Future War

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  1. This is my first RP on here since I joined earlier today. This is how it will start. Note that you must use military talk.

    It is the year 2100. Earth has been divided into seperate sectors. North America and some of Central America is Sector A. Each sector is at war with each other to gain more control over the other.

    May 2100
    000 hours
    Sector C, Europe

    "We are one hundred kilometers from Berlin. Engaging thermoshields." the full decorated general said as he activated the shields to protect the transport from thermal radiation. His name is General Xander Greywolf. He is from Sector A.
  2. May 2100
    000 hours
    Sector C, Europe

    General Mennheim, commander of the 3rd division of the German wehrmacht. He watched from the hatch of his mobile command center. All round the command center were hundreds of heavy tanks, APCs, AFVs, mobile AA cannons and other mechanized units. He put his binoculars to his eyes looked up. About one mile away a large american airwing was headed in his direction. He spoke into his intercom. "Bring the aegis systems online! Fire when in range." Hundreds of guns lifted upward, pointed at the incoming formation. Like an active volcano, the guns and missiles fired upward in a massive wall of fire.
  3. Xander saw the incoming shot and managed to barely evade the blast.
  4. That shot was the first of many. Heavy flak exploded around the craft. Pieces of shrapnel berated the craft from all sides. Loud sirens blared in the crafts cockpit. Warning of incoming missiles.
  5. "Deploying flares." Xander said as he hit the switch that deployed the flares from the tail of the aircraft.
  6. Missiles shot by, targeting the flares. Despite the deceptive maneuver point defense systems strike the craft repeatedly.
  7. The craft has been hit too many times. The hull has sustained heavy damage due to running out of flares resulting in being struck by missiles. The plane goes down in a field not far from Brunswick.
  8. Mannheim watches as the aircraft trails smoke all the way to the ground. A soldier taps his leg to get his attention. "Commander, the aircraft was not obliterated. The crew is likely alive. Shall we retrieve them?" Mannheim looked down at the soldier. "Yes. Prepare my staff car, I vish to meet ze pilot of zat craft." Comander Mannheim stepped down from the hatch and made his way outside where the car was waiting. He got in and the car convoyed with two armored vehicles to the crash site.
  9. Part of the crew managed to survive but with severe injuries. Lacerated bodies laid lifeless on the ground. Of all 12 soldiers, only half of them managed to survive. Xander was one of them. "What's the status of our exos?" he asked. The exosuits laid among the wreckage of the downed aircraft. Of the 13, only six, including the General's mech, Unit X, managed to withstand the crash. The were all powered up and ready to be deployed. "Man those exos. We're going to find the krauts that shot us down and fill them full of lead." Xander said as he boarded his unit.
  10. The convoy barreled down the road to the crash site. They circled it twice before stopping. 12 soldiers got out and confirmed all the passengers were deceased. Mannheim exited his staff car. He looked at the bodies. "It is a shame. It vould have been nice to meet ze pilot zat managed to elude such heavy Anti-aircraft fire for a full minute."
  11. The stranded crew was cloaked in the grass surrounding the field. They were in their mechs ready to engage. Each mech was equipped with 50 caliber machine guns and grenade launchers on the shoulders.
  12. "Zere is nussing more for us here." He turned to enter his car. "Back to ze command cente." The soldiers got back into the vehicles and started down the road back to the main army.
  13. "Follow them." Xander said over the radio. The crew began following the convoy back to their base of ops. They were gonna find what shot them down and destroy it. It needed to be destroyed so the forces that were hanging back behind the frontlines could enter Germany and take it.
  14. The convoy pished through a tree line and entered a clearing. The 3rd dividion sprawled out infront of them. It was like a moving lake of metal. On the outer edges were tanks, brissling with heavy guns. Within that were LAVs, reconnaissance vehicles and Mobile anti-aircraft batteries. At the heart of the formation Were tankers, supply trucks and mannheims massive mobile command center. None of the vehicles were stopped. They moved scross the land like a mobile fortress.
  15. The crew found the mobile command center and began to circle the convoy, moving alongside it so as to follow it. "Do we engage?" one of the members asked Xander. "Negative. They are most likely en route to Berlin. We will ambush them when they arrive. Let's advance to Berlin and hide out in the old part of Berlin." Xander said as he and the crew advanced to Berlin so they could await the convoy's arrival.
  16. Little did they seem to know, the division was enroute to France. Mannheims car drove up a ramp on the command center and parrked inside the hanger-sized vehicle. He exited and headed to the control center. Multiple monitors displayed satellite location, distance to target, radar and cameras that showed the perimeter of the formation. "Increase speed by 20 Kilometers per hour. I want to arrive ahead of schedule."
  17. Seeing the convoy had yet to arrive, the crew was beginning to wonder where they were. That is when a call comes over the radio from the forces hanging back they have detected the enemy moving towards France at 20km/p nonstop. "Men, they are headed to France. Let's make haste so they never make it to France alive." Xander said as he and the crew began moving towards the French border.
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