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  1. During the year 2059 with earth's population growing and food supplies becoming strained many of the worlds governments joined together to form an international space program that was used to start the building of space habitats orignally only for the agriculture needs of earth population, but during the year 2189 Earth's space program completed it's 1st space habitat colony built for human's to live in and to help ease the strain on earth's population growth and as earth's space tech advanced they started moving the habitat's to the lagrange points around earth with the agriculture habitat's using large solar arrays to maximize their crop production.

    It's now the year 2345 and arth's L4 and L5 Lagrange points used for as the main locations for the habitat's and agriculture habitat's have had major population growth along with that of the L2 and L3 lagrange points that are used for both ships and people traveling to L4 and L5 and comunication with the ships that explore beyond the lagrange points around earth most noted are the ships that are trying to set up habitat's around and on mars for farther colonization, but not everything is perfect as the L5 habitat colonies have been attempting to become independent from earth both legal and through minor terrer attacks on earth but L5 extremeist's.

    That's the RP backstory i needs a name so help please also here's the RP sheet layout for thos that wanna join once i get's interest in the RP along with a name for the RP
    Depending on the amount of interest my RP has i'll ether have the plot focus on on side of the conflict between L% colonies and earth or possibly split GM duties with another and work on both sides to form a good storyline/plot so that everyone in the RP can have fun
  2. *pouts* i'm gonna guess there's no interest in my idea *sighs* oh well a girl can try and get interest in a RP thanks to thos who at least took the time to take a peek at the idea i had ^^

    Love thorn
  3. It's the start of a decent idea, but I think it may need more work to really get it going.
  4. i know it's why i put it in the int check ^^ i got the basic's but i know i need help expanding on it
  5. Well, I can probably help a bit. I assume this is intended to be fairly "hard" SF, so not a lot of spaceships with guns and weapons, and definitely no giant robots, although a good old gundam-style colony drop is still one possible means for very extreme statements against the Earth.

    Though, there are still some questions to answer about the general level of technology in various fields and what it means for society. Also, of course how are the colonies and colonists treated. What motivates the terrorists? I find it interesting that they make a point to carry out their attacks on Earth, which is probably wise. Terrorism can be VERY easy on a space colony (especially if using chemical weapons or intentionally breaching a section of hull), but it's also very easily catastrophic. And, hey, they live up there.

    I didn't notice in my first reading that there are also proper above-board negotiations for independence, which could lead to some good source for conflict and tension, as the colony would want to disavow or track down and stop its own extremists as much as or more than anyone else.
  6. i got the general colony lay out designs from the orginal 2 gundam UC seasons *giggles* but no nothing is at the mech level of tech as i don't even want that tech right now as i want the tech to be at least semi-realistic so the ships are used to carry people are the most used with 1 in 10 being military is design in that they are armoured along with having missle pods,limited number of space fighters {max of 6 per ship with sealed pressure shuits needed} along with a magnetic acceleration based rail gun with .50 cal turrents both maned and computer operated being the most used for main weapons,, their engine tech has then at the point of taking 6 months to travel from Earth to mars {I think our current tech level it would take roughly 14-24 months}, the colonies rely on rotating plates surrounding them to generate gravity feilds for the colonists living there, their comunication tech allows live if convos with only a 15 sec lag between earth and L4/L5 colonies,their medical tech is up to the point of replacing limbs or lost eyes with cybernetics along with limiting deaths by cancers. i hope i was able to clear up the tech issues and for the politics well the L5 colonies are lobbying for the right to govern themselves apart from earth with the extremeists trying for seperation of all colonies from earth by anymeans no matter what anyone else thinks or how it would affect others.
  7. That definitely does help clear things up. I'm not sure if this is quite my sort of game, but I'd be happy to keep discussing it.

    Giant robots and so-on aside, Gundam actually does have some pretty sound grounding both for where to put space colonies and for designs that would work.
  8. *nods* i know also a friend from a diff site suggested a name for the RP as i'm running a more basic verson of this ther and freedoms progress seems to be the best i like right now in terms of name but then again the other site's verson the ones that joined seems to be pro L5 colonies in what side they want XD
  9. People always tend to like the underdog, so it's no surprise they gravitate toward the (presumably oppressed) revolutionary side.
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