Future or Medieval Fantasy OR VRMMORPG (F please)

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  1. Hello! How is everyone? I'm doing good thanks for asking or not asking cuz ima tell you anyways.

    So pretty much what I'm looking for is a Futa x Female Future or Medieval Fantasy RP or a VRMMORPG (VR as in kinda like SAO) I mean our characters don't have to be stuck in game but I'd like to go with a combat system that uses magic and physical damage. VRMMORPG roleplays have become a real favorite of mine and I'd be happy if we put 2 heads together to mull over some ideas.

    I am a more PASSIVE rper!(people seem to miss that a lot) I'm fine with coming up with ideas now and then BUT I'm bad at making a story flow by myself the whole time. I Don't do rape scenes so don't ask >.> (Seems to be a fetish craze lately there so I should put that out there.) I am not a dominant person in real life so I SUCK at playing dom characters. Only way I can play dom is in a bed scene... >.> DUNNO WHY BUT IT'S TRUE! x.x

    I have no plots on hand at the moment because I like to work over them with my partner.

    1.no chat speak in the RP
    2.No one liners please unless I know you're having a tough time thinking and the RP is so good I can't wait till your writers block goes away XD
    3.I want something long term so we gotta have a good idea on how to make it last.
    4.Not all smut! A good balance between story and sex.
    5.I will be playing the futanari.
    6.Form a readable sentence even if you don't use comma's like me... I prefer to use "..." to indicate a slight pause :P
    7.Don't just drop the RP please tell me if you don't want to keep going.
    8. HAVE FUN! (even with all my rules XD)

    Think that about handles it. If you're interested hit me with a PM... and I don't mean find out where I live then come and hit me with a letter or something. :P

    Yeah I asked that question about pancakes and waffles! So what? wanna fight about it? >:D

    The RP will take place in a PM. God... now I feel like a slave driver... T.T
  2. Looking for 1 more person atm then I think I'm done looking for now. cum one cum all! Get me while i'm hot XD
    I soooooo funneh >.>
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.