Future Touch Tech

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  1. Your window becomes your keyboard!

    So I use Stumbleupon a lot when I'm bored and I found this. Do you guys think something like this would be practical? Honestly I wouldn't feel comfortable sticking this to my window for fear of it dropping and breaking. I also don't like the way the screen looks. ​
  2. I like the feeling of the keys, call me old-fashioned...
    Touch screens are the way of the future and all that, but I love the clicking keys.
  3. While that's a cool concept, why glass? ._.
  4. If you get aroused at the thought of that, I recommend you check out Corning's "a day of glass" or whatever they are calling it, and check out samsung's smart window.

    But also, I'mma take tactile response of physical keys over that little vibration buzz you get if you hit the appropriate area of a screen.
  6. Not with oleophobic coatings!
  7. Does it make keyboard noises? If yes, sure. Albeit, I still feel a bit awkward typing on a touchscreen... tapping glass just confuses what I'm used to. All this touch screen stuff makes me go 'meh'. Imagine having to touch screen a video game, like skyrim!
  8. You mean like most every game on every smartphone & tablet. ._.

    Something like the iPad would actually work pretty decently because of the large screen, so you would have room for all the controls if you did something arcade-style. The iPhone... not so much.
  9. I kinda like it... o -o but as Koori said >.< There would be finger grease everywhere. A pain to keep cleaning
  10. I would touch that thing so much it would need to see a therapist.

    Totally badass, I love it!
  11. Except, playing on smartphones and tablets annoy the heck out of me, forever.