Adjust the prices of products your character might encounter equally.
    • You can start your own corporation if you wish to. PM me if you plan to do so.
    • Augmentations are expensive and getting them is a long time procedure. Please, do not make characters running on fully augmented bodies. A single prosthetic arm or an eye implant is just fine; full prosthetic limbs and tons of brain augmentations aren't.
    • If you plan to stay inactive from the roleplay please notify me. Inactive characters will have their own place to go to. If you don't, then I will assume control of your character.
    • My word is final. If that is deemed not enough then I will contact the mods.
    • A minimum standard of four to five lines of text every time you post in IC is in place.
    • Everything is under control and monitored. Act like it.
    • There is no special keyword to put on your application form. Isn't that neat?
    NMPD, Terms of Citizenship Agreement, 2051
    Approved by the Department of Internal Affairs, US, 2051​

    --Name: (Your full name.)
    --Age: (You must be OLDER than 18 years old to be validated for a New Massachusetts citizenship.)
    --Biography: (Two paragraphs minimum is required. Please speak about yourself in third person.)
    --Personality: (Share your flaws and strongpoints that you have to offer to our city here.)

    --Appearance: (Mandatory description, you can also allowed to provide a picture attached to this form.)
    --Working for: (Freelancer, corporate, unemployed, other. Unemployment will reduce your chances of being accepted for the citizenship! )
    --Luggage: (Fill this in if you are moving in from another area. If you are caught carrying CONTRABAND items in the city you will face prosecution!)
    --Income: (Annual income. The citizenship comes with an annual fee of $100,000. )

    >> Business Application <<


    More content coming soon.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Lyssa Rocheford "Lovelace"

    Lyssa was born, at least in part, to a wealthy family who quickly fled America in order to pursue a life of supposed freedom in Japan. There her family quickly gathered both a job and a new apartment block just ten minutes from downtown Tokyo - something so ineptly named for Tokyo stretched fair across the entirety of the Japanese isles. As time went on, Lyssa became more and more interested in the ideas of this new technology wave that Japan had to offer. From there, she began to create her own machines in the dead of night without her parent's noticing.

    Then came the Net.

    Like most people her age, Lyssa suffered a massive addiction to the Net and was quickly sent in a rehabilitation center in private; if news that a corporate exec's daughter was a Net addict, it would bring all sorts of trouble with it. Still, the Net was a luxury for the rich. And Lyssa - and more importantly her family - was rich. As soon as she left the rehab center, it was back to the Net with her. Still, the time limits prevented the older habits she had picked up. Withdraw set in. Within a week she had considered whoring herself off for the cash to purchase another G-Mod ID when the Netters starting popping up. From there she shoved off the withdraw symptoms long enough to learn the basic skills to hack the Net and from there she was off to the Net again.

    In a risky move, Lyssa attempted to push her luck to get in another ten hours before she was caught by a roaming defense protocol and tagged. The brain damage went in and severed the pleasure pathway that the Net previously caused. It was purely luck. A milometer to the left or right would have left her entirely incapacitated and unable to ever function again. As it was, she laid there for two days until her parents found her out and shipped her off back to America. The place where there wasn't a Net to go to. Still, they may have taken away her vice but not the skills of hacking long honed in weeks and weeks of delicate practice. And to her, the American servers were pathetic and useless compared to the ones that guarded the Net...

    Name: Lyssa Rocheford, under the Netrunner handle "Lovelace"
    Age: 26
    Biography: (See above)
    Personality: Lyssa is the classic example of a rebel against rich parents, or at least she was six or seven years ago. Petty things like that aren't worth it when you're officially an adult half a world away. She doesn't hate the totalitarian government, far from it. It's what allows her to keep her hobby of hacking and other vices. And why rebel against a system you've known your whole life? To her, the corporate cloak and dagger in NM is just as fun as Japan's and best she take a bit of joy in setting fire to things in the system. Once you've earned her loyalty, odds are you'll keep it the rest of your life. Getting there is a whole other obstacle, however.

    Height: 5'8" (1.75 meters)
    Weight: 150lbs (68 kilograms)
    Appearance: Lyssa has always been pale and narrow. Her eyes - now cosmetically altered to be a bright neon green - were originally near-black and her hair the same shade. After her instance with the Net her weight drastically went down, rounding out at about half of what it is now and nearly threatening to cause permanent damage. Still, protein-supplements went a long way to help get that back up so long as you didn't continue taking the junk afterwards. Now she's about the same was she was back then, only with the addition of a sleek Waylink arm - acting as her G-Mod port - and the cosmetic tweek on her eyes.
    Working For: The highest bidder. She has quite a high demand for corporate espionage. Stealing accounts, finding dirty laundry (bad press), and other things ranging from prototype AI units to cookie recipes.
    Luggage: N/A. She lives in a torn-up hab block in one of the several "ghetto" blocks in NM.
    Income: Ranging from 1,000,000-2,000,000 dollars a year. If the corps don't place a limit on cash jobs, she takes as much as she can.
  4. [​IMG]
    Royce Arkwright

    First and only son of William Arkwright, former CEO and Chairman of Arkwright Industries, Royce is the heir of the fifty year old corporation that has been influencing the Eastern American coast economic scene since the early 2020s. Born in Massachusetts, Royce has lived his entire life in the town that would later become a full part of the Industrial interest. The city reconstruction plan that took place between 2034 and 2045 inspired young Royce to chase a different career path than that of his father's, even though he was the only valid person to take control of the corporation once the old man had passed away, much like he did once that finally happened in 2049. His father would be missed by the people that had literally invested their entire life into the business.

