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  1. Here is where the new Futurepunk roleplay will be discussed.
  2. Well, I suppose we should get started then
  3. I'll leave the discussion to you guys for today. I've got a busy schedule this evening and won't be available until tomorrow.
  4. Alright, so there are three ideal settings for the Futurepunk RP that makes the most sense and keep to its cyberpunk roots:

    • New Massachusetts, the classic image of the western megacity
    • Japan, being the center of the new world (there's always been a heavy Chinese/Japanese influence on any cyberpunk world)
    • I can work up something for Europe, but that would definitely be a bit slow to start up
    Any of them work for the characters, it may just require a brief background change. In either case, I'll leave the decision up to you guys and from there we can work out the details of a plot for the RP.
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  5. I would say more Korea and China than Japan, in terms of what Asian flavour should dominate. Cyberpunk originated when Japan was outpacing the west in terms of heavy industry, but it's really poorly adapted since then. The Japanese economy now is in a rut due to their inability by and large to adapt to the digital revolution, meaning China and South Korea have outpaced them via cheaper labor and exports. Now Japan's the 'poor man' of the developed world, in a recession for decades and with a dwindling population, it would be kind of anachronistic to have them be the mega power.

    But then, I live in Incheon so I might be biased. That said, I'm definitely interested in an Asian focus to this.
  6. Going off of modern standards, yes, it would be China and South Korea. However, China would only be advanced in Hong Kong and Beijing, given the fact that those are the only two "modernized" areas currently there. But South Korea definitely works as an equal contender for a setting, and a very good suggestion.
  7. That and of course the opposition between North and South in terms of ideals, culture, economies etc is a nice source of dramatic tension, story ideas etc.
  8. OH, I really like having South Korea as a main contender. They are so freaking advanced it seems a shame to leave them out. Although i do agree that maybe chine shouldn't be a focus, because it would only be two cities. At least with south korea, we can do a lot
  9. Alright, so Korea it is then. Doubtful anyone else will be getting into it from the previous RP.
  10. Now we need to open up the discussion for ideal plots. I've got a few, but what are you all interested in doing?
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