Future Of The Damned

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  1. The Future Of The Damned
    (May contain violence, swearing and adult situations. You have been warned)

    In the distant future mankind has, as you guessed it, pretty much destroyed everything. The ocean is much larger than it once was and more than half of it is polluted with all sorts of shit. The land is pretty much just a used up desert filled and if not that than overgrown plants engulfing abandoned cities and towns making them an unrecognizable jungle. Wild life has grown strong enough to replenish and drive us away. And the sky, at night it is pitch black without a single star to be seen and in the morning as hot as a desert

    But don't worry, were still here. We live in three main domes called Alpha Dome, Beta Dome, and Omega Dome. Theses domes are, well, really really big domes that hold in cities of all sorts. Even have a fake sky for starry nights and to control the weather. They are all we need and no one has ever dared to venture outside them without using the underground train station. We haven't seen the actual earth in decades.

    This is a future where everything is perfect, if you live in the Alpha Dome. The Alpha Dome is perfect, fill with goody-goody citizens who clean up after themselves, never start fights, always get fed and blah blah blah. They dictate everything, moderate everything, perfect everything. Or so we've been told.

    You see, this isn't set in the Alpha Dome. We haven't even seen it. This story is about the misfits, unwanted, unloved and even the criminals and insane and children who were born there and have no choice but to stay, all who reside within the Omega Dome. It is where they put everyone who causes trouble and is too dangerous to live within the Alpha or Beta domes.

    Inside the Omega Dome it looks about how you always pictured a dangerous future to be complete with shitty cities and even shittier neighborhoods, crime at an all time high to a point where it's hard to go a minute without hearing some sort of crime going on. And it only gets worse each year. But what do you expect, everyone here is forgotten.

    That is, till the Alpha Dome decides to do something. They send the military, equipped with heavy duty machinery of all types to create order and put us in our places. But they made one mistake getting here. One of them damaged the wall of the Dome creating a hole to the outside. They attempt to cover it up, blocking all roads that lead there. They can't let them escape. But what if they do? Could they survive and make it to a better Dome?


    Name: Meme
    Age: 19
    Personality: An odd ball definitely. She has a split personality where she can sometimes be sweet and a bit of an airhead but even without a trigger she can snap and become a sadistic bitch with a terrible temper and attitude who insists on being called Emem. She has always been dying to see the outside and the other Domes but has never found a way out till now. She's been moderating the hole for a while and made a schedule for when to slip through.
    Reason for being there: Both her mother and father were criminals charged with robbery and murder and sent there. Her mother was heavily pregnant at the time and gave birth to Meme there. She never liked her father since he was a violent man and always took too much of a liking to Meme so one day she snapped and Emem murdered him. It was the first time Emem had shown up and she, of course, got away with killing him. Since then she has mostly done petty things like steal or get into fights. There's no school system there unless you live in the (slightly) better area so Meme can't read or write.
    Meme sat on the roof of a house a little ways away from the guarded hole. There wasn't much guards there since most of the military was shooting up the streets. Besides, this wasn't a much visited place to begin with since there's nothing to steal. And as far as Meme knew she was the only one there. But then again she was pretty oblivious to her surroundings.

    Reaching into a bag of stale potato chips, she pulls out a handful and stuffs it into her mouth and chewed rather noisily. Oh well, the guards can't hear her from here. She reached for her water bottle, filled with beer, and drank from it. It was easy for, well, any one to score anything here. No one gave a shit if you were 10 or 90. If you had the money they would give you what you wanted.

    Meme takes a long drink of what's left, her eyes still on the guards. They stood stiff as statues, she wondered if they even had urges to want to scratch there balls or something. Oh well, she shrugs and stands on the roof. She made her way to the chimney. On the top, the chimney had a crudely hammered in nail that had a rope wrapped around with a bag dangling at the bottom. Holding up the bag, she dropped the rest of the chips in and tossed the bag down the chimney, the bag falling a little ways before the rope an nail restrained it from going further. This was how she liked to hide her food, in abandoned houses.

    Climbing down, her hands move into her pockets and she strolled down the street. She would need to buy some more beer or whiskey for mama on her way home and possibly chocolate. It was a usual thing her mother ate while getting drunk. Though it didn't bother Meme her mom was a happy drunk who sang and danced so terribly that it made you laugh. Meme, however, couldn't remember shit of what she's like drunk so she tries avoids it. Turning, she headed into down and spotted the liquor store with metal bars against it's window.
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