    Royce spent a life rebelling against the plutocracy that had been burdening his name since the very first day of his life. By the age of five he had already ended up in hospital with heavy craniac damage, and at the age of fourteen he pulled out a failed suicide attempt that left his family numb after the news were announced. Until the age of seventeen he attended a private school foundation, and after that he registered for the Arkwright Foundation scholarship program. Even thought that was quite enough to question the townfolk, given the fact that he practically owned that facility, it was his sheer determination to differ that actually pulled him into excelling the exams and scoring first on the potential scholarship canditates.

    Once his studies were finished, he left his father's institutes and sought out a career in the media industry that was now mostly held by COMMcast worldwide. By the age of twenty one, he got his first spot on a mini series that aired every Monday evening on Channel Six, then the next year he got a role on an action movie that would air two years later. His acting career however soon came to an end, as in 2036 he was forced by the exec economic council of Arkwright Industries to return to his father's corporation to work for. After a series of fights and arguments with his father, Royce finally gave up, and accepted to be enlisted into the workforce for a living.

    Three years later, his father passes away to heart attack. The tragical events of his death caused heavy damage to Royce's psychology, and sent him into a spiralling usage of Neurostash that kicked in a pretty serious addiction. Seeing that the only valid heir of Arkwright Industries was all on drugs, the economic council assumed control of the company for the next decade, while Royce's health worsened day by day. A tragical series of more suicide attempts, and a failed initial attempt to kick away his addiction, Royce ended up into rehabilitiation just a couple of years later. In 2049, he emerged back into the corporate scene, fresh new and completely different.

    Royce still remains the revolutionary CEO that people of New Massachusetts have been cheering on the last decade up to this date. His unorthodox methods however, are kept secret from the public.

    Name: Royce James Arkwright
    Age: 37
    Biography: See above.
    Personality: Quick thinker and verified genius, Royce had always been excelling thanks to his determination to differ that is driving him forward. He has been raised in money - therefore common acting patterns of rich kids can be seen, such as tendencies for drastic change, suicide attempts, reckless choices and bad habits such as smoking and fancying expensive wares. But his education has kept all of these contained, refining him into a man of words, honor, and passion for success. He is fond of wealth but he prefers to distribute his earn to other causes such as the Arkwright Foundation rather than his personal bank account, which is already filled with insane amounts of dollars that would drive even the richer person of our times crazy just to think of.

    Height: 6 feet 1 inch (185 centimeters).
    Weight: 175 lbs. (80 kilograms).
    Appearance: Sporing fancy clothes and gear, Royce can be seen wearing all sorts of expensive get ups such as brand costumes and high tech fibre clothing, bullet and water resistant. His hair used to be dark blonde, now they are mostly washed out gray due to anxiety and reckless lifestyle. His masculine face is recognizable due to his hazelnut shaped deep blue eyes that strike a resembling image into your memory you can't easily forget. An abundance of freetime has been spent in gyms and workout programs, therefore he is quite well build and muscular, rounding up the looks of a young businessman with a megacorporation of his own.
    Working For: Arkwright Industries, CEO.
    Luggage: As a legal and permanent citizen of New Massachusetts since 2040, there is no luggage he is bringing in with.
    Income: ~$10,000,000 personal income, ~$25,000,000,000 annual Industrial grossing.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Bart Oliver (Born Bjartur Olvirsson)

    "I woke up to find the whole world changed. Before my decades-long nap, I was part of a black ops team. On my last mission I was betrayed and handed over to the enemy to hide our involvement. I managed to escape but was critically wounded. I would have died out there if some foresighted individual hadn't picked me up and put me on ice. My unit and my entire chain of command are gone. I guess that makes this new person the boss. If their mission for me is to be sold to the highest bidder, a company that'll keep me supplied as long as I get the job done, so be it. It's strange knowing that the country I spent my life protecting from foreign influence is now nothing more than a pawn in the chess game that is corporate espionage, assassination, and warfare. In a way, it's liberating. There are no nations of any consequence anymore. No ideologies. No illusions of loyalty. The only thing left to follow is the mission.

    Fine by me. I never liked complications anyway."
    -Bart Oliver

    --Name: Bart Johannes Oliver
    --Age: 36 (74 counting years in cryogenic stasis)
    --Biography: After enlisting at the age of 18 and making his way through training and two deployments, Bart Oliver began to climb the special operations ladder. Each mission grew his reputation as a man who got the job done quickly, quietly, and efficiently. With that came offers to join more selective and shadowy units. By the time he was 26 Bart was the ranking field operative in, as far as he knew, the blackest of black operations teams. He spent the next ten years carrying out deniable missions in countries all over the world in the name of the national security interests of his nation.

