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  1. I want to know what happens after Link saves Hyrule from Ganondorf. Does Link and Zelda have children, are there new evils, there are surely new adventures to be had? I want this to be a four person role-play maybe a little larger, and it be about middle aged children to teens and how they survive in Hyrule. I am thinking this will be a continuation of Ocarina of Time.

    An idea:

    The forces of nature aren't always kind, and even though things can prosper there are things that wilt as well. There are a small group of orphans of varying races that survive in Hyrule. What are their lives like? What adventures do they have? Do they find legendary treasures? Are they the heroes of the future of Hyrule?

    What do you all think?
  2. Hey, this is a pretty good idea, and I have a character for Kokiri I can use that I created from before

    I am interested so you can count me in if you are still interested
  3. @Litá Fày Fiña

    I am indeed still interested. We would need two other people to begin so once they stumble across we can start plotting things, unless you want to start plotting now?
  4. Maybe we could see who else comes, but would you make this sort of quest like with the orphans having a foster home to return to each day or few days? Or would you think its better to be a grand adventure instead and they have no home at all?

    It could be easier for people to enter and leave temporarily if its quest like and they can return to their foster home, but that might be harder when its time for new ideas

    My character is a collector so she would be interested in exploring and going on adventures to try to get rare treasure, then maybe if the role play is about exploration they could find clues about The Hero of Time

    Also, would this be in the child timeline that Link is sent back to, or adult where he is gone and we only have the aftermath of his adventures as an adult? Like rebuilding Hyrule and other stuff that wouldn't be in the child timeline

    Sorry for so much questions, but now they are flowing out of my mind like water

    I have more too but I will hold back for now
  5. Okay, I think that them having a foster home would be an appropriate idea to make, since you are right why would kids be wandering everywhere around Hyrule?

    I was thinking my character could be something like that but my character was going to be a Gerudo. And yes I would love them to find clues about the Hero of Time. I was thinking that they could become future sages or something with an equivalence.

    I was thinking that this would be in the adult timeline when they are trying to rebuild Hyrule, but that can change if you want it to.

    And it is no problem, I like questions~
  6. That is great, I am fine with both timelines and maybe we could even connect them through opening some portal

    If we do large establish foster home, almost like a large academy, but for orphans to grow up in, we could be part of the collector's club so that would explain why a bunch of us will go out without too much worry from our supervisors

    Also, it could be that the foster home made a partnership with Hyrule Museum to have workers and then we decide to secretly go find treasure for the museum

    We could also just do a smaller one so its more intimate or cruel depending on if the housemaster is mean or kind

    Then, when we find clues to the Hero of Time we can also consult with the museum curator about it

    Those are just some ideas and I can come up with more but we can hope more come now to join this :cow: hey all come get your lon lon milk
  7. Yeah, I like the idea of there being a building or an academy after the adult timeline because a lot of parents, especially guards will have lost their life in the battle of good and evil. So there would be plenty of children for an orphanage. And again, I agree, maybe some of the kids got permission to work for the collector's club.

    And I wouldn't say foster home essentially more so the collector's club.

    If no one else joins up I wouldn't mind doing this as a one on one role-play.
  8. Sure I don't mind doing one on one as well if no one else wants to join

    Maybe its just some didn't play Ocarina of Time so they may not feel confident about geography and lore

    If it might attract more, we could maybe have it based on Zelda-type lore and atmosphere in alternate Zelda world, but that would take more planning but just a thought as well

    But hopefully this works out
  9. How much longer do you want to give it, a day or two?

    And that is true, I know a lot of people don't like fandoms either. I am not one for many fandoms, but I will play every so often.

    That could be true, but that would take a lot of time to make that just because of how intense Zelda lore can be. It is often very specific.
  10. I am fine with both, if you are also busy we could start one on one tomorrow if still no one joins and you are not busy
  11. Okay, that is fine with me!
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  12. Hey how about tomorrow evening we can start one on one? also I am EST time zone so my evening is maybe not your evening so right now at 10:10PM EST I write this for you so if you are EU maybe its around 5AM who knows :propeller:
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