    On his last mission, the commanding officer of his unit leaked intelligence on their operations before defecting and vanishing without a trace. The job had been to infiltrate a relatively small country to steal data on a new weapon they were supposedly developing, sabotage the prototype, and assassinate the R&D team. As it turned out, the lead was a hoax. In order to save face Bart's nation was forced to declare that his unit was operating without orders and cooperate with the target country to hunt them down. His team was captured, but Bart managed to escape. Despite being shot while running away Bart managed to run several miles to find safety in a cave before collapsing from his wounds.

    His body was found by a private citizen who froze him to be sold as a slave. As luck would have it, the advent of cybernetics and other technology enabled them to augment him into a more attractive purchase. He had a respiratory filtration system implanted to allow him to move about the dense urban centers without succumbing to the smog, as well as a cybernetic eye with magnification, light intensification, and infrared options.
    --Personality: Likes to think before he speaks or acts, and doesn't like to show what he's thinking before he does. The "soldier" mentality is always on which leads him to be somewhat paranoid. He's sharp witted and quick on his feet, as his career until now punished inflexible thinking and hesitant reflexes brutally and without warning. He tries to be amiable, but his thick skin sometimes works against him in more delicate social situations.

    --Height: 5'11"
    --Weight: 185 lbs
    --Appearance: Picture attached
    --Working for: Arkwright Industries
    --Luggage: Personal property and company equipment is being shipped in-city by Arkwright Industries. All relevant documentation regarding that shipping manifest, as well as what he has on his person, has already been transmitted to the appropriate authorities.
    --Income: $1,000,000 personal income
  6. @Shokkou
    Looks to be in order.
  7. Curious, how far along is AI research and development? Mechs? Augmentations? Cyborgs? I've got a few different ideas involving a multitude of these, should I PM you instead?
  8. @BoB (Best of Boxes)³
    AIs are very limited (except for in Japan). More looking for the "dumb" AI as opposed to something like Cortana. Augmentations and cybernetics take a long time to get used to, but they are there and are useful. Depends on the extent of "cyborg".
  9. Ah, I was wondering as I had a long series of threads involving a 'rouge' AI looking for escape from a corporations control, and it was quite in depth However the RP never took off due to the admins of the server giving up on it, leading the hours of encoding and decoding spent to immerse it more wasted.
  10. PM me or Watch with any more questions, we'll be glad to help.
  11. @Shokkou you are accepted, I've added your character on the character list.

    Once we get one more application, I will set up the IC thread by the end of the week (probably on Thursday or Friday that is).
  12. Name: Luxus K. Teatime (Pronounced Teh-ah-time-eh)
    Age: 24
    Biography: Luxus was born to one Louise Kendrick Teatime and a Fin Teatime. Louise was a trader of cheap, used tech, and Fin worked as a smuggler, sneaking in contraband as supplies to terrorist cells. They lived a cheap life in hiding from the Mega corporations and when Fin was killed on the street during a rigged deal (Luxus was 7), his mother changed her name and began working for COMMcast.

    Luxus, now attending primary school, skipped classes often with his new friends and instead learnt to repair broken machines. By the age of ten, he had built his first working cybernetic implant. If only provided black and white colour, with no other benefits, but it worked. He dropped out of school at age fifteen, and became a mechanic. When his mother died during a 'work accident' (he was 19) he moved in with his friend Lee. Together, they began creating visual media, such as animated film and video games.

    After being stabbed in the eye during a mugging, he was outfitted with an implant. Now with 'questionable' sanity, he and Lee gathered as many of their old friends as they could and began a small business.
    Personality: Luxus is quite friendly and sociable, having been known to actively seek company when he gets lonely.

    He is also quite logical and clever, able to think quickly. He is creative and also quite competitive, making everything into a challenge helps him work quicker.

    However, psychological evaluations show that he is actually quite depressed and mentally scarred, blaming the mega corporations for the deaths of his parents.

    Height: I'm not so good with the measurements, so I'll say 5"9
    Weight: 125 lbs?
    Except, y'know, cybernetic left eye. He's also Blonde.
    Working for: Vastrum Tech, Co-Founder/CEO
    Income: Uh, Math. 3,000,000 Personal Income

    Tell me if I did anything wrong.
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  13. I'll wait for you to complete your app.
  14. Your app is fine but... 5'2" is terribly short, especially for a male.

    I was 5'2" when I was like... eleven years old or something.
  15. Hi! This looks cool! I've read through the starting post, but not other people's bios. Do you have room for one more? I'd be interested in joining. ^^
  16. Of course we got room, even ten thousand new characters would be great to see around! (Apart from the fact that it'd be a pain in the ass to go through 10,000 applications of course...)
  17. I changed the height to 5"9. I don't like tall people.

    (90% of all tall people I know IRL are complete assholes.)
  18. It's just very short. It's not even normal for a healthy teenager to be at that height you know. Anything above 5' 5" is fine. Anything below is just... abnormal.
  19. And this is the future! One would hope height would gradually get better.
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